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 PR: 13,398 Season of Falling Leaves: Who Shall It Be?

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PR: 13,398 Season of Falling Leaves: Who Shall It Be? Empty
PostSubject: PR: 13,398 Season of Falling Leaves: Who Shall It Be?   PR: 13,398 Season of Falling Leaves: Who Shall It Be? EmptyMon Jun 20, 2011 1:34 pm

Holt Administration » 13,398 Season of Falling Leaves: Who Shall It Be? » RP Comments, Questions, and Chatter
RP Comments, Questions, and Chatter
Post by Anna on Jun 21, 2009, 2:16am

The scenario in brief: Tavol's band leader is dead, and the elders must choose a new one. However, they do not make this choice in a vacuum. The band is asked to nominate elves for the council to consider.

REMINDER: starting with this RP, the scenarios will last approximately three months. Every Sunday, a 'moving forward' post will be posted, allowing everyone a week to respond and react to the current status as much as they want before we edge the plot along again. This way everyone should have time to post at least once in reaction without getting left behind, but everyone is encouraged to post as much as they want, too. Smile The stickied RP topic is the main line, but for interactions between two or three individuals, you can start your own tangetial threads to play it out in. Just remember not to ignore the main story arc! Smile

Each week's moving-forward post will be it's own topic, as well. This way you can continue posting for previous weeks, but we're still moving on ahead. Again, this is so no one feels that they've been 'left behind' if they get busy and can't post everything they want in a given situation. TRY to focus on the current week's events, but certainly don't break off what you were post the week before until you've reached what you wanted to play there! Smile

Only this thread and the current week's RP thread will be stickied to stay at the top of the topics list. The other main RP threads will be numbered in week order so you know when they happened.

Post question, comments, and anything OOC here - including comments about posts that may need to be edited, or intentions to respond to something, but you need a bit more time to do so. Smile

Re: RP Comments, Questions, and Chatter
Post by Anna on Jun 28, 2009, 12:05pm

The second week's set up has been posted!

Re: RP Comments, Questions, and Chatter
Post by Anna on Jul 5, 2009, 1:35pm

Third week's RP is posted!

ALSO! We need elders to be on the council! We need elders to be nominations! Please consider creating such a character today! Very Happy

Several NPCs will be created and available for adoption, as well. Smile Let's make this a very lively debate among the band!

Re: RP Comments, Questions, and Chatter
Post by Anna on Jul 7, 2009, 12:25am

Hey, Peach. Smile You're not likely to get an RP response from Kahlyn. She's not even an NPC. She's a temporary foil for Sureen, that's all. Wink

Re: RP Comments, Questions, and Chatter
Post by peachbug on Jul 7, 2009, 12:47am

Okay. I'll change it next time I get on.Re: RP Comments, Questions, and Chatter
Post by Anna on Jul 7, 2009, 1:07am

I know it might have been a little confusing. I try to keep the character lists up to date so we can tell what names are temporary-for-the-moment and which ones are actually playable. I'm a couple of days behind...but I'll go fix that right now! Smile

Re: RP Comments, Questions, and Chatter
Post by Anna on Jul 11, 2009, 12:29am

Other choices for bandleader nominations can be found here.

They are NPCs and can be used by anyone. Please take care to play them according the brief personality provided. Smile

Re: RP Comments, Questions, and Chatter
Post by Anna on Jul 12, 2009, 3:33pm

There will only be TWO nominations for bandleader this week. We'll have a total of five or six nominations in all. Smile If you would like to have your character nominate one, please send me a PM! Smile

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PR: 13,398 Season of Falling Leaves: Who Shall It Be? Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 1: Bandleader Mahkir   PR: 13,398 Season of Falling Leaves: Who Shall It Be? EmptyMon Jun 20, 2011 1:35 pm

Holt Administration » 13,398 Season of Falling Leaves: Who Shall It Be? » Bandleader Mahkir (1)
Bandleader Mahkir (1)
Post by admin on Jun 21, 2009, 2:58pm

Oreg entered Mahkir’s tent and glanced quickly at Nazari. She shook her head sadly as she continued to pet the kitten who curled complacently in her lap. The voices inside the tent were hushed, with an edge of anxiety to spice them. The High One drifted to Nazari’s side and squatted by her stool.

**What happened?** he asked curiously. **I was riding, but returned when I felt the dissonance.**

Nazari bowed her head, her hair sliding forward to caress her cheek with silken, rose-brown strands. **He was riding, as well, far from the camp. A viper startled his horse and threw him – on top of the snake. It struck, and…** Nazari lifted one graceful hand, palm upward, and swept it to the side. The result was obvious. **By the time he returned, the poison had spread too far within him and I could not heal it.**

Her hand clenched into a fist and Oreg reached out to take it, soothing it open to lie flat and still within his grasp. He and she both still had the abilities they’d always had, but their strength was much diminished. Those of their descendents who showed magic were usually as stronger than they were. It was frustrating, at times, to remember how much strength they’d lost on this draining world. At other times, it was heartrending.

**And Sohnji?** he asked.

**Off with her lifemates some distance from camp,** Nazari sighed. **I have sent for her, and they return at all speed, but it will be too late, I fear.**

“High Ones…”

Oreg and Nazari looked over as they were summoned. Oreg did not care for the term, but had long ago ceased to argue it. He helped Nazari rise and walked with her to Mahkir’s bedside. The bandleader’s breathing was labored, and Oreg sensed that his spirit was barely clinging to the shell of his physical body.

Oreg reached out and laid a gentle hand along Mahkir’s cheek. **Go now,** he sent gently. **Go, and seek your spirit’s home. Join the spirits of those who have gone before and know that your life was well and truly lived. Fear not for your children and your band. They will continue.**

**Go,** Nazari said, laying her hand against Mahkir’s other cheek. **Go, and fly free and joyful. Celebrate the life lived, and the life just begun.**

A long sigh escaped from Makhir’s lips and the male went lax in death. Oreg straightened and stepped back from the bed. “Bandleader Mahkir goes now to seek the Palace,” he said, his voice rough with disuse. “Let the word go forth.”
Re: Who Shall It Be?
Post by kris on Jun 22, 2009, 1:38am

It had been a long day, and now it was a hard ride back home. Sohnji lowered her head over Cloudburst's neck, murmuring, "Run, girl, run, run," in a breathless chant. If will could give the mare wings, Sohnji knew she would have had Cloudburst flying in truth.

She could feel her lifemates' worry at her pace. She knew, too, that one wrong move could mean a broken leg for Cloudburst and a grave injury for herself. But a chill sweat covered the healer from head to foot, and Sohnji fought off the fear that she was too late to save Mahkir.

No, Bandleader, don't go. Don't leave yet. I can save you, I can, let me reach you in time--

A crowd of Plainsrunners stood outside Mahkir's tent. Sohnji pulled Cloudburst up short, dismounting so quickly she nearly lost her footing on the ground. Hands steadied her, and guided her towards the tent's entrance. Sohnji gathered her wits and hurtled through the tent-flap.

Another crowd surrounded Mahkir's bed. Oreg rose to his feet, and turned to face them. “Bandleader Mahkir goes now to seek the Palace,” he said, his voice rough with disuse. “Let the word go forth.”

Sohnji froze at Oreg's words. Too late, too late. She saw Mahkir's lifemates approach his body, blackened from the snake's venom, and flinched as they began to weep. Nazari sent wordlessly to her, meaning to comfort; it flicked Sohnji like salt on a raw wound. She forced herself to walk forward, and lay a hand on the shoulders of Mahkir's mates.

"Sureen . . . Kahlyn . . . I'm sorry. I truly am."Re: Who Shall It Be?
Post by rayne on Jun 22, 2009, 7:18am

Koda couldn't hear the words of the other elves, but the sadness hung in the air like a scent, and that was all to easy for him to understand. Looking around quickly, he saw Tiran close to the flap to Mahkir's tent and sent, hoping for more information. **Is Mahkir alright?**

Tiran hung his head when Koda's send reached him. The uncertaintly and concern in the send was very evident, and despite the many heightened senses he knew the deaf elf had....Tiran often wondered how Koda could be so happy without hearing. **He....** Tiran trailed off mentally, the emotions too powerful for a moment. Once he composed himself, Tiran was able to continue. **Mahkir has gone to the Palace.**

Koda closed his eyes and allowed himself to dwell on the emotions that came with the send from Tiran. **There will be a council soon then?** he sent back to Tiran. **Will you....**

Before Koda could complete his thought, Tiran interrupted him. **Yes, we must choose a new leader. And of course I will. Sit nearby.** Tiran responded. He was familiar with the request from Koda to keep him informed about what is being discussed in councils by sending. It was no burden, Koda could follow along fairly well just by reading the body language of others and by reading lips when he had a good view of the speaker.

