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 The Last Night's Journey

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PostSubject: The Last Night's Journey   Thu Jun 16, 2011 3:51 pm

Role Play Forums » 13,398 Season of Falling Leaves: Westering Bay, West Away » The Last Night's Journey (5)
The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by admin on Jul 19, 2009, 11:05pm

Stormfire sat on a rock, smiling as her tribemates came to sit around her. "Yes, I know, I interrupted everything," she informed them. "And it's early, and some of you probably wanted to sleep longer."

"You've got that right," Journey returned, grinning from his seat close to Firecat. Stormfire raised an eyebrow in mock surprise, then winked at them both. Well, wasn't this interesting! She noted that Tallspear arrived with Softling and Silent--but that when Whirlwind and Oakstaff showed up, they sat apart. ’That doesn't look good.’ Silverfang, Lightgaze, Windsoft and Longdusk--and Stormfire wondered about those two as well--Redthorn and Icemark and Silvercub, Sunsong, Evenstar, Thornberry (who glowered as though he'd eaten a handful of his namesakes), Ashglow, Starpath. Nightsun and Wingfoot were the last, and took so long that Stormfire had begun to worry.

Silvercub danced over to Stormfire. "I found nuts!" she declared, holding three up for Stormfire. They were small and unripe, but Stormfire took them anyway, pulling the cub to a comfortable position on her lap. Giggling, Silvercub waved out at the tribe. Stormfire laughed, shooting a sidelong look at Mist.

"Well, I want to get a good start tonight," she declared.

"So can we wait until it is night?" Tallspear shot back.

"No, because it'll be too late." Stormfire surveyed her tribe, feeling once more that sense of joy well up in her. "We've come a long way so far, and we've done well. No one's sick. No one died. No one's hurt. We'll travel tonight, though, and then rest for a few days. We haven't had that in a while, either."

She paused, looking over her tribemates again. "But if we find a place that could be our holt tonight . . . it'll be our last stop. Even so, I think we will find it, and very soon--"

"We'd better," Thornberry interrupted. "Or we'll be sleeping out in the snow."

"You might, Thornberry, but we'll still have shelter," Stormfire shot back. He subsided, and she turned to Evenstar. "Lightgaze, when we stop I want you and Evenstar to sort through the hides we've got and start preparing them. We need warm clothes, and soon. I can scent the death-sleep on the wind.

"We have enough meat left from this morning’s hunt that there’s no need to hunt again right now. We can do that in the morning. Grab your meal and eat on wolf-back. While we’re traveling let’s keep our eyes open, ears pricked, and noses scenting. Redthorn, Ashglow, you and the hunters need to keep an eye out for small game we can dry and store.” Stormfire’s gaze lingered on Ashglow. She wasn’t sure how he’d take her giving him instructions, but he was the most experienced hunter in the group, next to Redthorn. “Icemark, gather anything else we can use--nuts, any late fruit, even roots.” The chieftess turned her gaze to her fishers. “Shellslip, Firecat, keep a close eye on the river. Let’s see what bounty it has to offer, as well.”

Food wasn’t the tribe’s only concern. Stormfire hadn’t forgotten that. "Longdusk, Windsoft, Starpath, I want you and your scouts to look for any signs of humans or trolls as we travel tonight. One could be as bad as the other here.

"The rest of you, help where you can. And Sunsong--" Stormfire pinned the treeshaper with a look. "I want you to stay on your wolf, eat, and rest. If we find our new holt at the end of this night's travel, you're going to need your strength."

"What should I do, Chieftess?" Silvercub asked, tilting her head back to look at Stormfire.

Stormfire smiled and tousled the little girl's hair. "You can come with me and lend a hand wherever it's needed." Hugging the cub, she looked back at her tribemates. "Any questions?"
Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by Anna on Jul 19, 2009, 11:43pm


As the Wolfriders asked what questions they had for their chieftess, Nightsun drifted away from the gathering. She assumed the council was over; others were also leaving the group and heading for the morning's hunt to divide up what remained of the meat. Others climbed the trees with a skill and grace that she found lovely to watch.

Nightsun had no tasks to attend to. She had already prepared her things for the night's travel, and her brothers had only the clothes they wore and the fur they'd slept with to tend to.

They also had found their places among the Wolfriders, by Stormfire's own words. Would this make them happy? Oh, she hoped it did! But even as her heart warmed with pride for her brothers, a part of it chilled for herself. She drifted further inthe shadows, passing quietly between the tall, thick tree trunks, as her thoughts spiralled within.

She had not realized before, but...she had nothing to offer the Wolfriders. Her tanning skills were rudimentary and they had two skilled tanners already. She could not hunt. Her herbal skills were unneeded with Mist's magic at hand. She could fish - but Firecat and Shellslip filled that need for the small tribe, who preferred red meat to that which once swam.

She cooked, but that made the Wolfrider's nauseous.

She could not scout. She was as silent and unseen as a thunderstorm in the forests that were the Wolfrider's home.

She could not guard, for the reasons she could not hunt. The thought of harming another, elf or animal, sickened her.

She came to the riverbank and realized she did not know how far or how long she had walked. Her thoughts had absorbed her and she had paid no heed. She sighed as she knelt on the bank, her hands still in her lap and her gaze staring, unfocused and unseeing, on the sun-dappled water that flowed by.

She was tired. She was slow. Her body ached. The young Wolfriders were in awe of her, a feeling she was not comfortable with, and did not feel she deserved. The older Wolfriders avoided her, and seemed to find her useless or unbalanced. She could not keep up with them as they traveled this night. She knew that. She had thought to simply follow them at a pace she could maintain.

Perhaps she should rethink that.

'What of Wingfoot?' The thought whispered through her mind, and her heart broke. She blinked, but her eyes remained dry. She had watched the Wolfriders, and she knew the answer. He may miss her, for a short time. But Wolfrider memories were like the river. They mixed and flowed and were always new, and always the same. In a very short time, she would be a vague memory for the weaponmaker, and his attention would resettle on a Wolfrider maiden who could hunt and ride and share those things a Wolfrider held dear.

She blinked again and twisted her fingers together in her lap. She would miss him, but she would be fine. The vibrant excitement of the Wolfriders wasn't necessary for life, and there was much pleasure to be taken in the quiet joys. The river where they had met was a pleasant place, bordering on the forest and grasslands. It had food and water, wood for building a shelter. She was sure she could find the way simply by following the river again.

Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by Anna on Jul 20, 2009, 12:06am


Sunsong giggled at Stormfire's stern order, then ate the last mussel that Shellslip had given her. Ride, rest, and eat was all her chieftess wanted her to do? Oh, so easily done! She'd have no problems at all obeying that order.

"Oh, the holt we'll have when we find our place," she said dreamily, rolling her seeds in her palm. She smiled, resting her chin on her up-drawn knees as she looked at the glimpses of blue sky through the shifting leaves above. "The High Ones themselves would love it."

Icemark to Redthorn

"You to hunt, me to gather," Icemark said as he rested his chin on his lifemate's shoulder. "We're a balanced pair, beloved." He smiled, proud of that fact. They both filled important roles, each a side of the same leaf. Their wolf-friends joined them as the rest of the pack sifted among the elves, ready to begin their journey again.

Windsoft to Softling, Starpath, Silent, Longdusk

Windsoft sent to all of the scouts, summoning them to one side as their wolves joined them. "You heard the chieftess," she said quietly. "Softling, you and ..." Windsoft paused, then looked over her shoulder. Her gaze rested on Silent for a moment, then she turned back to Softling and smiled. "You and Silent. Ride close to the river and look for signs of humans and trolls. Humans need water as much as we, so if they're near, we'll find trails. Trolls would pipe the water in, so look for anything odd in the banks themselves." She paused thoughtfully, then looked at Starpath. "Could you and Tallspear cross the river and watch scout the other side?"

Oakstaff to Ashglow

"Do you want to partner up for tonight's ride, darkskin?" the hunter asked cheerfully. "It sounds like our chieftess intends to stay in this area. Have you been through here before? Most of the animals I've seen I know from the old holt, but there are a few that I don't know."

Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by kris on Jul 20, 2009, 12:29am

Wingfoot to Nightsun

Well, that seemed to be that. Wingfoot got to his feet and climbed back up to the ledge he'd shared with Nightsun. He had to check his supplies and make sure he had enough to keep the tribe in arrows, bowstrings, and stone blades.

He got to the ledge and frowned on seeing Nightsun wasn't there. Wingfoot gathered his pack and searched through it. He definitely needed to restock his supplies. Slinging his pack over his shoulder, Wingfoot descended to the ground and headed off through the woods.

