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 Softling, Tracker

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PostSubject: Softling, Tracker   Softling, Tracker EmptyWed Jun 22, 2011 11:15 pm

Softling, Tracker
Created by: Phoebe/Peachbug 09/27/2008

Character Name/Cub Name: Softling (cub name, desires a full name)
Soul Name: Sen
Sex: Female
Race: Elf
Origin: Wolfrider
Age: 16
Soulsiblings/Recognized: N/A

# # # #
Lifemate(s): N/A
Lovemate(s): N/A
Children: None
Parents: father: Flintfire, mother: Rillbird (deceased)
Siblings: None
Bondbeast/s: Snapbone, male wolf

# # # #

Hair: Thick straight golden blonde, cut slightly shaggy/layered to her shoulders; think almost Rahnee thick hair…almost.
Eyes: Gold rimmed green
Skin tone: Pale
Height: 3’ 6’’
Build: Average build with squared shoulders, medium breasts, curved hips, proportioned from shoulders to hips. (About Kahvi type)
Appearance: Face shape like Moonshade from Elfquest, large slanted eyes, downturned nose with a small mouth, full lips.

Summer: Dark green knee breeches with light brown leather vest that ends midway down her stomach, the vest is partway open with a couple crossing leather threads to keep it together; the breeches are embroidered with white quartz beads around the very bottom. On her lower arms she wears light brown leather ‘gauntlet’ sleeves that start at her elbow and end at her wrist. Light sandals for the summer.
Winter: A dark brown leather full vest fringed with puffs of white fur, white fur lined arm sleeves and black leggings, heavy white furred boots.
Jewelry: Three white feathers tied with dark green beads into the hair behind her left ear.

For the hunt: A spear or her knife; she finds herself frustratingly clumsy with a bow
For war: A spear or her knife; a sword, if available

# # # #

Talent: Sending, wolfbonding
Skills: Tracking, keen nose, throwing, climbing

# # # #

Likes: Tracking, wolves, living for the Now, dancing (in private), listening to the sounds of the world, food
Dislikes: Indecisiveness, teasing coming from anyone but her closest friends, questions, being useless or weak, unnecessary new things

# # # #

Personality/History: Named for her spidersilk soft, yet wolf's mane thick hair, Softling is very quiet with occasional outbursts of opinion or thought. She can be taken for being somewhat self-absorbed, but she is mostly insecure. She does not mean to offend, but she doesn't perceive when her opinion may not be warranted, even when it is truthful. At the same time, she is afraid to express her thoughts and seem foolish, which is what she mostly ends up doing.

She is particularly wolf-minded, like her mother Rillbird, and spent far more time in the wolf dens as a cub than with her tribemates. This can make her seem rather dull and stoneheaded at times, then keen at others. Softling's mother died of foaming sickness when she was 10, and this only cemented her relationship with the pack. She is an excellent tracker above all callings, and can be called upon for any prey; however, she prefers the wolf hunt over the elf.

She believes the truest way is the wolf chosen path, because it was chosen by Timmain herself. Her ‘wolfly’ ways are often conflicted and irrational, as a teenager’s reasoning often is, and she often finds herself at odds with herself. She doesn't often think about Recognition, but generally views it as unnatural and unkind. She judges wolf society better than elf, and often looks to the bond wolf rather than the elf to determine her relationship with her tribemates, whether or not it is accurate.

Realizing Softling’s inability to accept her tribemates as the truer kin, her father Flintfire wants to send her with Stormfire to experience what she could of being an elf and a wolf.

Outlook on Life: What we are, we choose to be.
Thing to Remember: Softling's wolf blood may call louder than the elf, but it is up to the tribe and ultimately herself to determine where her heart lies.
Sees Self As: Too little of everything she could be.

I like to think of Softling as a bit like Eyes-High; trapped in something that is part of what a Wolfrider is, but not everything. I'm hoping eventually another tribemate will give her an adult name, someday.
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Softling, Tracker
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