With a simple mental touch of appreciation, Koda moved away from the croud. So much emotion in one place, it was making it hard for him to concentrate.

Tiran turned around, in time to see Koda squat down and place a palm to the ground. It was like Koda to retreat into his own world just a bit at highly emotional times, and Tiran sent feelings of peace, and understanding to his friend. **When there is more, I will send.**Re: Who Shall It Be?
Post by Anna on Jun 22, 2009, 12:25pm

Astierri and Tevac and followed in their lifemate's path as they'd raced back to the camp, but only she had the right and rank to enter the bandleader's tent. Tevac had high rank of his own in the band from his position as the band's primary horse breeder and trainer, but that had no bearing on situation Nazari had summoned Sohnji for. So both males were on the outer edges of the gathering, but knew almost as soon as Sohnji what the news was.

Tevac traded looks with Astierri. Mahkir had been bandleader for many long centuries. His leadership had been wise and fair. At present, there were no clear successors for him since the position of bandleader was no hereditary.

"He's the only bandleader we've ever known," Astierri said uncertainly. "What'll they do now?"

Tevac shrugged. "Follow tradition, I suppose. Come, let's get back to the tent. Sohnji is going to need us when she returns. You know how she is when she can't save someone."

Astierri nodded, then froze. "Grass fires," he groaned. "She's going to blame herself for this, isn't she? If we hadn't ridden out, if we'd stayed in camp...!"

"Aye, lifemate," Tevac sighed. "If we'd stayed in camp..."

Ghelyn to Siyal

Ghelyn drifted away from Mahkir's tent after the announcement was made. She was stunned, speechless with the abrupt shock of it. Mahkir had always seemed so alive, so vital! How could he be gone so quickly?

*Siyal?* she sent, wondering where her dearest friend was, and if she had heard. *Siyal, where are you?*

Re: Who Shall It Be?
Post by meimei on Jun 23, 2009, 4:50am

Siyal to Ghelyn

Siyal had waited anxiously outside of Mahkir's tent with the others of the band. In the background, not seeking to get to close. At first she'd thought Nazari would heal the bandleader. Even after Sohnji had been sent for, she'd figured she would come in time. As time grew longer, however, hope dwindled. Not only inside of her, but in the faces and body language of those gathered. They'd known what news to expect by the time the word was sent forth.

And yet...they weren't ready for it all the same. She certainly didn't feel ready for it. She'd retreated to her tent, shaken, and it took her a moment to respond to her soul-sister.

**In my tent.** She didn't want to share her mixture of emotions with anyone else. Not the pain and confusion of losing the bandleader, or the uncertainty of what would happen now.Re: Who Shall It Be?
Post by Anna on Jun 25, 2009, 12:34pm

Ghelyn to Siyal

Sending made communcation easy, especially ove distance. It lent clarity and surety to the intent behind the words. With Siyal's reply came the underlying emotional tones, and Ghelyn responded to those as much as to the word. She understood her dearest friend's uncertainty, and the hurt of losing a bandleader so loved. She also sensed the desire to be alone.

**I'm going to find Verrim,** Ghelyn said, sending a comforting rush of love and concern to Siyal. **When you wish, come join us.**

Re: Who Shall It Be?
Post by kris on Jun 25, 2009, 11:47pm

Nazari watched as Sohnji attempted to comfort Mahkir's lifemates, noting that Sureen pulled away, but Kahlyn collapsed against the healer, clinging to her as she wept. Nazari sent to Sureen, but the elder of Mahkir's lifemates got to her feet and strode, hard-faced despite the tears, out of the tent.

**That one holds a grudge,** Oreg sent, clearly dismayed.

**I know. I hope she will forgive, or at least let go of her anger.** It was useless to rail at something as unavoidable as death; Nazari had learned that lesson cubes of years ago, as had Oreg. She turned back to Sohnji, who was helping Kahlyn arrange a cloak over Mahkir's poison-blackened limbs. **I wish I could have done more.**

**You did what you could, Nazari,** Oreg remonstrated.

As other elves drew closer, Sohnji released Kahlyn and moved away from Mahkir's bed. Nazari slipped past the crowd and followed the healer outside, placing a hand on her shoulder.

The healer jumped and stared at Nazari with wide eyes before gasping, "You startled me, High One."

"I thought we might talk, child," Nazari responded. Sohnji's answering look held suspicion, but she lowered her head and let Nazari lead her through the tents. Through her own senses, Nazari could feel the young elf's frustration and grief, overlying a bed of guilt.

"Did you delay in coming back to camp when I sent for you, Sohnji?" she asked.Re: Who Shall It Be?
Post by meimei on Jun 26, 2009, 10:49am

Siyal to Ghelyn

Siyal's reply to Ghelyn was not so much words as emotions. Gratitude for her understanding, but the steady thrum of grief still underlying it. She wasn't one to surround herself with others - she preferred to deal with her pain alone. Then perhaps she could think of the future. Of the choice that would have to be made. At the moment she couldn't even guess who would be asked to take the bandleader's place. She did not envy them in the least.Re: Who Shall It Be?
Post by kris on Jun 27, 2009, 11:29pm

Jun 25, 2009, 11:47pm, kris wrote:
"Did you delay in coming back to camp when I sent for you, Sohnji?" she asked.

"What?" Sohnji twisted away from the High One, shuddering with horror. "Never! I came as fast as Cloudburst could carry me! I would not have waited one second longer than I had to, to save Mahkir!"

"Then," and Nazari's voice held such sympathy, such warmth, that Sohnji felt the tears fall at least. "Then why do you blame yourself, child? Mahkir did not come at once when he was bitten. He was hurt badly, and the poison was able to work its way through him. Not only could I not save him, I doubt that you have done more than prolong his life but for an hour."

Sohnji balled up her fists and pressed them against her eyes, but Nazari pulled her into an embrace. The healer gave in and sagged against the ancient elf's shoulder, sobbing. **I should have been able to save him,** she sent, unable to hold back her guilt. **I helped him when he and his horse went off a cliff in the mountains, that one winter. I've healed wounds and even snakebite in him before. Why did he have to die now?**

Nazari smoothed her hair, much as she would have done for Ksiva. "Sohnji, death comes for all of us, and the circumstances are immutable. What if I were a stronger healer? What if Mahkir had not ridden so far from camp today? Why did a snake bite him, and not some other creature? These are questions for which we have no satisfactory answers, kitling."

Hiccuping, Sohnji let a little of her healing magic out to stop her tears and ease her pounding heart. For the emotional wound, there was little that would do but time.

"There is little that can be done now, Sohnji," Nazari said softly. "The Council will come together soon, but not before the morning." She rose to her feet, her rose-brown hair momentarily hiding her face as a breeze blew it askew. "Go and rest, Healer. Know that you made every effort to be here, and you have at least brought comfort to one who needed it."

Sohnji nodded and got to her feet. "Thank you, Nazari," she whispered, and turned towards the tent she shared with her lifemates. She could imagine what they were thinking, waiting for her there. Poor Tevac, poor Astierri--whatever they were thinking of themselves, they didn't deserve such self-torture. Squaring her shoulders, Sohnji headed home, desperate to put one thing right before the day ended.
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PR: 13,398 Season of Falling Leaves: Who Shall It Be? Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 2: The Funeral   PR: 13,398 Season of Falling Leaves: Who Shall It Be? EmptyMon Jun 20, 2011 1:36 pm

Holt Administration » 13,398 Season of Falling Leaves: Who Shall It Be? » The Funeral (2)
The Funeral (2)
Post by admin on Jun 28, 2009, 11:58am

The drums were somber. The rhythmic beat was patterned after a heartbeat: steady, regular, the time-pacer of life. It began softly, a whisper of sound. As the band gathered in the center of the camp, the common area where most of the camp work was done, the cooking, the councils and the celebrations, the beat slowly increased in volume. An unborn child’s first heartbeat growing to that of one ready to enter the world.