Crystal was good for some blades, flint even better; Wingfoot, however, longed to find blackglass again, for the stone could be knapped to produce knives and arrowheads with nearly transparent edges. Still, he'd take what he could find.

As he walked, his nose twitched at a familiar scent. Wingfoot smiled and followed, not terribly surprised that Nightsun would return to the water. She had an affinity for it. Well, he told himself, he'd see if she could help him find decent stone.

But as Wingfoot approached, he noticed something wasn't quite . . . right . . . not with Nightsun holding so still, kneeling on the riverbank with her head hanging down as if she'd just lost her best friend. Worried, Wingfoot spoke her name before he laid his hand on her shoulder.

"Nightsun? Are you all right, my friend?"Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by kris on Jul 20, 2009, 12:53am

Stormfire to Lightgaze

Stormfire slid down off the rock, holding Silvercub's hand. "All right, cubling, let's go find something to do . . ." She glanced at Mist, but he'd headed off through the woods--likely to do a little gathering, Stormfire thought at first, until she turned and saw Whirlwind smirking in his direction. She threw Whirlwind a sharp scowl, and her sister reacted with a shocked, wide-eyed gape.

I've had enough of this. Hauling Silvercub up onto her hip, Stormfire strode off in the opposite direction. She stopped when she realized she was walking across the clearing to nowhere, and everyone else was working. Heaving a sigh of frustration, Stormfire stopped and tried to decide who to help, or what to do.

"There's Lightgaze!" Silvercub squealed, and Stormfire winced as the cubling's voice reached a pitch fit to crack flint. "Lightgaze! Come with us! We're gonna do something!"

"Haven't figured out what yet," Stormfire amended, adjusting her grip on Silvercub. Lightgaze reached out and took Silvercub, and Stormfire watched as the older elf tucked back the little she-cub's flyaway hair with a maternal care that brought back wistful memories. Waterdance used to smooth my hair back like that . . . oh, Mother! I miss you more than I could ever say!

She couldn't let Whirlwind pull away from her, not over her choice of lovemate. But she wasn't about to throw Mist away simply to suit Whirlwind's whims. Stormfire knew that if she were home, Waterdance would have gladly given her advice . . . but Waterdance wasn't here. But Lightgaze was, and Stormfire wondered if she would . . . if she could . . .

"Lightgaze," she said, " do you have a moment? I . .." She paused. "I need help," Stormfire groaned at last, covering her eyes with one hand.Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by peachbug on Jul 20, 2009, 1:04am

Redthorn chuckled and turned to pat Icemark affectionately on the cheek, like she would to Silvercub. "Yes, I'm an old hunting wolf! However did the High Ones think to stick us two together, a young healthy cub like you? Although I must say..." She leaned back against him playfully. "We did make a pretty pup."


Starpath took the chieftess's commands with a nod. He'd come to enjoy being under this sort of decisive leadership, but one bound by such familial bonds. His tribe before had been close, of course, but never this instinctive or driven. His tribe had been simple, wonderful, but not bonded, so trusting like the way the Wolfriders' wolves rallied around their leader. Evenstar had explained blood of chiefs though, and it still was settling in his mind. So much could seem to go wrong with it, but it seemed to run right with this Stormfire and her tribe.

Speaking of tribe, Starpath's gaze was drawn to Sunsong as he turned to join Windsoft. Though he'd spent the former day with Evenstar in her nest, he was still drawn to the shaper's joy and charisma. She seemed to embody all the life of the tribe in one golden self. Perhaps in this new holt, when she would have her moment, he could come to know her better.

*That I can do, Windsoft.* He reassured, realizing he was delayed in his answer. Starpath nodded to Tallspear and joined him, making his way cautiously round the wolves that were suddenly underfoot.


Softling nodded, surprised, at Windsoft's request. She couldn't see any good of putting herself with Silent imparticular, but no bad either. Maybe not the chattiest company, but she'd always liked to involve herself in what she was doing, so no ill there. Normally she'd prefer to accompany Windsoft herself, or now that Tallspear had spoken of hunting and scouting with her...but they weren't hunting. And Windsoft hadn't placed her with him. That was that. 'I guess I'll get to know the strange one just a bit better.' Softling considered as she looked Silent over again.

Still, the question popped out. **Windsoft...why Silent?** There was no ill feeling in her sending, just curiousity and her general sense of awkwardness at the assignment.Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by multifacets on Jul 20, 2009, 1:37am


Well, if Stormfire said they were near their journey's end, then they were! How wonderful! Shellslip couldn't help but clap her hands in delight at the announcement. Oh, it would be wonderful to have a home again. She had loved the trip, but having a nice, stable holt would be just as pleasing.

The maiden turned a gleeful grin on Sunsong, then on Firecat, pressing her hands to her heart and then holding them out to the other woman to express her happiness. "We'll do our best, Chieftess!" the gatherer caroled to Stormfire, and bounced to her feet. **Sniffer! Hey, puppy, let's go!** she sent. "Firecat, come on! Let's get busy!"

So they were to stop soon, it seemed. That was good, wasn't it?

Good for some, maybe. Silent let out a slow, barely audible sigh. It would be the same at the new holt as it had at the old one, only now he would be practicing with his weapons when he was lucid.

People started to leave the group, preparing for their tasks; Silent turned around to go back to his belongings, in order to stay out of the way. That would be the most helpful thing he could do. Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by viola on Jul 20, 2009, 1:47am

Longdusk -> Windsoft

Flea didn't appear to be wildly enthusiastic when Longdusk summoned him and when the wolf arrived, his muzzle was stained with blood. He had just had breakfast, and was not in for traveling again. Longdusk sighed, and turned to Windsoft. **He'll come if he'll have to. But, we could also scout from the treetops. One of the parties should, keeps the overview,** he sent to her, levelled as always. But, there was an underlying tone of satisfaction. He knew there were young elves that had yet to learn the nacks of scouting, but he had enjoyed being teamed up with someone as experienced as himself.

Firecat -> Journey, Shellslip

Firecat grinned as Journey told the chieftess that he wouldn't have mind sleeping -- or should she say, playing -- in the furs. She wouldn't have mind either, but she quieted down when everyone had arrived and when the chieftess started to hand out the plan. Chewing her lip, she suppressed a moan, knowing that Stormfire probably wouldn't approve of that. She knew winter was coming, but she had loved to rest for another day. One day shouldn't have made a difference, right?

But she put her uneasy feelings away when she was told to keep an eye on the river, with Shellslip. **We're never going to part,** she laughed into her friend's mind, while Shellslip told her to get busy and reached out her arms for her.

Sometimes, Firecat's own words startled her.

Lightgaze -> Stormfire, Silvercub

When the group split up, Lightgaze had barely had her emotions and thoughts under control. Sure, she'd go through the hides, but she could do that almost thoughtless. She wanted to get back to the platform she had shared with Redthorn's family, but before she could take a few steps, Silvercub's voice chirped through the vicinity and she stopped, and took over the cub from the chieftess.

It had been so long ago since she had a cub of her own, and she buried her face in Silvercub's hair for a moment, just before Stormfire started to speak up. Lightgaze felt awkward, because there was something she needed to say, as well -- she just wasn't sure if she was up to it, yet.

But when Stormfire told her that she needed help, Lightgaze found herself able to relax. "Naturally.. I don't know if I can, but at least I can try," she responded.Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by kita on Jul 20, 2009, 12:47pm

Silverfang wasn't sure what exactly he should do. He already gathered his things for the journey and both he and Starfire had already ate. As he ran his fingers through his rusty red hair, a breeze made him shiver. They were right, he thought, The time of snow is near. Silverfang never liked the winter moons, as he was born in the summer. But the very light summer clothes he always wore never helped either.

He looked around and saw people grouping up and heading off on whatever Stormfire had ordered them to do. Silverfang suddenly felt alone. He sighed; he ran through the things of what he could do. He could hunt or fish, but those groups seemed to already have enough competent people. He could help Icemark, but he didn't want to disturb him and his lifemate. He could scout, but he dismissed that right away. Silverfang had never been a very good scouter and right now, that could mean the difference between life and death.

I guess I can do what I always do, he thought, Stand around, looking dumb until someone tells me what to do. Silverfang sneered at himself for being so useless.Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by Anna on Jul 20, 2009, 9:12pm

Nightsun to Wingfoot

Nightsun blinked once, and her head turned slightly towards Wingfoot as his hand touched her shoulder. She couldn't seem to free her gaze from the river, however; nor did she try too hard. The passing water was soothing in some odd way.

"Wingfoot," she said softly. "I am fine." She paused, and a a crease formed between her brows. She had thought Stormfire had intended to leave immediately.

