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 Tavol Band Elders

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Below are the elders for the Tavol Band. Each elder has an area of responsibility, a group that they speak for, and duties associated with those groups that they take responsibility for. The elders are NPCs and available for use by anyone, without permission being needed. Just refrain from doing anything life altering with them without checking with the holt admins first. Smile

Name: Irnai
Age: 2,790
Gender: Female
Appearance: Blonde hair, brown eyes. Dewshine face/body type.
Basic Personality: Brisk, efficient, and highly organized. Very logical, seldom ruled by emotion.
Represents: Campsite Organization

Name: Bathoir
Age: 2,033
Gender: Male
Appearance: Black hair, frosty-blue eyes. Rayek face/body type.
Basic Personality: Quiet, speaks seldom and softly, thinks a lot more than he says. Infinitely patient with an superb sense of timing.
Represents: Hunters

Name: Elanaire
Age: 3,643
Gender: Female
Appearance: Dark red hair, amber eyes. Nightfall face/body type.
Basic Personality: Gentle, compassionate, and ruled by emotion, not logic.
Represents: Gatherers

Name: Sasal
Age: 3,523
Gender: Female
Appearance: Silver hair, violet eyes. Clearkbrook face/body type.
Basic Personality: Passionate, expressive, dramatic. Tends to make decisions quickly, with little information, and defends them strongly.
Represents: Crafters

Name: Esiel
Age: 4,005
Gender: Male
Appearance: Dark brown hair, green eyes. Cutter face/body type.
Basic Personality: Gruff, rough, and only truly happy when he’s outside amongst the horses. His gentle side is shown to them and to his lifemates and children. Very direct, doesn’t hesitate to speak up in council and argue in defense of his position.
Represents: Horse Breeders/Trainers

Name: Eron
Age: 2,332
Gender: Male
Appearance: Golden brown hair, baby blue eyes. Zhantee face/body type.
Basic Personality: Introspective, given to a philosophical bent. He always takes the long view, seeing what’s best a few seasons from now, as opposed to what’s best immediately. Misleadingly stubborn. He’ll state his opinion, make his point, and argue his case in a mild voice, but never budge an inch regardless of how long the issue is argued.
Represents: Herders

Name: Daneh
Age: 3,729
Gender: Female
Appearance: Red-gold hair, blue green eyes. Shen-shen face/body type.
Basic Personality: A complete mystic, has the ability to astral project and to sense magic, also a very strong sender. Has made a thorough study of all the forms of elfin magic and is generally the mentor and teacher of all the magic users in the band. There’s not predicting how she will advise on any situation.
Represents: Magic Users

Name: Numael
Age: 2,994
Gender: Male
Appearance: Pale blonde hair, dark blue eyes. Treestump face/body type sans beard
Basic Personality: A firebrand that’s learned to contain his fire. He simmers with contained energy and strength. Generally a sharp speaker and fast mover, when he slows down is when others have to be most careful.
Represents: Scouts/Guards

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Tavol Band Elders
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