When the tribe had all gathered, soft, deep-toned, pipes joined the drums. They didn’t follow the same rhythm. Where the drums mimicked the heartbeat, the pipes brought breath. A single sustained note for inhalation; a different, deeper note for exhalation. There was birth.

The band settled and stilled, seated on the ground in a circle surrounding the central cooking pit. A platform had been raised over the cold fire, and a deep blur cloth had been draped over it. Flowers were gathered around the base of the platform, and all Mahkir’s personal treasures had been laid on the surface. Mahkir himself had been laid in the center of the platform, and all signs of his cause of death had been cleverly hidden or erased. The one who’d led them for so long, and so wisely, would not be remembered as a blackened faced corpse.

A lighter pipe joined the music. It, too, played its own song. Bright, sprightly, joyous, it danced and tumbled it’s what around the drum and the first pipe. Childhood, with all its wonder, curiosity, and joy ran with innocent glee. And faded all too soon into a slower, quieter background whisper.

“The beginning of life.”

A richtoned harp entered with a cascade of notes ranging from heartbreakingly sweet to heartrendingly sad. The second pipe’s volume increased and the two instruments wound around each other, the harp always dominant but the innocence of the people always lending a hint of that childlike wonder to the complexity of adult awareness.

“The long, golden afternoon of maturity.”

Another drum joined the orchestra, lighter-toned, almost sharp, with a staccato beat that marched inexorably, untiring, and unchanging. It never came to the fore, but joined the foundation with the first drum and first pipe.

“Responsibility for all in the band.”

The music played on for a long time. No one spoke. No one stirred. Save for the music, there was no sound.

The heartbeat faltered.

The breath grew harsh.

The harp cried.

The child fell silent.

“The time of death nears.”

Abruptly all stopped but that staggering heartbeat and the labored breathing. Barely perceptible beneath them was the staccato, unchanged march of the second drum. Living, dying, the responsibility of the bandleader continued.

And then everything stopped and stark silence descended.

A single pipe, it’s tone high, clear, and almost piercing. It began softly, then rose with effortless grace. The song was slow, both sad and wondrous. It quickened, sadness fading as wonder grew. The second pipe joined the first, bringing with it the joy and innocence of childhood. Laughing and twining together, the two pipes reached a crescendo, the quickly faded away, as though the sound was dimmed by distance.

“The spirit is free.”

Oreg stepped to one side of the bier. It had been his voice, deep and rough with disuse, marking the stages of life. Nazari took her place on the other side. Oreg’s face was expressionless. Nazari’s was soft and tender.

“Bandleader Mahkir guided his band, as a father does his child,” Oreg continued. His voice was not gentle, but firm and strong: an unbreakable foundation on which to rest. “Safety. Peace. Prosperity. Wisdom.”

“Bandleader Mahkir has lived this life of physicality for more years that he ever wanted to count,” Nazari’s soft voice lay the cushion over the Oreg’s foundation. “He had a good life, a good family, a good band. He was happy.”

Their voices blended together for the last of the funeral rite. “He goes now to the Palace, the spirits, the ones who wait. He goes now to his forefathers, and yours, to watch and wait, until one day we again travel the stars, together, never parting. For all things end, even this world, except for the spirit that is eternal.”

Their voices rang clear and pure, an affirmation of what it was to be elf and not a part of the limiting world of two moons.

Oreg and Nazari stepped aside and Mahkir’s foster sons stepped forward to take up the bier. As the males lifted their foster father to their shoulders, leaving behind flowers and weapons, the band stood up. They parted as Mahkir was carried past, then followed silently for the long walk out to the burial field.

Long centuries ago, long before Makhir was born, when the Plainsrunners had first separated into the nine bands, each had staked out a territory that was theirs alone. They each had established camps for each season. At each location, returned to every season, they had long since designated a specific area for their dead, and erected stone platforms for the purpose. The rectangular towers were tall; the top could not be seen by any but a floater. Wind, weather, and prey-birds would clean Mahkir’s bones. When they were bleached white and clean, they would be collected and taken to the next Mustering for the Remembering. Then would Mahkir’s songs be sung, his accomplishments celebrated, and his bloodkin and fosterkin gathered together to mourn.

There were no stairs leading to the top of the cleansing bier. Oreg and Nazari joined their hands and magic and lifted Mahkir to his new resting place. The spirit pipes began playing again, a swirling, dancing, laughing tune. A soft breeze sprang up and if some seemed to feel an insubstantial hand resting on their heads, touching their cheeks, or tugging on their noses…well, who’s to say otherwise?

The funeral ceremony was completed.
Re: The Funeral (2)
Post by Anna on Jun 28, 2009, 12:12pm

Tevac, Astierri to Sohnji, anyone else close enough to hear

Tevac and Astierri stood with their bandmates, with Sohnji between them. Tevac's arm was around her shoulders. Astierri's was around her waist. They mourned, all three of them, and took comfort from the contact.

Tevac's eyes welled with tears, but they did not spill down. Astierri looked angry, a sharp, golden blade ready to strike. Some of the band lingered, others turned immediately and headed back to camp. Tevac needed them all to be gone. He wanted no one here or near when he called the preybirds to come begin their grisly task.

"A good leader," Astierri said in a tight voice.

"Yes," Tevac agreed quietly.

Re: The Funeral (2)
Post by kris on Jun 28, 2009, 10:44pm

Sohnji to Tevac and Astierri, anyone else close enough to hear

"A good leader," Sohnji forced through a throat almost too tight for speech. "And a good friend." She clung to her lifemates, barely able to see for tears.

I'm so sorry, she said wordlessly, hoping Mahkir's spirit was near to hear. I would have saved you if I could. I remember how you spoke to me when I was just a child, afraid and alone with Tavol's Band, and you said that soon it would feel like home to me. I was frightened, and hurt, and I would have stolen the first horse I could have clambered on to go back to my parents, but you eased my heart and mind.

Thank you, Mahkir. May you find joy in the Palace, and may our ancestors welcome you with open arms. If anyone deserves it, you do.

She bowed her head as Tevac prepared to summon prey-birds. She would mourn for Mahkir; she would give his lifemates and children what comfort she could; but watch the birds pluck his flesh? Sohnji shuddered, and fought to calm herself, but rolling nausea made her grip tightly to Tevac and Astierri.Re: The Funeral (2)
Post by Anna on Jun 28, 2009, 10:54pm

Tevac, Astierri to Sohnji, anyone else close enough to hear

Tevac glanced at Astierri and nodded once as he took his arm from around Sohnji. "Go," he said, stepping away from his lifemates. "You don't need to stay for this part. It's best you don't." He preferred it. No one needed to see this, and the band knew well that one of the few ways to rouse his temper was to linger after a funeral just to see the birds come. For health, it was necessary. For respect to the dead and the family left behind, it was traumatic.

Astierri tightened his arm around Sohnji's waist and gently turned her away from the pillar. He glanced over his shoulder at Tevac, then led their healer away, back to the camp.

Tevac's jaw tightened and he staired up at the top of the bier. He couldn't see any part of Mahkir. That was good. While he waited for the rest of the band to disperse, he sent his senses out, finding all of the birds of prey within his range. He didn't call them yet, but stayed connected. When the last bandmate turned to leave, only then would he call.

Re: The Funeral (2)
Post by rayne on Jun 29, 2009, 7:37am

Koda to Tevac, Astierri, Sohnji

Koda had been kneeling a bit back from the beir, with his hands to the ground. As the tribe dispersed, he stood and walked slowly and silently toward Tevac, Astierri, and Sohnji. He could read the emotions on their face and in their body language, Koda didn't want to interrupt a private moment but did want to pay his respects.

Calmly yet with fond memories he sent *Mahkir was a good leader, and a good teacher. The band is all the better for the many turns he was with us.* Pausing to collect his thoughts so that he wasn't perceived as being out of his mind, Koda added *Even the land seems to grieve for him.*

Tiran to Koda

Tiran had begun the walk away from the funeral, and thought Koda was behind him. During the rites he saw Koda with his eyes closed and both hands on the ground, feeling the vibrations of the drums and pipes the only way he could. The two had become friends over the past turn, and often hunted together. With a glance over his shoulder, Tiran noticed that Koda was not there. He saw his friend still by the beir, and sent *Koda...hurry up. Tevac can't finish until everyone is gone...* The sending trailed off when Tiran realized that Koda must be offering his personal thoughts on Mahkir.Re: The Funeral (2)
Post by Anna on Jul 1, 2009, 12:02am

Tevac, Astierri, to Sohnji, Koda

"Yes," Tevac agreed quietly. "It does, doesn't it?" He smiled faintly at Koda. "He's the only bandleader we've known. We'll all miss him."