Windsoft to Starpath, Softling, Silent, Longdusk

**Thank you, Starpath,** Windsoft responded, giving the dark newcomer to the tribe a warm smile. **I'm glad you and your siblings have joined us. Experienced hunters and scouts are always welcome!** Not that she could see what experience Nightsun had in either of those areas, but her brothers more than made up for her lack.

Windsoft smiled approvingly at Softling when the cub asked her question. It was a good question. Silent had never indicated an interest or preference for scouting, and she approved of Softling's desire to understand the reasons behind an apparently unfounded decision. "He found the river, Softling. What else might he find...if he knows that he should look? I think he'll be less wary of trying with you than he would be with one of us."

Winking at her young apprentice, Windsoft looked towards Silent. *Silent, why don't you join the scouts today? You can help Softling along the riverbank, looking for signs of trolls or humans.*

Longdusk's suggestion made Windsoft's lips twitch, but she refrained from laughing - or even grinning. She could taste his anticipation easily, and that touched off a yearning of her own to fly from branch to branch. He was right; a lot could be seen from above that was missed on the ground. **I'm willing to play treewee, if you are!** she sent back merrily.

Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by multifacets on Jul 21, 2009, 12:18am

Shellslip, Firecat, and attn: Silverfang:

Shellslip giggled, coming closer to the pretty amber-eyed elf. "Would you want to be apart from sweet little me?" she teased, and gently bopped Firecat's head with the tip of her braid.

Sniffer bounded into view, looking eager to begin, and Shellslip gave him a good scratch between his shoulder-blades as she thanked him for coming so quickly. "Would Frostbite like to join us, by chance?" She paused, then sent openly. *Anyone care to come with us? The more the merrier.*

Silent, Windsoft, Softling:

*Silent, why don't you join the scouts today? You can help Softling along the riverbank, looking for signs of trolls or humans.*

He stopped dead, choking on air, and whirled around to stare at Windsoft and Softling with wide eyes. *Me?!/[astounded disbelief!]* he asked, nearly losing his grip on the now almost finished squirrel. *Bu-But I'm.... I-I'm not.... Why me?/[what could I possibly do?]*Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by meimei on Jul 21, 2009, 1:53am

Ashglow to Oakstaff

Ashglow's head snapped up a bit at hearing Stormfire name him to help Redthorn lead the hunters. Though he was slowly growing accustomed to the wolfriders, and they him, he wasn't sure quite what he felt about the duty. Or being given a duty at all. Stormfire was the wolfrider's chief, and the wolfrider's followed her - for the most part - without question. He was still growing used to giving someone that authority over him. Though so far Stormfire had led them well, he had to admit.

He did not move for a moment as the council ended, stilll thinking of how he felt about all this. He looked up again as Oakstaff approached, and nodded at the suggestion. "It looks like we won't be getting that hunt in now. So we can keep an eye out for game to hunt later. No, we haven't travelled these woods before, though most of the game is familiar. Perhaps we've skirted a different part of it during our travels. It was hard to keep track." He frowned, thinking of what else Oakstaff had mentioned. "So, you'll settle in one place soon? The idea of that is still strange to me..."Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by Anna on Jul 21, 2009, 10:04pm

Windsoft to Silent

Windsoft paused in her tree-climbing to look down at the younger elf. *Why not you?* she returned, arching her eyebrows in query. *You've proven that your gift, whatever it may be, can be immediately useful to the tribe. So - use it. If being a scout doesn't appeal to you, that's fine, Silent. But find something that does. You are no longer a child, no longer a youth. You're less than half my age, Silent, and more than a full turn of the seasons older than Silverfang. You're only a couple of turns younger than Oakstaff. Isn't it time to stop waiting to see what will be, and start doing something that benefits your tribe?* Windsoft's words were direct, but her send was gentle, almost sympathetic. Silent had proven that his magic could help them, and their numbers were too small to give much leeway to the dreamy one. He'd been indulged too long. It was time to grow up. If Windsoft's offer to get him into the scouts didn't do it, then she was sure Stormfire would find some other vocation that suited him better.

Oakstaff to Ashglow

Oakstaff thumped Fastclaw's ribs solidly when his wolf-friend joined him. After a quick, brisk ruffling of the fur, the hunter pulled himself on the wolf's back. They'd be riding out just as soon as everyone got mounted, and he was ready to go.

"Oh, yes. Wolves are territorial, and we're just like them. We like staying in one place. We only left our holt because our numbers were too much to be supported and the hunting was getting thin." Oakstaff looked at Ashglow and grinned. "I'm glad we're almost done with the moving. I've missed the comforts of a real holt. You and you brother and sister will be staying with us, won't you?"

Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by kris on Jul 21, 2009, 10:51pm

Jul 20, 2009, 1:47am, viola wrote:
Journey--Firecat, Shellslip

But she put her uneasy feelings away when she was told to keep an eye on the river, with Shellslip. **We're never going to part,** she laughed into her friend's mind, while Shellslip told her to get busy and reached out her arms for her.

Sometimes, Firecat's own words startled her. [/color]

Journey sighed and waved to Firecat as she went towards the river. **Have fun,** he sent to her and Shellslip. **Hopefully we'll get a decent meal before we're forced back on the trail.**

He whistled as he mounted up on Bigears and joined the other hunters. It wasn't a bad day, for all that it was earlier than he'd have liked. Journey rather enjoyed daylight; it made colors dazzling, and had its own colors to exhibit--such as now; afternoon sunlight was often the pale gold of fading willow leaves, and the color drenched the leaves and trees with a majestic radiance. Sighing, the young Wolfrider savored the sights around him. No troll or human could ever appreciate the woods like an elf--like a Wolfrider.

And as he sniffed the air, Journey let himself daydream about having a nice haunch of deer, some mushrooms and nuts, and a long drink of cool, fresh water . . . in their new holt.


But when Stormfire told her that she needed help, Lightgaze found herself able to relax. "Naturally.. I don't know if I can, but at least I can try," she responded.

Stormfire sighed. "It's Mist and Whirlwind." She glanced back over her shoulder, but her sister and her lovemate had both disappeared. "Mist doesn't seem to mind that Whirlwind is so disdainful of him, but I mind. I don't want to fight with Whirlwind, but I won't let her insult Mist to my face just because she doesn't like him." She met Lightgaze's dark purple eyes. "I wanted to ask you, because of Fernflower--was there ever a time when you had to find a way to keep peace between you both? I need to know, Lightgaze. I can't push my sister away, but I can't let her goad me either."Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by kita on Jul 21, 2009, 10:52pm

Silverfang to Shellslip & Firecat

*I'll go,* Silverfang sent back. He walked over to the girls with his glaive in his hand and Silverfang by his side. "Lead the way," he said when he got there.Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by kris on Jul 21, 2009, 11:18pm

Wingfoot to Nightsun

Jul 20, 2009, 9:12pm, Anna wrote:
"Wingfoot," she said softly. "I am fine." She paused, and a a crease formed between her brows. She had thought Stormfire had intended to leave immediately.

"You look so tired." Wingfoot put his fingertips under Nightsun's chin, gently tilting her face upwards. "Why don't you lean against me," and he settled next to her, getting comfortable against the rock. "You should get a little more rest," and he caught a glimpse of her feet. "High Ones, Nightsun--your boots are more ragged than my own. How are your feet? Take these off; let's see how your heels and toes look."Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by multifacets on Jul 21, 2009, 11:23pm

Jul 21, 2009, 10:04pm, Anna wrote:
Windsoft to Silent *Why not you? You've proven that your gift, whatever it may be, can be immediately useful to the tribe. So - use it. If being a scout doesn't appeal to you, that's fine, Silent. But find something that does. [...] Isn't it time to stop waiting to see what will be, and start doing something that benefits your tribe?*

Silent to Windsoft, Softling:

An odd look passed over the quiet one's face as he listened to Windsoft. She was right. She was absolutely right. He had been too lost in uncertainty, the Song, and wolfsong to have the initiative to do something more often, as much as he wanted to be useful.

It was also true that being a scout didn't appeal to him, mostly because he thought he would be terrible at it, but he could at least try, right? He had been willing to try when he had "heard" the river, fired up by dumb luck.

Once the new holt was found, he could probably find out what was right for him. If there was something right.

Silent lifted his chin slightly, and something changed in his stance. **I'll go,** he sent to Windsoft, then looked at Softling. **I'll come/[resolve],** he stated, a bit firmer, and sent for Wanderlust, receiving the impression she would be there soon. **Where should I meet you, Softling?**Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by Anna on Jul 21, 2009, 11:44pm

Windsoft to Silent, Longdusk

**Good lad,** she told Silent, sending with the words the sense of her approval. With those questions answered, Windsoft began climbing again, rising high among the branches, to where they began interlocking with each other.

"Ready to flit like birds through the leaves?" she asked Longdusk, eagerness and excitement sparkling in her violet eyes.

