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 Rules & Guidelines

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PostSubject: Rules & Guidelines   Wed Jun 15, 2011 11:09 pm

Evil but necessary, there are a few basic rules and guidelines for playing at Westering Holt. We'll try to keep them short. Smile

1. Magic Users. Want a magic user character? That's fine, you can have one! However, you must have at least one non-magic using elf in the same tribe for each magic using elf you want. The Holt managers will also be the ones to determine - by random rolling of the dice - how strong your magic user is. Keep in mind that a Holt needs more hunters and gatherers than they need magic users.

2. If you want your character to Recognize, let the Holt managers know. They will decide whether or not a Recognition at this time is possible - and what mate is available for the Recognition. If your character wants a child by a specific elf, then permission for the pregnancy is needed from the Holt managers. You, however, can choose the parentage.

3. Elf tribes are small. Therefore, while we're not setting a maximum character limit, we do require that ALL characters be supported. That means if you have a character, you must play it in the Holt-run themed RPs. All characters must have significant roles in at least one story each issue. Ranking characters - the leaders of the tribes, the magic users - must have at least one story each issue.

4. Treat each other with respect. There will be no pettiness, flaming, or exchange of insults. We will not hesitate to ban and cancel the membership of anyone member who can't maintain and encourage an atmosphere of friendship.

5. Remember - you are not your character. If a member cannot separate themselves from their character and takes plotted and/or written as a personal insult or attack, we will have to ask you to reconsider whether Westering Holt is the right holt for you.

6. We maintain an NC-17 rating because the elves have a much more natural and open approach to aspects of life that society today is much more prudish about. We will play the elves true to their philosophy and beliefs, but we will also respect the values held by parents. If you are younger than 17, your membership will not be accepted. We hope you'll return once you are 17.

7. If you make a Mary Sue character, no complaints when you begin to see the consequences!

8. Remember to get permission from other members if you want to use their characters in your stories. For one, they may have other ideas for that character. For another, they may want to tweak their character's appearance, actions, or dialogues. It's all about consideration: treat people whose characters you use with the same kindness and respect you would want if the situation was reversed.

9. Elves mate with elves. Trolls mate with trolls. Humans mate with humans. There will be no interracial couples - or couplings! - without specific permission from the Holt managers. That also means no mix-race children unless prior approval is given and a blow-our-mind, extended storyline is presented. Don't be surprised if we ask to see the stories first, too.

10. No psychopathic elves. They're very, very, very rare. Like, vanishing rare. During our timeline, Winnowill is still alive and kicking and although we won't be dealing with her, we also don't want a second her around. No secret psychopaths, either. Sending won't let an elf hide his mental illness.

11. No rape. Don't even THINK about it. We never, ever want to see this as a plot in an ElfQuest story. Telepathic beings who are not mentally ill can't even come up with the concept of rape.

That's it for now! Smile

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Rules & Guidelines
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