Astierri gathered Sohnji closer in his arms, a sudden scowl on his face. "The land may grieve, but his lifemate seems more interested in bitterness."

"Astierri," Tevac said quietly. This was neither the time, nor the place, to dwell on Sureen's attitude towards them and Sohnji. All three of them were already struggling against unfounded guilt. Knowing it was without cause didn't make the guilt go away.

Astierri growled by shook his head. "Come, Sohnji, Koda. Let's get back to the camp."

Re: The Funeral (2)
Post by rayne on Jul 1, 2009, 8:47am

Koda to Tevac, Astierri, Sohnji, Tiran

Koda cocked his head sideways and stared rather blankly at the elves in front of him. Thankfully, he picked up a few of the words they said by lip reading, and the body language and scowls seemed to say enough. He was fairly sure Tevac was agreeing with him, and Astierri was upset about something involving a lifemate....but he didn't catch if was Mahkir's or his own.

With a nod to Astierri to show he understood the statement about leaving, Koda turned and began running to catch up with Tiran.

**They are leaving now, and I will catch up with you. Who's lifemate would Astierri be irratated with? He was scowling, but since it's easy to forget I can't hear, they were speaking.**

Koda looked over his shoulder at the beir one last time and sped up.

Tiran to Koda

Tiran decided to pause and wait for Koda, since he was on the way once more. He dusted some dirt off his boots and thought about the deaf elf's question. **Irritated? I am not sure. Leave it for now. **Re: The Funeral (2)
Post by kris on Jul 2, 2009, 11:49pm

Sohnji to Astierri

Jul 1, 2009, 12:02am, Anna wrote:

Astierri growled by shook his head. "Come, Sohnji, Koda. Let's get back to the camp."

Wiping her eyes, Sohnji leaned against Astierri as they walked back to camp. Her heart ached, but her stomach no longer threatened to relieve itself of the meager amount of food she'd eaten for the baby's sake. Still, she wanted nothing more than to curl up on the furs and sleep for days.

**Beloved, don't hold a grudge against Sureen,** she urged. **She's grieving. Like a wounded horse, she strikes out at everything she sees.**

**A stupid horse, perhaps,** Astierri retorted. **One with its brains sunbaked . . .** He hugged her, rubbing his cheek against the side of her head. **Sohnji, don't make excuses for her. You did nothing wrong. Don't let Sureen tell you otherwise.**

Sohnji attempted to smile, but couldn't force herself to it. **It's not Sureen I believe,** she told Astierri. **It's myself.**Re: The Funeral (2)
Post by peachbug on Jul 3, 2009, 7:19pm

Ki-Nava left the ceremonial placing of Mahkir's body tired, though her body was not worn. She had lived among Tavol all her long seasons and known Mahkir so well. He'd known her adoptive brother and comforted her at his loss. He'd been present for births of her children, welcoming them to the tribe, however briefly. The world felt very heavy with the memories Mahkir had carried, his life's earnings spreading like a cloud over their camp. With no form to contain them, everything that was Mahkir would return to the Palace. And they would be without a bandleader, something she was not old enough to have seen.

Sohnji seemed stricken as well, as Ki-Nava paused to look back towards the trio of lifemates some long ways away. The death was not the healer's burden, though she'd heard mutterings about Sureen's bitter disposition. Hopefully the bitterness would not spread to the soon to be mother and poison her, though Sohnji's face looked like she'd eaten a terrible thing. Death was to be celebrated as a part of life, but not enjoyed. Hopefully her lifemates could provide that reassurance.

Ki-Nava turned and continued to the camp, to offer her services in any way to the young ones and elders of the tribe.Re: The Funeral (2)
Post by meimei on Jul 3, 2009, 11:54pm

Throughout the ceremony, Siyal had been too entranced to cry. As they stood before the cleansing bier, the tears came again - blinding her. She recalled when she'd first finally convinced Keyna to let her be fostered out. She'd been beside herself with excitement. Though as usual she'd said very little. The first months had been hard, even though she'd had time to think on what it would be like - good and bad - before it had happened. Mahkir had been wonderful and encouraging to her and all the new fosterlings. She couldn't think of anyone who could replace that strength and caring.

She heard the words of those around her, but did not remark on them - not feeling it was her place. Though she'd seen signs of Sureen's displeasure with Sohnji. Surely nothing too bad would come of it. Sohnji knew it wasn't her fault, didn't she? And given time to grieve, Sureen would surely realize that too. She recalled Keyna's words the previous gathering. Of not knowing what she was missing, and how she couldn't put it into words. She had the memories of her father's passing, but they were centuries old. A child's pain, not an adult's.

Wiping the tears away, she approached the bier. "Thank-you." She whispered simply to Mahkir, before turning away to follow the others back to camp.
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PR: 13,398 Season of Falling Leaves: Who Shall It Be? Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 3: Prenominations   PR: 13,398 Season of Falling Leaves: Who Shall It Be? EmptyMon Jun 20, 2011 1:37 pm

Holt Administration » 13,398 Season of Falling Leaves: Who Shall It Be? » First Council: Pre-Nominations (3)
First Council: Pre-Nominations (3)
Post by admin on Jul 5, 2009, 10:38am

Normally, the band was led by the council, of which the bandleader was head. Decision were made by him, but the bandleader was answerable to the council and the council had the authority to impeach the bandleader if his decisions did not meet with their approval. A wise bandleader heeded the advise of the council, and when he parted from their recommendations his reason was sound and acceptable. The bandleader who too often ignored their advise, or ran rough-shod over them, was soon displaced.

However, Mahkir’s leadership had been so long, few remembered when he’d been chosen for the position. Either they had not been on the council then, or their memories had faded. It fell to Oreg and Nazari to remind the council, and the band, of the tradition.

The morning dawned bright, warm, and blue-skyed. As the members of Tavol stirred on their sleeping mats and woke for the day, a sending not often felt settled within their minds. Some of their minds shuddered away from that all-encompassing touch, the vastness of experience that nearly overwhelmed, and the depth to which it could sense. But the message was received: break your fast and come to council.

It was a subdued band that gathered around the central cookpit. Grassmats had been placed on the ground, and soft-woven blankets spread on top. Oreg and Nazari stood together before the cookpit, waiting for the band to settle.

“This, then, is the tradition,” Oreg began. “When a bandleader seeks the Palace, the council chooses one amongst you to take his place.”

Nazari took up the explanation. “In day to day, the council and bandleader speak for the band as a whole. For it was you who chose the council, and the council who chose the bandleader. However, in decisions as important as this, the council must know the heart and mind of the people more closely. “

“Thus, the nominations for bandleader must come from the band. From the list of nominations, the council will choose.”

“Here then, are the guidelines for nominations. First, no one may nominate themselves. The qualities that make a bandleader must be evident now, and not withheld for the future. If you bandmates have not identified those qualities yet, then you have them not.”

“Second, all nominations must be of sufficient age and experience to stand as first among equals within the council. A child or youth, regardless of how promising, has not gained wisdom and his or her voice will not be heeded.”

“Third,” Nazari took up the instructions, smiling briefly at several members of the band. “Magic users are not valid nominations. Their skills and talents are too specialized, the demands of their magic to important to the band, to divert their attention to the guidance and guarding of the band as a whole.”

“Fourth,” Oreg concluded, his voice smoother now than it had been at yesterday’s funeral. He had spoken more in two days than was his wont to speak in a year, and use has soothed the roughness away. “There must be consensus amongst the council. All must agree on the nomination. No majority will triumph. The vote must be unanimous. “

“There is no time limit. Discussion will continue for as long as is needful. Consider well this week, and when next council is called, nominations will be heard.”

Oreg held out his hand and Nazari placed hers within it. Together the two High Ones stepped quietly away from the circle. Their part was done. They would not vote. They would give no opinion unless there was no choice. They would moderate, in lieu of the council, since the council had no clear memory of the procedure. The decision, however, must rest with their descendants.