Nightsun to Wingfoot

"My...feet?" She looked at her graceless, baglike moccasins, and then at Wingfoot's more skillfully made footwear. Her shoulders slumped slightly. "They're fine," she said, shrugging. "That is...just how they were made." Rough circles cut out of leather, lacing threaded through the edge, and pulled up to tie around the ankle. Grass lining on the inside, to cushion the feet from start sticks, stones, and bones. More leather lacing to tie the moccasin tight to front, arch, and back of the foot. Coarse, crude, but it served the required purpose.

Her feet did ache, but they didn't hurt. The leather was thin and nappy, the grass lining pounded hard and flat. She would have to replace them soon, but her brother's need had been greater. Of course, they'd gone slightly number days before, from the constant pounding from the trotting pace she'd maintained. She'd given it little thought, other than to distantly acknowledge that she still had feet, and they weren't entirely happy.

She didn't answer Wingfoot's comment about getting more rest. What could she say? He could not stop the sun from shining, and her body could not rest when the daystar turned the sky blue with his light. She didn't resist when he pulled her back against him, but she wondered... Why was he here? Hadn't the Wolfrider begun their day's ride yet?

Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by meimei on Jul 22, 2009, 3:01am

Ashglow to Oakstaff

"I can't imagine a tribe the size you all speak of. Our birth tribe couldn't even boast this many members."

At the question of if they would stay, he glanced first over at Starpath. His younger brother was threading through the wolves, already set on the task assigned to him by Stormfire and Windsoft. He seemed to come to like the wolfriders and their ways more and more each day.

Then his gaze drifted to Nightsun, immediately noting Wingfoot's presence beside her, and his lips turned into a slight frown. While he entrusted the wolfriders with Nightsun's safety, he hadn't been able to lose his protective feelings toward her. He also was not blind to the fact that the wolfrider's didn't quite seem to know what to think of Nightsun. No one mistreated her, but that didn't make her one of them. He realized belatedly Stormfire had not seen fit to give her a task either.

"If we can all find happiness in your tribe we will stay. But if not...we've all each other has had for so long, I cannot imagine us parting." His eyes drifted back to Starpath briefly, before he turned back to Oakstaff - his expression serious. "But then I could not have imagined your tribe's existence either. I can only do what is best for my siblings, as I always have."Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by viola on Jul 22, 2009, 9:07am

Lightgaze -> Stormfire

She was a little taken aback by the question and hadn't noticed that there actually was a problem between Mist and Whirlwind, and realized that she'd probably been consumed by her own worries and feelings.
"I think you can tell Whirlwind how you think about it, and keep her as a sister, as well," Lightgaze said slowly, while putting Silvercub on the ground. "You have two tasks in this situation, that of sister and chieftess, and Whirlwind should be able to understand that."

She suppressed a sigh, thinking about Fernflower, whom she had 'seen' last night and who hadn't changed a bit. "I... am sorry to say that I usually avoided Fernflower. We had our fights when we were younger, but I always felt I couldn't reason with her... eventually, I gave up. But Whirlwind loves you, she won't give up on you just because you act like a chieftess. That's the challenges you have to face, as well, from the ones you love."

She paused for only a bit. "Do you know why Whirlwind doesn't like Mist?"

Longdusk -> Windsoft

Longdusk frowned when Windsoft acted .. strange on his request. He had stated his opinion, and apparently, his fellow scout thought it was funny, while he'd been deadly serious. Treewee? He thought it over and nearly snorted while Windsoft sent to Silent, but she was halfway up the tree before she looked down, and Longdusk nodded, not really knowing why she was so excited about scouting through trees. He did it all the time. Had to be a female thing, because both Skylight and Fleetfoot had loved it, too. "Don't know about flying, but I can climb," he told her. Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by peachbug on Jul 29, 2009, 2:47am

Softling was surprised at the strength of resolve Silent's sending carried. Most of his sendings she'd been privy to had been muddled, overriden with conflicted emotions so much she couldn't read them. Perhaps this was a good chance. 'Still not the stuff of scouts...' Part of her tugged, but she disregarded it. Windsoft trusted this.

**Let me gather my spear, I'll meet you near camp's edge,** Softling sent firmly in return, allowing her respect for his agreement to slide in. She sent a passing image of the spot as well. **We can walk there together.**Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by multifacets on Jul 29, 2009, 1:50pm

Silent smiled a bit. **I'll get my weapons too, and find you,** he said. Not that he could actually use them, but it was habit now. He walked quickly to where he had left his things, and tied his waterbag and knife to his belt before taking up his spear and sending for Wanderlust. Thankfully, the she-wolf wasn't far, and by the time she arrived, Silent had found his way to Softling. He put a hand on Wanderlust's head, scratching between her ears as he looked at the tracker attentively. Or as attentively as he could.Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by peachbug on Jul 29, 2009, 11:54pm

"So..." Softling began awkwardly, casting glances to him and her spear. She started forward through the trees. "Have you ever seen a troll?"Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by multifacets on Jul 30, 2009, 1:01am

Silent shook his head, following. **Father and Mother were the ones to deal and trade with them,** he answered. **Even Hoarfrost didn't think to go near them; he was too busy hunting or running around with his friends and the pack.** He gave the tracker a curious look, wondering why she had picked that subject. **Have you?**

Wanderlust leaned against his hip as she moved, panting happily.Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by peachbug on Jul 30, 2009, 12:16pm

"No, not at all..." Softling murmured, rolling through the stories she'd heard from elders and scouts alike. "Journey talked about them so often, but I never really listened. My parents thought they were awful, almost as bad as humans. I guess I just..." She gave him a glance. "I'm worried I will someday. At this new holt. It's silly, there's nothing I could do about that."

Softling already missed Snapbone, who she'd left with the unbonded wolves. He wasn't ready to scout seriously, not really. "Our old holt never got away from humans and trolls, no matter how strong or quick we were. The wolves could never keep them away. Who knows what will be waiting for us? I wish...I wish it could just be elves and wolves and game." In a few moments, she could feel her old panic, her old snarling child self get caught up in those words. Windsoft wouldn't approve of her words, nor the chieftess. "I'm blabbering. I shouldn't talk like that, it's nothing we can control, nothing to do with the Now. I keep thinking silly thoughts as we travel farther." Softling hesistated. "I do wish I'd seen a troll I suppose. I'd know what to look for, what to scent, specifically."Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by multifacets on Jul 30, 2009, 10:58pm

Silent watched Softling with wide, curious eyes as she inadvertently told him about her worries and displayed her insecurities. Had she been hiding that all along? Was the pretty tracker really as insecure as he?

**Father always said they were loud,** he said, once Softling had stopped. **He told me they were easy to hear coming, with their thumping feet and loud mouths.** Trying to be reassuring, he added, **I'll listen for them, if it helps.** Oddly, when he said "listen", he motioned to his right temple rather than his ear.

Not really noticing where he pointed, the silver-eyed elf turned his attention back to the river, watching the banks and where water met soil for anything interesting.Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by peachbug on Aug 1, 2009, 12:37am

Softling caught the misdirected gesture, but wasn't sure how to approach such a strange thing. "You can 'listen' for water...that's what Redthorn told me, after the neverending grass. Hear without the trickle on stones or the sound of prey, or without the scent." Softling prided herself on her keen senses, however untrained they were. She knew how to find water in all sorts of ways. He had no training, what did he have to follow? "What does it sound like?"Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by multifacets on Aug 1, 2009, 12:59am

Silent stopped so fast, Wanderlust got three feet ahead of him before realizing he wasn't at her side any more. She looked over her shoulder, curious. **What?** she asked.

The brown-clad elf did not answer, instead remembering.

"So what is it you do out here all by yourself all the time?"

**I.... I'm listening.**

"To what?"


"Really? What does it sound like?"

**It's so beautiful.**

"Can you show me?"

**.... I can try.**

Silent shook his head, putting a hand to his temple and looking away. "It's n-not.... not just w-water," he said hoarsely, the words spilling from him unchecked. "It's the sk-sky, the wind, th-the gr-ground, fire, ni-night, day, daystar, moons, s-stars, trees, movement.... It's e-everyth-thing, or as mu-much of it as I c-can understa-stand." He turned back to Softling, lowered his hand and held it out, fingers trembling. "I-I can s-show you," he whispered.Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by peachbug on Aug 1, 2009, 2:33pm

Softling's heart jumped in her throat when he reached out. Only a moment ago she'd been worried she'd broken the fragile elf. She took a step back, eyeing his fingers with wide gold and green. The tracker had never really heard him speak, and it was like grinding stones to her keen ears. He claimed to hear everything feel everything outside of what any of them could touch or wish to touch, completely outside the Now in that sense, but also in it. None of those things had a past or future, did they? They just were. Was Redthorn and Windsoft right? Was his magic part of being a Wolfrider or something more?

