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 Belarah, Cook (Tavol's Band)

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Belarah, Cook (Tavol's Band) Empty
PostSubject: Belarah, Cook (Tavol's Band)   Belarah, Cook (Tavol's Band) EmptyThu Jun 23, 2011 9:37 pm

Character Name: Belarah
Sex: Female
Race: Elf
Origin: Yeralyn Band
Age: 3,569
Recognized: a few elves, but their children are well grown

# # # #
Lifemate(s): Kilam and TBD
Lovemate(s): She’s had a few, and will likely have a few more.
Children: Several, but none within the last 200 years.
Parents: Deceased
Siblings: Several

# # # #

Hair: Dark auburn red, with lighter red-gold highlights from sun exposure, kept short (just brushing the tops of her shoulders), and curly.
Eyes: Jade green, round
Skin tone: Medium naturally, tanned dark by the sun.
Height: 5’7
Build: Reed slim and willowy.
Appearance: Belarah is slender and graceful, lithe and a woman of few curves. Her breasts are high and small, her hips narrow, and she seems fragile enough to break in a sneeze. Her face is oval, with small lips, a straight little nose, and elegant, arching eyebrows.

Clothes: Leggings and corset-vest, low belt from which hangs several knives – all used for various types of food preparation. The leggings are woven clothe, dyed a dark green, and the corset-vest is a matching base color, made of suede, but with bright red, gold, orange, pale green, and blue embroidery in fanciful designs all over.
Jewelry: Gold torque with a brilliant, faceted diamond shaped green gem.

For the hunt: Bow and arrow
For war: Bow and arrow, knife

# # # #

Talent: Sending
Skills: Cooking, plant lore, animal lore, weather watching, healing (nonmagical).

# # # #

Personality/History: Belarah was born in Yeralyn’s band, but that was so long ago she doesn’t remember her life there. She was fostered into Ouren’s band when she was 8, as was tradition, and that is the only band she knows or particularly cares to know. She has followed the tradition with each of her children, and in turn has been foster mother to many others. She loves her own children and her foster children just the same, and has seen the wisdom of what must have been a very hard decision by the founders of the Plainsrunners. How can they fight each other, when each band is close kin to her?

Belarah knew the expectation of the band is that lifemating happens early, and she had no preferences in mate by the time she was 200. All her other agemates were settled with a lifemate or two already, and Belarah had been approached more than once – but it did not seem right to her. Lovemates aplenty she took, but the knowing that a lifemating was their call never happened.

Until she Recognized Kilam. He was full 100 years her younger and she’d never paid much attention to him. They had their friends and the tribe was large enough that their paths seldom crossed. Until one night she looked up from the fire, laughing from some comment that a friend had said, and found him staring at her. It was a shock and the world faded around her until there was only him. Their Recognition was cause for celebration by the band and by the time their son was born, she knew that Kilam was meant to be her lifemate. Not only did she know his soul completely, but she found that she had come to love him, too.

Her second lifemate was less of a surprise to her, and was not based on Recognition, but the love that grew between the three of them and the knowledge that it was meant to be.

Belarah has a very mothering personality. She takes care of people. She’s brisk, efficient, and organized. She’s nurturing when need, strict when necessary, and maintains a balanced view of work/play – and combines the two as much as she can. However, break-down and set-up days invariably see her in short temper, since the daily routine is disrupted, almost nothing is on schedule, and there’s far too much work to get done to allow for play.
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Belarah, Cook (Tavol's Band)
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