Re: First Council: Pre-Nominations (3)
Post by Anna on Jul 5, 2009, 1:33pm

Tevac, Astierri to Sohnji, anyone else who wants to visit

Tevac stood up, with Astierri just a breath behind him. Both of them turned and held their hands out to Sohnji, the move so automatic and natural to the three of them that Sohnji's hands were already up to take theirs before they'd finished standing. Tevac's smile as Sohnji seemed to float to her feet was the first pure expression of pleasure any of them had shown since Nazari's send had brought them racing back to camp.

Astierri slipped his arm around Sohnji's waist as Tevac bent and gathered up the blanket and grass mat they'd been sitting on. They walked slowly towards their tent, but instead of going inside, Tevac settled mat and blanket on the ground outside the tent. There would be a lot of talking today, and it was easier to be visible and available than muffled up inside.

Astierri went inside and came back out with cushions or all of them, and a clay water jar that felt cool against their hands. He sprawled down on the blanket and waited for his lifemates to settle themselves.

"Well," he said expectantly. "You two are on the council. What's going to happen."

Tevac made a face, then reached through the door of the tent for the leather lacings he kept just inside. Pulling it out, he separated several strands and started plaiting them together. "Our positions are more honorary than anything. Sohnji's the band's healer, and I'm the trainer. Neither of us has the age to actually speak in council." He smiled slightly. "They still call us 'colt' and 'filly.'"

Re: First Council: Pre-Nominations (3)
Post by Anna on Jul 5, 2009, 7:47pm

Ghelyn/Verrim to anyone...

Ghelyn leaned against her lifemate as the High Ones explained the process of choosing a new bandleader, and the requirements to be had. She hadn't known that the bandleader could not be a magic user, but it made some small sense. But who could take Mahkir's place? Who among the tribe was best to lead them?

Verrim's arms slipped around her and she sighed as his chin nestled on her shoulder. Her lifemate's presence soothed her worries to some extent. As the High Ones left and other bandmates departed, neither she nor Verrim made any move to leave. Others remained, as well. If nominations could come from anyone, then they all had a great deal of thinking to do.

Re: First Council: Pre-Nominations (3)
Post by meimei on Jul 6, 2009, 12:17am

Siyal to Ghelyn/Verrim

Nominations. Siyal glanced around the gathered band slowly. Who? Who was skilled enough; caring enough; responsible enough...? A few names came to mind, but somehow none of them seemed right. Something missing. Or perhaps she was comparing them to Mahkir instead of judging them on their own merits?

Right now there were only a few quiet conversations, as everyone digested the information the High Ones had given them. Later, that would change. The debates would probably get quite lively as the day wore on. As she rose to return to her own tent, she spotted Ghelyn and Verrim. Hesitantly she walked over to kneel beside them. "Right now I'm not even sure who will be nominated."Re: First Council: Pre-Nominations (3)
Post by kris on Jul 6, 2009, 12:26am

Sohnji to Tevac, Astierri, anyone else who wants to visit

Jul 5, 2009, 1:33pm, Anna wrote:
Tevac made a face, then reached through the door of the tent for the leather lacings he kept just inside. Pulling it out, he separated several strands and started plaiting them together. "Our positions are more honorary than anything. Sohnji's the band's healer, and I'm the trainer. Neither of us has the age to actually speak in council." He smiled slightly. "They still call us 'colt' and 'filly.'"

"Yes, they make it quite clear how little weight our words carry," Sohnji remarked, rolling her eyes to make her opinion on the Council clear. "We may be asked to say what we think about this candidate o the next, but actually give us more than half an ear?" She snorted, sinking her right hand into Astierri's thick loose hair, and placing her left hand on Tevac's knee.

"Look at who's grouping together," she said quietly. "It seems factions are beginning to form already."

Astierri shifted, placing his head on Sohnji's lap. She smiled down at him, smoothing the wild hair away from his brow. "I see it too," he said, frowning. "Tevac?"

"Of course," Tevac answered, continuing to plait his lacings. "So far, I just see friends and family gathering--elves who might have someone to offer for Bandleader, or just want to gossip."

"I see Kahlyn," Sohnji murmured. Her lifemates followed her discreetly pointing finger aimed at Mahkir's second lifemate, who sat down near a Council member's tent. "Looks like she either has a candidate to offer, or herself."

"Kahlyn as Bandleader?" Astierri gave a short laugh. "When the mountains crumble. She couldn't lead Tavol across a dried-up stream."

"No," Tevac disagreed with them both. "Mahkir was friends with many of the councilors," he reminded them, watching Kahlyn with sympathetic eyes. "Most of Kahlyn's friends are among them, and their mates." He looked at his lifemates and shook his head at them. "She's grieving, one lifemate dead and the other too caught up in her own emotions, and has no one else to turn to."

Re: First Council: Pre-Nominations (3)
Post by peachbug on Jul 6, 2009, 2:34am

Ki-Nava stood quietly on the fringes of the gathering elves, one arm crossed across her waist, the other at her mouth, blocking any expression. Despite the power of the elders, nearly everything rested on choosing an appropriate leader. How wrong it felt to have to do it so soon after Mahkir's passing. Necessary, of course, but difficult. She'd spoken with the young ones of the tribe to help explain their leader's death, and with several of the elders on what was to come, but everything was unclear.

Sohnji and her lifemates were talking amongst themselves, as were other groups that gathered. All were hoping to know or influence the outcome before the council began, it seemed. What a risky time for them all...but the elders were not elders for their gullibility. The sense in not having a magic user as a bandleader was evidence of that. Ki-Nava watched as Kahlyn seated herself a short ways away. She seemed strained by the events, understandably. Where was Sureen, for her?

**Kahlyn, do you need anything?** She sent for privacy, and to express the emotions she had not explicitly shown to the others. Re: First Council: Pre-Nominations (3)
Post by rayne on Jul 6, 2009, 7:31am

Tiran to Ki-Nava

As he carried his grass mat away from the group, Tiran bid Koda a quick farewell. The tracker was off to think by himself, most likely among the brush and rocks. Spotting Ki-Nava, he decided to reach out.

**Ki-Nava, there are so many questions. However do we find the answers?**Re: First Council: Pre-Nominations (3)
Post by kris on Jul 6, 2009, 8:59am

Sureen watched as the High Ones walked away and the Council dispersed them to consider who would next lead Tavol. She watched as the Healer walked away with her lifemates, hand in hand, and clenched her fists.

Three. Not two. Three.

"Sureen?" Kahlyn came up beside her, voice soft and trembling with unshed tears. Sureen closed her eyes; suddenly, she couldn't stand the sound of it. "Come with me," Kahlyn urged, placing a hand on her shoulder. "There are some likely ones--"

Sureen yanked herself away from Kahlyn. "Leave me be," she ordered, and strode off across the camp.

She didn't know where she was going. At the moment, she didn't care. If Tevac had called prey-birds to pick the flesh from her while she lived, Sureen was sure she couldn't have cared less. She had eaten nothing, and only drank a little, since Mahkir . . .

His name alone was like taking a blow from a club to her chest. She could almost feel ribs breaking.

A screech from above startled her, and Sureen looked around. The dry brown grass rattled as the wind blew through it, and with it a slight, sickly smell of decay. She glanced up and saw the tower. Her lifemate's tower. The high place that was so like the place he'd occupied in life, proud and strong and protecting . . . and the prey-birds flocked upon it, a black cloud of devouring maws.

But what if they weren't eating him? Sureen shuddered, swallowed down her gorge at the very thought. Surely . . . surely by now they must have finished. There were so many! And Mahkir had not been a strongly-built elf; he'd been whipcord-lean, body sheathed in flesh as supple yet as tightly stretched as new leather.

She folded her arms around herself as the loss struck anew. She had been young, so young, when Mahkir first courted her; together they had pursued a maiden from Yeralyn, who had resisted them both for an entire Mustering. Sureen had made note of it; as dear as Jinshen had been, when she died Sureen had subtly encouraged Mahkir to turn to Kahlyn--biddable, dutiful Kahlyn, who had never gainsaid Sureen in any way.

Except now.

When Mahkir lay on their sleeping furs, his face turning black with the rattler's poison, his breathing choked, his eyes rolling back into his head, where had the Healer been? Off romping in the wilderness with her own lifemates, too careless to stay close to camp. And what had Kahlyn done, with Mahkir's body still warm with freshly-departed life? She'd taken comfort from the miserable little failure.

When this is done, Sureen told herself, I'm setting Kahlyn's belongings outside. She can share a tent with someone else. I'm not keeping a lifemate who won't stand fast with me.