"Sounds like how the elders described the High Ones." Softling answered with a squeaked breath, caught between taking his hand and avoiding the whole thing. If she 'saw' the things he did...would her head pop? "How they saw all the world at once and learned the Now from it. How do you keep all that inside, all the time?"Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by multifacets on Aug 1, 2009, 4:43pm

"I'm u-used to it," Silent replied, lowering his hand slightly. "I've always h-heard it. I can't d-do much abo-bout it, but I'm trying. I-I'm sure the Hi-High O-Ones did be-better." Gingerly, he added, "It doesn't h-hurt."

It was likely Softling would reject the offer now, but the chance to share, to be a bit more understood, had been too good not to take. If the tracker had been curious, then maybe someone else would be soon.Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by peachbug on Aug 3, 2009, 12:36am

"Have you asked Mist? Perhaps he'd know how the magic works..."

Softling was just stalling for her thoughts and she knew it. She could reject his hand, and whatever mind-altering magic he seemed to possess, and stay all herself, but also reject one of her few opportunities to open herself to another Wolfrider, however odd the Wolfrider...or she could try this. She could, for all the risks. 'I've risked and embarassed myself, throwing myself like a lost pup on the others, trying to get a chance, to be redeemed...can't let this one go!' The tracker thought, and grabbed his hand in one swift movement. Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by multifacets on Aug 3, 2009, 1:22am

(OOC: This is one of the closest approximations of the Song for this part of the game's world I can find: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOPejRlzgNg Close your eyes, let your mind drift, and there it is.)

"Ha-Hadn't thought of M-" Silent broke off as Softling took his hand, fast and hard, and for a second he wasn't sure how to react. Then his original idea came back to mind, and he gave Softling a surprisingly grateful, humble, lovely smile. **You won't regret this,** he said before he rested his other hand over her heart and drew their joined hands against his.

Carefully building the "thorny vines" in his mind that he had come to use to guard his soulname after nearly sharing it with Longmane, the quiet one closed his eyes and opened his mind to the Song, letting it rush into him before cautiously, gently beginning to send to Softling.

Slowly rising, a building of something not sound, not sending

a timeless voice without voice

tall waving grass

Do you see?

distant, close, here, there, up, down, strong

rhythm of the river

so peaceful



Can you hear?



clouds above, drifting, scent of smoky chill in the air


depth of the world

tribe not so far away, going about their tasks, happy and busy, their voices weaving on the wind

just drift, drift away

watercress in the river, a fish flickering by, stones smoothed by time and moving water

joy, his joy in the beauty

color in living

the joy of life

share this

stay here

stay with me

with Ka-

Silent gasped, eyes snapping open, and hastily freed his hands. The non-sound cut off, and in its place was a strange emptiness. "S-Sorry," the elf whispered, gripping his biceps and taking a few steps back, almost treading on one of Wanderlust's paws. Thankfully, she was faster than he, and capered around him to Softling.Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by Anna on Aug 3, 2009, 6:00pm

Oakstaff to Ashglow

Oakstaff followed Ashglow’s gaze as he looked from one sibling to the other, and nodded his understanding of the other’s decision. “You three are closer than most siblings,” he noted. “I suppose in a tribe as large as Sureshot’s was, and with brothers and sisters – when there were any – being so far apart in age, it made a difference. All three of you are welcome, you know.”

The hunter chuckled after saying that, his twinkling gaze resting on Wingfoot and Nightsun, barely visible some distance upriver. “You might have some protest if you tried to take your own trail now. Or a new companion!”

Windsoft to Longdusk

Windsoft paused in her climb long enough to make a face at Longdusk, then continued her upward leaps, catching branches with her hands, swinging forward to fly through the air and land – sure-footed and balanced – on the broad branch of another tree.

She loved the view from up high, and briefly wondered why she hadn’t thought to scout from up here before this. Yes, there were some disadvantages. Small details may be missed from so high above. However, the larger pattern could be seen from here, whereas it couldn’t be sensed from the ground.

‘Foolish elf,’ she chided herself. ‘You’re supposed to think of all these things, and not become so focused on one way you forget all others!’ She shook her head and paused, kneeling on a branch and taking the time to examine the ground below. The tribe would begin their travels soon, but she and Longdusk needed to start now to ensure the way was safe.
Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by viola on Aug 5, 2009, 9:14am

Longdusk -> Windsoft

Longdusk followed her closely, nearly rolling his eyes at the face that Windsoft had made just before she moved away. When she jumped, so did he, and he fixed his attention only on the ground below and the branches he moved through. With the other pair on the ground, they should be able to cover everything.

When Windsoft kneeled down, Longdusk went past her, doing the same two trees away. He raised his head, testing the air, and a smirk flashed over his face when he realized that, in these surroundings anyway, there would be enough prey around to feed their tribe. Safety, however, was as important, and scanning the ground below, he was satisfied to see that there wasn't anything else than the usual. Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by meimei on Aug 5, 2009, 11:19pm

Ashglow to Oakstaff

Ashglow hesitated, not yet comfortable with sharing concerns with anyone but Starpath and Nightsun. In the past, he'd turn to whichever one hadn't been the object of his worries, or he'd kept his own council. He feared if he disclosed his concerns of Nightsun not fitting in to Starpath, though, that his brother would feel guilty for finding his place in the tribe so easily. He already felt that burden weighing heavily enough on his own heart, he didn't want to place it on Starpath's.

"Indeed, Wingfoot seems to take to my sister as a plant to her skyward namesake..." His lips twisted into a grimace. "But Nightsun was just coming into adulthood when our tribe passed. All this is new to her. I hope he'll give her some space to find her own place in the tribe first." He did not add 'If she can.' But the thought lingered.

Still hesitant to share his concerns, he tried a different tactic. "Oakstaff, how do you find my sister?"Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by peachbug on Aug 6, 2009, 12:08am

"Ugh, no!" Softling verbally and physically cast the sending link away like a wormed fruit, heart skittering like a ravvit on the run. She pressed her palm over her heart in shock. Had she just come so close to his soul? Had he seen anything of hers? The somewhat words, the syllables of the sending had been as blurred as the exhilarating flow of the Song he had managed to show her, but her mind and soul was on fire and told her something very, very not right had just dropped upon her.

"You...you said!" Softling nearly howled at him. "You said no hurt to it! You were trying to make Recognition!"Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by multifacets on Aug 6, 2009, 1:40am

Softling, Silent:

Still slightly shaken by the fact he had almost let his soulname be found, Silent was completely unprepared for Softling's indignation and anger. The accusation was so ridiculous, so impossible, that he barked a ragged laugh. **[acidly scornful]/If that was Recognition, then why didn't I become Longmane's lifemate?!** he shot back. **She almost found my soulname too, but I never found hers!**

Wanderlust whined at him from behind Softling, and he reined himself in with some effort. Snarling at the gold-haired one wasn't going to get him anywhere. She wasn't Longmane; it had been stupid to think she might react similarly, despite the coincidence of using the same words. He'd been so foolish.

**Sorry/[regret],** he sent very quietly, looking down and away. **I-I was just trying to share what I hear/feel. I didn't mean to upset/scare you. I sh-shouldn't have.... sh-shouldn't have t-tried,** Silent finished, even softer, and picked up his spear with one hand while he hugged himself tighter with his other arm, and cautiously walked around Softling, heading downstream again.

Glad the tension was gone and the confrontation resolved, Wanderlust followed, butting her head against her elf-friend's hip. **Karu better now? Focus?**

**No, but I'll manage,** Silent told her, putting a hand between her ears. **High Ones, why does everything I attempt turn out so disastrous? I should have known Softling wouldn't understand- that I wouldn't be able to do it right!/[anger/helplessness/unhappiness]**

Wanderlust mentally shrugged, and kept walking. Her elf-friend sighed and did the same, looking about for anything unusual or worth notice.Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by peachbug on Aug 6, 2009, 11:33pm

Silent's sending was lonely, disturbingly so, and this served to frighten her and deepen her guilt. Softling should've known better, he should've chosen someone stronger to share his magic with, a thousand things continued to cloud her head. 'Why me?' She considered faintly. Softling had known Longmane, not closely, but well as one does when they live among so few. She hadn't been aware anything close to Recognition had ever happened between Silent and Longmane. Joining perhaps, Longmane held hardly any preference in lovemate despite her lifemating, but Silent held some sort of bitterness to her. Perhaps not bitterness...longing? Regret? His sendings were difficult to interpret.

