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 With the Dawn

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PostSubject: With the Dawn   With the Dawn EmptyThu Jun 16, 2011 3:52 pm

Stormfire wrote:
Stormfire, to all
The ground sloped farther down, and down . . . the trail wound through rocky patches and brambles, and in places the moons' light shone through in bars of milky radiance. Then it closed again, and other smells came through--of herbs and grass, wildflowers, and wood, spicy and sharp. Salt, and water. Lots of salt and water.

Stormfire paused. **Windsoft?** she lock-sent. **What do you see?**

Windsoft alighted on a branch and crouched, her hands lightly touching the rough bark as she peered beyond the branches immediately in front of her. There wasn't much more to obscure her sight: the tree was near the edge of a cliff. What lay beyond was...strange.

Moonlight glittered over a vast lake. Pale sand led from the base of the cliff to the water, which rolled and crashed to the shore. She'd been hearing the sound for a while and hadn't been able to place it.

**I see,** Windsoft answered Stormfire, awe clear in her locksend, **the end of the world.** She sent to her chieftess what she was seeing, barely glancing away when Longdusk landed on the branch next to her. Her mind almost couldn't comprehended the sheer vastness of what lay beyond the cliff.

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With the Dawn
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