She stared up at the tower, wondering if there was some part of Mahkir there that could hear her . . . could sense her. She could never slip away from him; he claimed he woke whenever she tried to sneak away while he slept. She'd move . . . and a quick, strong hand would snap out, clasp her wrist, pull her back against him with a laugh . . .

"Mahkir!" Her voice spiralled into the air like a climbing raptor, high-pitched as the scream of a prey-bird. "They let you die. You didn't leave me. You would never have left me!" Sureen closed her eyes as hot tears cascaded down her cheeks, blinding her. "I swear to you," she whispered, "if it takes me twice the years I've lived, I will avenge you. And if they dare put up some stripling to take your place, I'll hound the ones who do until they flee across the grass sea. By the bond between us, lifemate, I promise you that!"Re: First Council: Pre-Nominations (3)
Post by peachbug on Jul 6, 2009, 7:56pm

Ki-Nava acknowledged her furmate with a pleasant sending, though weighed by the preceding events. **We must listen to the council, to the elders...to the High Ones. Of course, even the voices of the young. They are a tangle now, but watch, even now they smooth themselves. A leader will be chosen, whether or not many choose to face the choice. I hope I one who can live well with the decision.**

Suddenly, she spotted Sureen, stalking the tents like a long toothed cat after the horses. This was one who did not look apparent to live with any decision made by the council. This one was troubled. Ki-Nava tensed as Sureen pushed Kahlyn away, the gentler of the mates struggling to hold in her pain.

'So cruel in her suffering...Sureen is not acting in the anger of grief, but in true anger.' Ki-Nava considered this worriedly. She obviously held some debt of pain against those who could not save her mates, surely not against the High Ones, no elf could hold rage against them, but Sohnji...? The idea sent a streak of irritation and further grief through her. For Sureen to push her pain on an innocent maiden with child was unspeakable...and Ki-Nava's grandchild besides, though that meant little in the face of the true crime of the thing.

'It mustn't be true...I am convincing myself of foal's tales and horrible thoughts.' Ki-Nava soothed herself. 'She is grieving. It will pass.'Re: First Council: Pre-Nominations (3)
Post by rayne on Jul 7, 2009, 8:56am

Tiran to Ki-Nava

His own heart was heavy, as were his footsteps as Tiran began walking toward Ki-Nava. He had no food with him to offer, but he hoped that the simple companionship would be offering enough in the small gathering that was forming.

**I hope I can as well. And you are very right, sometimes the voices of the young can speak with uncommon wisdowm.** he sent to his furmate and friend. Tiran was thinking of Koda, and how he often picked up on things that those who could hear would miss. The nuances of body language, the voice of the land itself. It brought a smile to the firestarter's face for the first time since hearing the news of Mahkir's death.Re: First Council: Pre-Nominations (3)
Post by peachbug on Jul 7, 2009, 9:44pm

Ki-Nava nodded quietly, eyes averted as her mind rolled over different thoughts. **I am not so old, but I still find myself locked in my ways. I know the elders find trouble with the newer ways, after so many traditions and years. We need the young to keep us ready and growing.**

**The child Sohnji carries...you are aware the sire is Ti-Len?** She offered as an interesting distraction. Elves of the bands rarely kept a tight tracking on their genes, but it was a pleasant thought, knowing their children had lived to have children. She rarely spoke of Chetta and Ti-Len with Tiran, but now seemed opportunity enough; speaking of new life to honor a life gone from them in body. Perhaps Tiran had heard through the rumors of their Recognition, perhaps not.Re: First Council: Pre-Nominations (3)
Post by Anna on Jul 7, 2009, 11:55pm

Ghelyn/Verrim to Siyal

Jul 6, 2009, 12:17am, meimei wrote:

Right now there were only a few quiet conversations, as everyone digested the information the High Ones had given them. Later, that would change. The debates would probably get quite lively as the day wore on. As she rose to return to her own tent, she spotted Ghelyn and Verrim. Hesitantly she walked over to kneel beside them. "Right now I'm not even sure who will be nominated."

"Neither am I," Ghelyn sighed. "It's so hard to think of anyone but Mahkir as bandleader. How can we possibly choose?"

"We'll have to," Verrim said. "Odds are that someone will nominate Sureen or Kahlyn. They were his lifemates and they'd know most about what it takes to be bandleader. But..." he trailed off and shrugged.

Ghelyn made a face. "Neither of them," she said firmly.

Re: First Council: Pre-Nominations (3)
Post by rayne on Jul 8, 2009, 12:28pm

Tiran to Ki-Nava

**Ti-Len?** Tiran sent in reply, stopping in his tracks as his eyes got wide. This was definate news to Tiran. He shook his head and realized that he had been fairly out of the tribal loop lately, but he didn't realize he had been that out of it. With his son as a father, it made Tiran think of Chetta. **Our colt with a colt of his own!** There was pride, and a bit of remorse in the sending.

**And our daughter, what of Chetta? Is there news I should know?**Re: First Council: Pre-Nominations (3)
Post by peachbug on Jul 8, 2009, 2:45pm

**A very young colt...but Sohnji and him will make a special child, the High Ones have seen to that." Ki-Nava shook her head as she turned to walk, more to pace the camp than anything. **Chetta has never been as open as her brother with me. She had a good fostering...I could ask no better from them. I fear I wasn't as open as I should have been with her.** She glanced back. **Do you have any choice for bandleader yet?"Re: First Council: Pre-Nominations (3)
Post by rayne on Jul 9, 2009, 3:40pm

Tiran to Ki-Nava

The firestarter nodded with pride at the short conversation about the children he sired with Ki-Nava. Even though he hadn't been invovled with them much at all, Tiran was proud that they were finding their own path and happiness.

He was about to reply with a question about Chetta when Ki-nava glanced back at him. Her words took him slightly by surprize, but it was quickly shaken off. Choosing to send rather than speak in case his thoughts were not appreciated, he replied **You have many qualities that would make a good leader. Have you given the possibility any thought?**
Re: First Council: Pre-Nominations (3)
Post by peachbug on Jul 9, 2009, 6:30pm

Ki-Nava to Tiran

Ki-Nava almost laughed aloud, but thought better of it, just allowing her amusement to pervade her sending. **I may seem many seasons old to you, Tiran, but as I said, I'm quite young compared to the elders. I am not sure they would favor that...Mahkir was active, thriving in the days he was chosen, until his passing. I suppose I act the part of aging mare, herding the others, hm?** Re: First Council: Pre-Nominations (3)
Post by meimei on Jul 10, 2009, 12:36am

Jul 7, 2009, 11:55pm, Anna wrote:
Ghelyn/Verrim to Siyal

"Neither am I," Ghelyn sighed. "It's so hard to think of anyone but Mahkir as bandleader. How can we possibly choose?"

"We'll have to," Verrim said. "Odds are that someone will nominate Sureen or Kahlyn. They were his lifemates and they'd know most about what it takes to be bandleader. But..." he trailed off and shrugged.

Ghelyn made a face. "Neither of them," she said firmly.

Siyal to Ghelyn and Verrim

Siyal glanced over at where Mahkir's lifemeates had been a few minutes ago. 'Nominating Kahlyn is the same as nominating Sureen. She'd do whatever she told her to...' Hesitant to speak those words aloud, even to Ghelyn and Verrim, she only shook her head in agreement with her soul-sister's words. "Not them."

She bit her lip, thinking. "But who then? One of the council? They're needed where they are...don't you think?" Re: First Council: Pre-Nominations (3)
Post by Anna on Jul 11, 2009, 12:36am

Ghelyn/Verrim to Siyal

"Not the council," Ghelyn agreed. "You're right; they're needed where they are." She nibbled on her lip as she considered the members of their band. "Vanda," she finally said firmly. "Grassfires, but she certainly knows enough about how this band it put together! I can't prove it, but I wouldn't be surprised if she's the one who began the moving day, settling day, waiting days, and traveling days traditions."

Verrim was shaking his head as soon as Ghelyn said Vanda's name. "No," he said now. "She'd be assigning us all chores and treating us like children. I think Gries. He knows how to guard and protect us, and all of his people are loyal to him. That says a lot about his heart and spirit."