What had she been thinking, letting him use his power on her? Apparently, he couldn't control it nearly well enough, assuming the slip was unintentional, which it must have been. Softling couldn't imagine anyone, even Silent simply sending out his soul name to any elf who took his hand. Her accusation of forcing Recognition had been empty words, but no real belief in them. Apparently it had happened before. So foolish! She knew next to nothing about how to protect herself, her soul name, from anything more than a sending. No elf had ever pried so far, or opened so much up to her. 'What does this mean for all my efforts to be a better Wolfrider?' She thought glumly. Once again, she'd handled something so poorly.

Softling was mentally kicking herself and Silent as she relunctantly turned to follow him. She was swimming in guilt and anger, but her orders from Stormfire and Windsoft took precedence over her own feelings. 'I am not Longmane.' The words formed in her mind, something she would normally spit out like all other sudden thoughts, but this she kept pressed inside.Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by kita on Aug 7, 2009, 9:55am

Silverfang to Silent

Silverfang walked upstream carrying the only two fish he caught. He knew he wasn't nearly as good as Firecat or Shellship when it came to fishing, but he was content with what he caught. He also found joy in the fact that right as Firecat was laughing at him for falling and using his glaive for fishing, he caught his first fish. His head still hurt from the fall and his pride still stung a little, but not nearly as much as before.
Silverfang spotted Silent walking downstream with his wolf-friend, Wanderlust. Upon seeing the wolf, he instinctively turned to see whether or not Starfire was still following him. She was, but at her own, slower pace. He was about to call a greeting to the elf, but stopped when he sensed the dark, sad, almost disturbing aura around him. For one reason or another, Silent was hurt, and Silverfang couldn't help but feel empathetic. He could see Softling following Silent, and he was beginning to wonder what happened between the two. Not wanting to pry, all Silverfang sent to Silent was, *Hello.*Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by multifacets on Aug 7, 2009, 9:11pm

Silent, Silverfang:

Lost in thought, the silver-eyed elf had not expected anyone to send to him. Silverfang was standing there with fish and heavy glaive in hand. At least someone had some success somewhere. **Hello,** Silent lock-sent.Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by kita on Aug 7, 2009, 9:31pm

Silverfang wasn't expecting a lock-send for a casual conversation, but then again, he was sending with Silent. He felt like he should have learned by now not to be surprised by anything Silent does.**How have you been?** Silverfang lock-sent, trying to keep the conversation casual in trying not to pry into whatever happened between Silent and Softling. **I don't remember the last time we've had a conversation.**Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by multifacets on Aug 7, 2009, 11:15pm

Silent, Silverfang:

Silent almost laughed. As far as he could remember, he and Silverfang had never spoken to one another. If they had, the memory was lost to wolfsong and eaten by the Song.

**I've been as well as I can be expected to be,** he sent a bit dryly, with some self-deprecating humor under the words. **What of you? Keeping busy?**Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by kita on Aug 7, 2009, 11:37pm

Silverfang to Silent

Silverfang sensed the deprecating tone in Silent's sending, he wasn't entirely sure how to react. Was the elf joking? Poking fun at himself? Or was he hinting to deeply felt pain? The answer, Silverfang might never know.

**I've been trying.** Silverfang sent, **After Stormfire sent us off to prepare for tonight's journey, I thought I'd help Shellship and Firecat fishing. Unfortunately for me, I'm not very good at fishing. I went head-first into the river, I hit a rock.** Silverfang rubbed the lump on his head from where he hit the rock.Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by multifacets on Aug 9, 2009, 12:01am

Silent, Silverfang:

**[sympathy]/I'm sorry. I hope you're all right now,** Silent courteously stated. **I wouldn't have done any better/[bland truth].**

There was a patch of what looked like a root that took pain away as it was chewed; the quiet one noted its location. **There's this if you need it,** he added, and sent the image and location of the plant to the hunter.Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by kita on Aug 9, 2009, 12:23am

Silverfang to Silent

Silverfang smiled at Silent. **Thank you,** he sent in appreciative kindness, **But the pain has almost gone away, it only hurts when I touch it. Maybe I'll get some before we leave.**Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by peachbug on Aug 9, 2009, 11:27pm

Silent seemed quiet in an odder way than he was before...not as lost in his own head. Was he focusing on something else? Was he angry with her? Softling's anger was diminished into embarassment and guilt, and his mention of Longmane still haunted the back of her mind. She envied Wanderlust being so close; she wouldn't be so alone if she hadn't left Snapbone behind. Should she say something? Should she not?Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by multifacets on Aug 10, 2009, 2:22am

Silent, Softling, Silverfang:

**A good idea. I'll get it.** Silent stopped and knelt at the whackroot, unsheathing his blade to carefully loosen the soil around the roots. Wanderlust sat down and watched curiously, tail wagging a bit. As he worked, he caught a glimpse of Softling from the corner of his eye; she looked a bit unsure now. Maybe his words had been sharper than he realized.

**We may as well take this patch,** he sent to her. **I don't think we'll be staying long.**

That message sent, he turned his thoughts back to Silverfang. **What will you do now?**Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by kita on Aug 10, 2009, 11:29am

Silverfang to Silent

**I don't know,** Silverfang sent back, kneeling down next to Silent to help in any way he could, **I guess I'm just waiting for Stormfire to tell us when we're to leave. ** He began to dig around the roots with his hands, careful to avoid Silent's blade. Though he loved his glaive, even he had to admit that it was too awkward sometimes and would be no use here.Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by multifacets on Aug 12, 2009, 2:55am

Silent, Softling, Silverfang:

Silent shrugged, moving over a bit to allow the hunter better access to the whackroot patch. **She will when she believes it's time to get going,** he sent simply. **There's still a lot to do, though. We should be patient.** Some of the roots went into his belt pouch, to be saved for whoever might find them useful. **I guess that's enough. We should go now,** the silver-eyed Wolfrider told Softling and Silverfang, and collected his spear, brushing off and sheathing his knife as he rose.Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by kita on Aug 12, 2009, 3:09am

Silverfang to Silent

Silverfang dug up a few roots and gathered his things. He stood up and walked with Silent. He didn't know why, but he felt more comfortable with Silent than with anybody else. But then again, this had been the longest time he had spent with anybody else since he followed Stormfire to find a new holt. Out of every elf, he knew Silent the best; which didn't really say much since he hardly knew Silent at all. Through all this, something nagged Silverfang at the back of his mind. He couldn't help but feel that Silent didn't want him around. But then, Silverfang had felt this every time he talked with someone, so he always chalked it up to paranoia. He never paid it much mind at all. But, on the other hand, he wasn't exactly sure if Silent would say anything if he didn't want him around.

**So, what are you up to?** Silverfang sent with curiosity.Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by multifacets on Aug 12, 2009, 11:44pm

Softling, Silent, Silverfang:

**Scouting. Looking for anything of notice/anything useful,** Silent sent. **We should get back to it. If you want to come, better hurry.** He switched to open sending, including Softling this time. *We should run. We've wasted enough time.*

Wanderlust's ears pricked up and her tail started wagging. **Run?** she repeated eagerly.

**Run,** Silent affirmed, and strode away from the tracker and spear-wielder, breaking into the ground-eating jog Wolfriders used on fast scouting missions or short hunts. Wanderlust loped beside him, tail still wagging away, lips pulled back in a big lupine grin. She loved to run about and see new things, which was partly how she had earned her name. It was even better when her elf-friend was with her, and just as nice when he rode her. He would ride soon, no doubt.Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by kita on Aug 13, 2009, 12:54am

Silverfang to Silent

Silverfang nodded and followed after Silent. **Starfire!** he sent to the depths of his range, hoping that his wolf-friend would 'hear'. He followed after Silent and smiled when Starfire joined them by his side. Blood stained her muzzle, making Silverfang envious of her successful hunt.Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by peachbug on Aug 15, 2009, 1:12am

Softling was now quite sure Silverfang and Silent were carrying on some locksend that she wasn't privy to; and as natural as that was for elves to have their privacies, she was a little nervous, especially after what had happened. It was difficult to get off her mind. "Yes, I don't scent a thing this way...the chieftess will find a better use for us somewhere else, I'm sure." She tried her best to sound relaxed. Similar to every time she'd had some random thought to say, she felt she had something bursting to be said. Should she tell anyone of Silent's sending mishap? Would they scold her for dwelling on the uncomfortable moment?

'Unimportant nonsense!' Softling reminded herself, running easily beside the two. 'Need to focus on scouting. I almost wish there was something to find, just to get my mind forever off this whole mess!'Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by multifacets on Aug 16, 2009, 12:48am

Even just running was reflected in the Song, but the rhythm of the physical activity helped clear his mind. Silent wound his mantle around his left arm, carrying the spear in his right, and mostly forgot his frustration and discomfort.