Re: First Council: Pre-Nominations (3)
Post by Anna on Jul 11, 2009, 12:44am

Tevac, Astierri to Sohnji and anyone else who wants to come speak with them. Smile

They had sat for some time in silence, each following their own thoughts. Finally Tevac finished braiding the new lead and set it aside. His hands came to rest on his thights and his spine become very straight. Astierrie turned his head and looked at him, then sighed.

"I'm not moving , Tevac, so many your pronouncement while I have Sohnji's soft lap for my head, and her fingers in my hair."

Tevac sighed and rolled his eyes. "Hedonist," he drawled.

"Oh, yes," Astierri smirked.

Tevac chuckled and his posture relaxed, but was still focused. "We should discuss the options"

Astierri shrugged. "Pirro. He has vision. He's not stuck in the past and afraid of everything new."

Tevac frowned. He could see some drawbacks to that choice. Pirro was erratic. "I was thinking of Leshka," he admitted. "Everyone looks up to her already." He looked towards the sun, his eyes narrowing almost shut against the light. "I'd be interested to hear what Kota things. It's easy to be distracted by words and ignore body language. His interpretation on how any who could remotely be considered for nomination are acting could be very interesting.

Re: First Council: Pre-Nominations (3)
Post by meimei on Jul 11, 2009, 1:52am

Siyal to Ghelyn/Verrim

Siyal bit her lip, but shook her head firmly. "No. Not Gries. He's...there's more to leading a band than defending it. His heart is good, but I can't see him giving gentle words of encouragement to new fosterlings. Or any similar task. Not all of us are warriors, or even hunters..."

She curled up her knees to rest her chin on them, locking her hands around her bent legs. There was Leshka, who was always so gentle and wise. But though she appealed to her personally, Siyal still hesitated. Would the guards and hunters - like Gries - listen to Leshka? She couldn't think of anyone who disliked her. But liking was different than obeying.

She'd been watching Sureen, and it was easy to see she carried a grudge. If she got out of line, would Leshka speak against her? Chilled by her own thoughts, she gazed around the camp. Perhaps she was reading too much into it? Sureen had just lost her lifemate. Surely with time to grieve, she'd find it in her to forgive? And she wouldn't do anything to upset the band, would she?

Realizing she'd been quiet a long time, she glanced back at the other two. "Leshka?" She suggested despite her doubts.
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PostSubject: Chapter 4: Nominations   PR: 13,398 Season of Falling Leaves: Who Shall It Be? EmptyMon Jun 20, 2011 1:38 pm

Holt Administration » 13,398 Season of Falling Leaves: Who Shall It Be? » Nominations: the First Nomination (4)
Nominations: the First Nomination (4)
Post by admin on Jul 12, 2009, 3:31pm

The drum boomed, calling the band to council. A week had passed since the last meeting, and during that time the band members had considered who would be their future leader. Factions had formed. The council members had, one and all, been approached by individuals and groups. Others, elders who weren’t on the council, had also been approached. But no one knew for sure who was going to be nominated and who wasn’t.

The cooking pit was once more covered, and the council were seated on cushions on the dais. Oreg and Nazari were both with and apart from the council. They were on the dais, but sat behind them, one on each corner. They were there to provide instruction, and advise if necessary.

As the band once more settled on blankets and cushions before the dais, the drums came to an abrupt end. A few seconds of silence passed as stragglers hurried to join the gathering.

Nazari’s voice carried clearly to the band as she provided the needed instructions. “We gather today to place nominations for our bandleader,” she said. “The rules guiding this decision are thus: one cannot nominate one’s self, nominations must be of sufficient age and experience, nominations may not be magic users, and finally all councilors must agree on the nomination.”

Oreg’s deep voice took up where Nazari’s left off. “Councilors may not make nominations of their own. They are here to learn the will of the band, not to make the band aware of their own.” A rustle of sound rippled through the band at that, and Oreg smiled. He hadn’t missed the many visits to councilors over the past few days. “To make your nomination, hold your hand aloft and you will be chosen to stand and speak the name. Just the name. Then seat yourself and another will be chosen to make a nomination.”

"After two nominations, the nominees will depart. They will have no voice in the council until a decision is made,” Nazari continued, taking up the thread of the explanation. “After they have departed, their qualifications will be discussed, weighed and valued. When all are fully aware of their strengths and weaknesses, two more nominations will be made.”

“This pattern will continue until no more nominations are made. Then the council will disband for another week, while all consider the choices before them. At the end of that week, council will be called again, the choices reviewed, and the last opportunity to consider additional nominations.” Oreg looked at Nazari and nodded.

She nodded back, and turned her rose-brown, gentle gaze towards the Plainsrunners of Tavol’s band. 'You would be proud of them, my dear,' she thought lovingly to that long departed spirit. “So shall the nominations begin.”
Re: Nominations: the First Two (4)
Post by kris on Jul 12, 2009, 3:46pm

Sohnji stood with her lifemates and waited to hear who would be named. She glanced about at her bandmates. None had truly recovered from Mahkir's loss--and those who had suffered worst were front and center: Sureen stood with her foster-children on one side of the gathering, her lovely face as icy and stern as the distant mountains, and Kahlyn stood with other fosterlings across from her, her face turned away from her lifemate's.

Oh, Sureen! This is not like you, to make Kahlyn your enemy! Sohnji stared, aghast, at the proud maiden who stood spear-straight with her foster-children guarding her back, like a band of their own. It was a wordless declaration to Kahlyn and the band, that no matter who became Bandleader, Sureen already had all she needed. Will you split your family and make them choose sides, when you should be together to ease your grief? I knew you could be cold, Sureen--but I never thought you would be this heartless!

As if she heard the Healer's thoughts, Sureen turned her head and fixed Sohnji with a glacial stare. Her gaze lasted only a moment, at which point, Sureen turned to lay a hand on one of her fosterling's shoulders. But Sohnji felt as though a spear of ice had gone through her vitals.Re: Nominations: the First Two (4)
Post by Anna on Jul 12, 2009, 10:30pm

Tevac to Koda

Tevac walked with his lifemates to the meeting, but left them when they reached the central circle where the band gathered. He felt badly about his thoughtlessness at the funeral when Koda had spoken to them and they'd responded verbally, forgetting his deafness. The other male rarely seemed to be hampered by the lack of hearing and it was all too easy to forget that to speak with him, one needed to send.

To make up for that lapse, Tevac had decided to offer to translate for the other elf today. There would be too many people talking, from different direction, and very little sending, going on. Koda would be lost.

*Koda,* Tevac sent when he found the other male. *There will be of discussion today, from many members fo the band. Would you like me to send what is said to you?* He smiled as he made the offer. *I apologize for forgetting to send at Mahkir's funeral. I wasn't paying attention.*

Astierri to Sohnji

Astierri rolled his eyes when Tevac walked away from them, but spread their blanket on the ground without calling the horse trainer back. Tevac had been worrying that bit enough, and if playing translator made him happy, then Astierri supposed they could bear being without his company this afternoon.

"Sit," he told Sohnji, placing a cushion on the ground. "This is going to be long, so there's no need to remain standing. Who do you think will be the first to make a nomination?"

Re: Nominations: the First Two (4)
Post by meimei on Jul 13, 2009, 1:20am

Siyal sat alone. She was not by nature a loner, but she'd always been one of the quietest members of the band. The least likely to speak up in any group. Today was no exception. She watched the gathered band as she listened to Nazari and Oreg's explanation. The pain of Mahkir's loss had not yet faded for most of them, and she did not fail to see that Sureen and Kahlyn stood apart. Had the band leader's death broken them apart? Observing as usual, she did not fail to see the exchange between Sureen and Sohnji either.

She did not want Sureen chosen for bandleader, but if she was not what would she do? Leave the band? Or simply disregard the new leader? Even though the band was gathered all around her, Sureen's stance seemed to indicate that to her she stood alone. Troubled, Siyal glanced around the gathering. Who would be nominated first? Who would be first to speak?Re: Nominations: the First Two (4)
Post by kris on Jul 13, 2009, 8:52am

Sohnji to Astierri

Sohnji looked around. "I don't know. I'd have said--"

And then Sureen stepped forward and held her hand aloft. The Council eyed her with open surprise, but one finally spoke. "Speak, Sureen."

Sureen inclined her pale golden head. "I wish to nominate Leshka as the new bandleader of Tavol," she said, and sat down.


Sohnji shook her head as the band erupted into shouts of acclaim for Leshka and yells of opposition against her. "Did you see this coming?" She glared at Sureen. "What is she up to?" Re: Nominations: the First Two (4)
Post by rayne on Jul 13, 2009, 11:05am

Koda to Tevac, Tiran

Without any shoes on, the beat of the drums seemed to travel up from the ground through Koda's feet and into his heart. He was walking with Tiran as usual, but the firestarter seemed distracted, and Koda was not inclined to ask why. He had seen Tiran and Ki-Nava sitting together talking, and thanks to his skill at reading lips, Koda had picked up on Tiran mouthing the name 'Chetta' to himself.

The tracker smiled at Tevac's sending, and quickly replied. **There is nothing to apologize for. Your body language and moving lips told me what I needed to know.** With a quick glance at Tiran, Koda continued. **I would be happy to take you up on that offer. Where will you be sitting?** It didn't really matter if Koda was close to Tevac or not, but it made him feel more involved to be with a group.

He tapped Tiran on the shoulder to try and draw him a bit from his daze. **I see you are deep in thought friend. I will be with Tevac for the council.** Koda then smiled and slipped away silently through the crowd.

Tiran to Himself

Tiran was unable to give any convincing argument to Ki-Nava about why her name popped into his head when the discussion of a new bandleader came up between them, and he was still thinking back over his children's lives.

He barely nodded at Koda's sending. Tiran was lost in the past today, and he wasn't sure what...if anything...he would be able to bring to the council in the form of discussion.Re: Nominations: the First Two (4)
Post by Anna on Jul 14, 2009, 10:32pm

Tevac, Astierri to Koda, Sohnji

Tevac pointed back to Astierri and Sohnji, who were settling on the blanket they'd brought. *Come sit with us. We brought an extra cushion and there's plenty of room.*

At that moment, Astierri glanced over and gestured for Tevac and Koda to join them, but then Sureen's nomination rang out and pandemonium struck. Tevac winced. *Sureen has nominated Leshka for bandleader,* he relayed. He looked around at his bandmates. *The discussion is too chaotic for any one person's voice or opinion to be heard right now.*

Re: Nominations: the First Two (4)
Post by peachbug on Jul 15, 2009, 12:28am

Ki-Nava was resting a few rows away from Sohnji and her lifemates, considering the possibilities. Tavol was a strong band, with many choices of apt leaders. Where was the balance? Ki-Nava knew Pirro well, a strong hunter with a gift for creativity, appreciated and respected by the youth. A hunt leader he was, but bandleader? Leshka was another fine option, but the tribe did not always need a mother. Leshka had always dwelled well when and where she was needed, but to put such a burden on the wise, but so gentle one? Ki-Nava's hunting blood told her they needed someone fiercer. Someone who stood for the health and against the weaknesses of the tribe when needed. Vanda was a fine pick, the finest Ki-Nava could consider as she mulled over the names of her aged tribemates. Vanda was rational, but empathetic, always fair but never indecisive.

Ki-Nava's thoughts were broken when Sureen announced her nomination, and she started visibly as the chaotic shouts of agreement and otherwise filled the room at an ear shattering volume. Her mind raced. Sureen did not choose anything likely, not lifemates or bandleaders. Why choose the gentle, selfless Leshka, so apart in mind from vain, possessive Sureen?


Sylfis could only stare as Sureen retreated after announcing her nomination, shocked and appalled by the state of the council meeting. Whispers had been so adamant that Sureen would find someone to nominate herself...why nominate an opponent? Could she really not desire the bandleader position as so many seemed to think? He ran a hand through his hair in frustration. It had only started, and it was starting to feel like a silly Mustering game.Re: Nominations: the First Two (4)
Post by admin on Jul 15, 2009, 9:50am


The order thundered out and instantly brought results. Considering that it was sent at the same volume, no few of the Plainsrunners were looking a bit dazed, as well.

Blonde Irnai stood up and viewed her bandmates with a stern eye. “Now that Numael has restored order,” she said briskly, “I will remind you all that nominations are to be made, two at a time, and then discussed after the nominee has departed. Not before, and not at this chaotic volume.”

Leshka rose from her place among her family. “May I speak, councilor?” she inquired in her soft voice.

“No, Leshka,” Esiel told her. “You’ve been nominated, so off you go.”

Leshka bowed her head and threaded her graceful way through the gathered Tavol. She headed out of the camp entirely, honoring the requirements of being nominated in spirit and letter. If she was not to take part in the discussions, then she would not hear them. She would do nothing to sway the opinions or will of her people.

“Now,” Irnai said once Leshka was gone. “Will there be a second nomination?”
Re: Nominations: the First Two (4)
Post by rayne on Jul 15, 2009, 10:45am

Koda to Tevac

**That's very kind of you, and I appreciate it.** the deaf elf sent as he weaved his way through the gathering to where Tevac was standing. The silence in his head usually helped him think, but there was tension and confusion in the air today. Koda wasn't very worried about the rule of the nominations, since he didn't have anyone in mind to nominate.

As he reached Tevac and was extending a hand in greeting, the movement of leves standing and arms waving caught his eye. Koda looked with wide eyes at Tevac, not asking for an explination because he wasn't sure he really wanted one. The news that Leshka had been nominated was still settling in his mind, and all Koda could think was that it wasn't a popular choice.

Koda watched Leshka leave with a bowed head and began to think. He would go off by himself later and figure out his own thoughts on her a choice, but right now Koda began to wonder what he would want in a bandleader.

**Tevac, Leshka? Surely that's a trick of some sort?** he sent, turning to Tevac with a confused expression. **Such a gentle and motherly sort. Could she make the hard decisions?**Re: Nominations: the First Two (4)
Post by Anna on Jul 15, 2009, 12:48pm

Tevac to Koda

Tevac could only shrug and shake his head. He wondered, too. Leshka was deeply loved by most in the band, but her strengths weren't those of Mahkir's. He couldn't imagine her facing and making the decisions he'd made, even with the help of the council.

*I do not know,* he admitted to Koda as he folded his legs and sat behind Sohnji. *Irnai is calling things to order and asking for another nomination; Leshka is leaving. She won't return to the councils until a bandleader is chosen.*

Re: Nominations: the First Two (4)
Post by rayne on Jul 15, 2009, 1:44pm

Koda to Tevac

Koda watched as the council calmed down, even though he was fairly sure he 'read' a few not-so nice descriptions on the lips of his bandmates. As usual, he watched the others and tried to learn what he could from the unspoken communications. How the other elves sat or leaned, or the looks on their face when someone spoke. The information often helped him avoid conflicts and stay in the good graces of most everyone.

Despite not being able to hear, Koda was intelligent, and that intelligence often got him into sticky situations. **Leshka had to leave because she was nominated, so the discussions can happen without her there to influence anyone, right?** Koda asked, turning to look at Tevac again. **But what if someone is sending to her?** There was a downside to his study of the other's body language after all.Re: Nominations: the First Two (4)
Post by Anna on Jul 16, 2009, 12:46am

Tevac, Astierri to Koda, Sohnji

That hadn't even occurred to Tevac. What was to keep the nominees from sending and being sent to during the nominations and discussion? He had no concerns for Leshka, but who knew who else would be sent to join her?

"Koda's asking what's to keep anyone from sending to the nominees, or the nominees to others, during the discussions," Tevac told Astierri and Sohnji.

Astierri snorted. "Just make them go far enough away that they're out of sending range. Or have the High Ones slap them if they day."

Tevac quickly sent Astierri's response to Koda, shaking his head at his lifemate for not doing it himself.

*Sorry, Koda, I keep forgetting. You're so good at the lipreading...* Astierri let the thought trail off with a shrug. Re: Nominations: the First Two (4)
Post by meimei on Jul 16, 2009, 4:37am

Siyal started when Sureen said Leshka's name. Watching wide-eyed the pandemonium it caused. Sureen had nominated Leshka? She couldn't figure out the logic in that. Though gentle, and motherly, she didn't think Leshka would bend to Sureen as Kahlyn might. Why not recommend her? Though the way the two stood apart suggested that all was not well with them. It was all so confusing.

She jumped at Numael's shout for silence, and watched as Leshka left the council. Somehow she felt disheartened to see the other elf go. From the mixed reaction, she doubted Leshka would be chosen, wasn't certain she herself would have voted for her in the end, and her wisdom would certainly have been of help in choosing another leader. She turned unhappily back to the council. What now? Who would be next?
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