There was a patch of grass that could be used for weaving; there the dirt started turning into clay at the riverbank, there was watercress in the river there. Trivial but possibly useful things. Maybe there just wasn't much to find.

Wanderlust bounded ahead, bouncing as much as running, sharing her glee with her elf-friend, and Silent couldn't help but smile, just a tiny bit.Re: The Last Night's Journey (5)
Post by kita on Aug 16, 2009, 5:46pm

Starfire sped up past Silverfang and absently into Wanderlust's direction. Running and hunting were the things she liked to do the most, though she didn't show it as freely as Wanderlust did.

Silverfang lagged a little behind Silent, trying his hardest not to lose what little he was able to catch. He smiled at Starfire and imagined what it must be like to be a wolf, though he didn't enjoy the prospect of being ridden too much. He never rode Starfire without her permission and was sometimes left behind because of it. He always caught up and he found great satisfaction in showing his wolf-friend the respect she deserved.
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Oakstaff to Ashglow

Oakstaff looked at Ashglow thoughtfully, then braced the butt of his staff in the ground. He leaned on the solid wood and considered the newcomer elf's question carefully. Nightsun was clearly not a hunter. Wingfoot had been acting oddly about her since he'd first set eyes on her, too. While he wasn't a cub like Journey to be tempted to tweak the elder's tail, or be submissive to his glare, he'd also not tried to get close to the maiden.

Oakstaff frowned as he thought more deeply about it, judging that his answer would have some impact on his new hunt brother. He wouldn't answer lightly, and disregard the other's concern. What did he think of Nightsun? At this point, his first urge was to stay she was deadweight. She didn't hunt. She slowed the tribe down - they could travel much more quickly if not for her slow pace. She scared the game away, with her noisy passage through the forest. She seemed to be only half-aware of her surroundings.

But... She did not complain, and had not asked for the pace to be slowed. She had requested no special favors and took care not to offend Wolfrider senses when she cooked meet for herself and her brothers. A quick glance at Ashglow confirmed that the other's leathers were clean and mended, recently, if without color or decoration to reflect the personality of the wearer.

And when he thought deeper still, Oakstaff realized that she always seemed to be prepared for anything, whether it be splinter, torn leathers, or rain.

"What do I think of Nightsun?" he repeated the question slowly. "That we Wolfriders haven't paid enough attention to all that your sister is. On the surface she seems dream-addled. It's only when you stop and think that you realize she's not. This spirit-talking, though..." Oakstaff sighed and straightened, suddenly twirling his staff in a blurring circle. "That's different. We'll get used to it, though."

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PostSubject: Re: The Last Night's Journey   Fri Jun 24, 2011 9:33 pm

Ashglow to Oakstaff

Ashglow watched Oakstaff consider the question. A part of him was grateful that the other took the query seriously. Another portion of him felt insulted on his sister's behalf that the question required that much thought. He had a feeling neither Starpath or himself would have prompted such careful consideration if asked about. He found himself considering the reply with as much care as it had been given. He was glad the other had not simply dismissed Nightsun, but the difference between his sister and the other elves was clear in his response as well.

Still, even in her youth - with their birth tribe - the difference had been there. Hadn't that been the very reason Starpath and he had felt the need to follow her on her soulquest? Fearing that alone, Nightsun's dreamy ways would be the death of her? But she'd had no need of their protection in the end. And when they'd returned to find themselves alone, the sickness having taken all others from them, she'd taken up whatever tasks needed to be done without hesitation. Perhaps he was simply being overprotective again. They were all new to one another. If they did choose to stay, Nightsun would find her place - just as she would have found it if their own tribe had survived.

"The truth is, Nightsun is sometimes as much a mystery to me as to your own tribe. I knew nothing of her spirit-talking until it was revealed by your arrival. Though it does not fully surprise me. Looking back I think there has always been hints of her gift. Whether her ways are caused by it, or merely a party to it, I am accustomed to them. For her sake, I hope your people will grow accustomed to them as well." He frowned, still uncertain about revealing too much of his concerns, but pressed on.

"We are all we have had to depend on for so long. We have had to make do, and learn whatever skills we needed to do so alone. Since our tribe's passing, there has never been the need to concern ourselves about if we are useful to others. We've known that to eachother without asking. Save for your kitlings, your tribemate knows their place. The skills that give each of them something to contribute. Be it hunting, or gathering, or your plantshaper's ability to make shelter of nothing. If we are to stay, it is not a simple matter of growing accustomed to eachother's ways. We, too, must have something to contribute. If not for your tribe's sake, then for our own happiness. If we cannot find that..." He left the thought go unspoken, but still there. If they could not find that, why stay?
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PostSubject: Re: The Last Night's Journey   Sat Jun 25, 2011 1:00 pm

Oakstaff to Ashglow

"Oh, we'll get used to her," Oakstaff assured him with a grin. "The Now doesn't immediately take to change, but before the seasons change again, we'll be as 'used to her' as we are to each other." Oakstaff twirled his staff around quickly, the wood becoming a blur with the speed. "Don't worry so much for your sister, Ashglow. She's strong, that much is clear enough to anyone with the eyes to see it. We Wolfriders don't expect her to be anything other than what she is, and won't force her into something she's not. Stormfire picked a good mix of us when she set out, so Nightsun has the chance to be who and what she will be, and not just what circumstances have forced her to be. High Ones know she's not a tanner! Once we settle, don't be too surprised when Evenstar or Lightgaze give you three the first sets of new leathers made!"

He eyed the dark-skinned male for a moment, wondering what it would have been like to pass countless seasons with no one but a brother and sister to spend them with. Lonely, he thought, saddened. He couldn't imagine living without wolfsong and tribe sharing body and mind. The comfort of sharing thoughts with so many, the brush of fur, the scent of wolf and tribe... He shuddered and closed his eyes.

"I can't imagine not having the tribe," he admitted. "I don't want to. I couldn't even consider choosing to take my own trail, alone. I hope all of you stay. Your difference makes the tribe stronger."

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PostSubject: Re: The Last Night's Journey   Sun Jun 26, 2011 10:05 pm

Ashglow to Oakstaff

Ashglow was confused by some of Oakstaff's wording. 'The Now doesn't immediately take to change.' He repeated in his mind. Did the other simply mean that change took time? It was an odd way to phrase it. He resisted the urge to snort, though, when he told him not to worry so much for Nightsun. The day the sun stopped rising was the day he'd stop worrying over his siblings. The instinct was too ingrained at this point. Why fight something that was so much a part of him?

He blinked at the comment of the leathers, glancing down at the rough work of his own clothing. He hadn't truly given it much thought. "For one with no training, she's done well enough. Clothing is clothing. As long as it does what's needed, it doesn't matter to me how it looks." He couldn't stop himself from defending Nightsun. Even though it was true that none of them had been able to make clothing as well as their lost tanners, it had never bothered him. He recalled Nightsun's delight over the bracelet the young wolfrider had given her. Perhaps it did bother his siblings? "Still, Nightsun and Starpath might like that."

He contemplated the other's words about being unable to imagine not having a tribe. Remembered the bleak feeling that had accompanied the early days after discovering they were alone. The rough first seasons of learning skills they'd never had to before. Failed attempts at making leathers. Breaking a piece of their tent and having to figure out how to fix it. Choosing the wrong type of berries when gathering, and being ill for several days afterwards. Trying to remember which herbs healed what ailments. Fearing that today was the day they'd make a mistake they couldn't fix...

"No..." His words were sullen, absent mindedly watching the whirling of the other's staff. "It's not something one can imagine. It just is." He didn't like how the strangers presence kept reminding him of what they'd lost. Didn't like to think of the past. Since their birthtribe's loss he'd concentrated on his siblings. On survival. He wasn't sure he was ready for their lives to change again. Unconsciously, he gave a low growl of frustration. "Change just is." And perhaps that was as much to himself as Oakstaff.
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PostSubject: Re: The Last Night's Journey   Mon Jun 27, 2011 1:30 am


With the scouts ranging ahead on the ground, and herself and Longdusk in the trees, Windsoft had an excellent sense of the surrounding forest. The trees stretched in every direction, the canopy overhead turning the sunlight green and golden, mostly shadowed by for flashes of sunlight. This high up, and as far out as she'd traveled, she'd lost all sound from the quiet Wolfriders who lingered behind, gathering the last of their things and preparing for this final night's ride.

Leaves rustled.

Birds called.

Treewees skittered, claws scrabbling along rough bark.

Scent surrounded her: damp, musty dirt; dry, dusty bark. Green, fresh leaves. Scent trails from treewees. Faintly, from a distance, the thick, sickly scent of a not too recent kill that hadn't been fully reclaimed by forest and predators.

No scent of smoke. No sound of humans. There hadn't been since they'd crossed the grass plains. The woodlands were untainted by human hand.

Windsoft scouted on, leaping and swing from tree branch to tree branch, silently sending to her scouts what she sensed, just as she received their sends in turn. A single mind, with many parts, cohesive and independent.


Sunsong trilled softly, absently, as she watched her tribemates scatter on the tasks Stormfire had given them. Shaded padded up behind her and touched her cool, damp nose to the skin just behind the plantshaper's ear. Sunsong's singing ended in a giggle as she reached back and buried her fingers in Shade's thick fur. The she-wolf panted and settled to the ground behind her, resting her check on the elf's shoulder.

Sunsong effortlessly shared a wordless sending with Shade, a flowing trade of emotions and senses that didn't distract or intrude, but let her know of her wolf friend's contentment and health, and let Shade know her own general well being. Around her, the tribe moved on their errands. Sunsong considered undoing the shaping she'd done last night, but decided against it. If what lay ahead wasn't better than what they'd found here, this could turn out to be their new holt.

She leaned back against Shade, turning the seeds in her hand, and her voice rose again in a songbird's cascade of trilling notes.


Icemark left his lifemate to her tasks and returned to his own. His chieftess wanted the collection of stores to begin on this night's journey, so he hoped she intended to travel slowly! He had empty pouches he'd brought from Sureshot's holt, old favorites that he'd often taken out gathering. He removed them from his travel pack now and shook them out. Out of their folds rose scents he hadn't breathed in moons. He inhaled deeply and closed his eyes, letting images flicker against the darkness behind his eyelids. Mother. Father. Brothers. Sister. Friends. His den in the father tree. Flowers he'd not seen since crossing the grass plain. Herbs that had once rested in the bag.

That was the past. He let the images fade and opened his eyes again. He looped the bags across his chest and bundled up his family's sleeping furs. Stormfire would call them to ride soon. He was ready.

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PostSubject: Re: The Last Night's Journey   Mon Jun 27, 2011 1:42 am

Oakstaff to Ashglow

"You're as grouchy as a bear after his deathcold sleep," Oakstaff said lightly as he stopped spinning his staff and settled the butt on the ground. He shrugged and deftly jumped to Fastclaw's back. "I don't know what you want me to say, dark skin. Or ask. Or do. Maybe you three just need to have a private council with Stormfire. She's chieftess. We all follow her. For me," Oakstaff grinned and tossed an arm out to the surrounding forest. "I've my instructions for the night and that's all I need. Ready to hunt?"

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PostSubject: Re: The Last Night's Journey   Wed Jun 29, 2011 11:49 pm

Stormfire to Lightgaze

Quote :
She paused for only a bit. "Do you know why Whirlwind doesn't like Mist?"

Stormfire sighed. "She thinks he's too old for me, too set in his ways . . . too removed from his wolf-blood." She gave Lightgaze a half-smile. "And that I am too young to have a placid mate."

Lightgaze returned her half-smile. "And what do you think, Chieftess?"

Stormfire paused. "I think," she said after a moment, "that the differences between Mist and I are as important as the qualities we share. I wouldn't change them. They're part of him, and part of what drew me to him. We can share our thoughts, and we can talk together as chieftess and packmate as well as Stormfire and Mist. He doesn't see me as a cub to be led--and I'm not turning to him to carry my responsibilities for me.

"Whirlwind wants a fiery mate for me, someone out of old howl tales. I want a mate who will be who he is for himself, and not live solely for my whims--or so wayward I have to mind him as I would Journey."
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PostSubject: Re: The Last Night's Journey   Thu Jun 30, 2011 1:58 pm

Mist to Stormfire

Mist settled his carrisak on his back and swung down from the platform on which he'd slept. Where Stormfire felt excitement for the coming day, Mist still felt the faint unease and wariness that he'd lived with since they'd left Sureshot's holt. It wouldn't go away until there was once more a den that smelled of him and his wolf, of his tribe, and the herbs he used to heal their hurts. If tonight's hunt brought them to the place that would become holt for them, he would be glad.

He swung down from the sleeping platform and followed the birdsong to Sunsong. She was absorbed in her thoughts and did little more than smile at him when he touched a fingertip to her forehead. Tired, he judged, in need of a long sleep and some feeding up, but healthy and strong. He would watch her during her shaping tonight and make sure she didn't work to unconsciousness again. Even if he couldn't stop her, Stormfire could.

Leaving the plantshaper to play with the seeds in her hand, he walked among the rest of his tribemates. Most already started the trek along the path Stormfire had indicated: the river. The scouts were off, the fishers, too. Mist half-saw Oakstaff mounted and his wolf heading out, with Ashglow not far behind. Icemark had gathered some of the tribe not specifically assigned and was speaking with them quietly, assigning some to gather nuts, others to seek out roots, and others to find herbs for healing and eating.

Busy, his tribe. Mist smiled and turned his steps towards Stormfire. Did she see this?

"Chieftess," he said quietly, joining her and Lightgaze. "Tanner," he added, nodding to the other elf. "Your scouts are off, your hunters following. The gatherers are about to set out, and your fishers are already at the water's edge." He tilted his head back to indicate his pack. "We're ready to follow where you lead."

"To a new holt!" Silvercub giggled.

"A new holt," Mist agreed.

Lightgaze laughed. "Yes," she said. "And time for us to find you sire, cub, before he gets too far ahead."

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PostSubject: Re: The Last Night's Journey   Sat Jul 02, 2011 2:58 am

Ashglow to Oakstaff

Ashglow wasn't certain what Oakstaff thought talking to the wolfrider chieftess would achieve. Reflecting briefly, he wondered if it wasn't telling that he still thought of her as their chieftess and not as his own. His comment had been as much to himself as to the other elf. He needed to worry less about the changes coming and just accept them. But until he saw that this change was good for his siblings, he doubted he'd find it in him to settle into this life.

He gave a nod to the other's question. Welcoming the thought of leaving behind troubled thoughts for the thrill of the hunt. "Yes. Let us hunt."
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PostSubject: Re: The Last Night's Journey   Sun Jul 03, 2011 7:58 pm

Stormfire, to all

"Time to go, eh?" Stormfire smiled at little Silvercub, then at Lightgaze and finally at Mist. She reached out in a wordless send to her tribemates, and their answers cheered her. "Then let's go," she said, and paused only as Snowtreader bounded up beside her.

The pack took a calm pace this night; Stormfire felt no need to rush, and she'd noticed Nightsun's exhaustion. The maiden piqued her curiosity, and she'd gained some liking among the tribe. While Stormfire had yet to talk to Wingfoot about his attachment to Nightsun, she'd seen how the amber-eyed elf had tried keeping up with the wolves on the trek. She didn't have the strength for that sort of thing, and she needed some rest.

The sharp scent of salt and pines made Stormfire's nose twitch, but it was a friendly scent. The wind picked up in strength and tossed branches high above so that the Wolfriders were surrounded by a constant hiss of noise--like whispers from the trees themselves, an endless, silvery song that made Stormfire's heart ache. And then she knew it. They were on the path home.

She could feel it calling, and shared it with the tribe. Because they felt it with their hearts as well as in their minds, her tribemates mirrored back to her images of home: the Father Tree with its spreading, ancient branches and timeworn dens, the meadows and glens, the streams that brought sweet water and fresh game down from the hills. Not a few shared wistful twinges for kin left behind, for memories; even Silvercub added a drift of homesickness to the shared sending. But all joined together to warm themselves at the feeling of home calling to them.

The ground sloped farther down, and down . . . the trail wound through rocky patches and brambles, and in places the moons' light shone through in bars of milky radiance. Then it closed again, and other smells came through--of herbs and grass, wildflowers, and wood, spicy and sharp. Stormfire paused. **Windsoft?** she lock-sent. **What do you see?**

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PostSubject: Re: The Last Night's Journey   Wed Jul 13, 2011 9:32 pm

Ashglow to Nightsun and Starpath

Ashglow had never known a Holt. Or any permanent home. The tents were merely protection. Belonging itself came from the tribe. The idea of a Father Tree, of a permanent place to stay, was alien to him. Yet he found himself swept up in the shared sending. In images of the Holt, of warmth and comfort, and a constant supply of fresh water. He sensed a tinge of longing from the sending for those left behind - not to be seen again. An all too familiar ache to him. But there was also hope, a feeling of finding what they had been seeking. And when he thought of he and his siblings endless travels, he wondered if they - too - hadn't been seeking something.

He didn't add to the group sending, having nothing to share that was familiar to the wolfriders - but he found himself reaching out a locksend to Nightsun and Starpath. Old memories of nights spent with their tribe around a campfire, sharing tales and food. In the simple joy of company.
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The Last Night's Journey
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