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 Sohnji, Healer (Tavol Band)

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Sohnji, Healer (Tavol Band) Empty
PostSubject: Sohnji, Healer (Tavol Band)   Sohnji, Healer (Tavol Band) EmptyThu Jun 23, 2011 9:57 pm

Character Name: Sohnji
Sex: Female
Race: Elf
Origin: Kahlen’s Band, Plainsrunner
Age: 531
Soulsiblings/Recognized: n/a

# # # #

Lifemates: Astierri (male) and Tevac (male).
Lovemates: Of course.
Children: Nalreen, daughter by Tevac (age 17); Ksiva, daughter by Astierri (age 9). Both children were fostered—Nalreen to Ouren’s Band, Ksiva to Minshah’s Band
Parents: Tathra, mother; Koren, father (Kahlen’s Band)
Siblings: Several blood-sibs in other bands

# # # #

Hair: Dark brown, hip-length; worn loose with two or three braids interspersed, and with side-swept bangs.
Eyes: Blue-green, wide
Skin tone: Sun-bronzed
Height: 5’8
Build: Curvy but slim.
Appearance: Sohnji has a square face with a small chin and slightly hollow cheeks; her eyes dominate her features, which are precisely drawn. She has a short, straight nose and full lips, and her hair frames her face. She has a ground-eating stride and a rather feline appearance.

Clothes: In summer, a midriff-baring top with elbow-length, fringed sleeves, bracers, a hip-belted wrap-skirt with several folds, and boots above the knee. In winter, a knee-length, fur-lined dress over trousers, high boots, and a fur-lined robe. Her favorite colors are sage-green and russet.

Jewelry: A necklace of woven rawhide thongs set with pieces of polished quartz; carved bone earrings shaped like birds’ wings.

For the hunt: Composite bow and arrow
For war: Composite bow

# # # #

Talent: Sending; healing.
Skills: Hunting; cooking; pony training; riding; herbal lore; brewing.

# # # #


Sohnji’s parents were prominent in their own band, and took on the sons of another band’s trusted chief. To spread the goodwill, they fostered Sohnji with Tavol’s Band when she turned eight. Bitterly homesick, Sohnji also manifested her healing gifts and was, at first, unable to control them. Her new family proved a comfort, and she made friends with two boys her age, Tevac and Astierri. The trio was inseparable, save when Sohnji was training with the Tavol’s Band healer. No one was surprised when the trio of friends became lifemates; it was unthinkable that they wouldn’t.

A bold and daring maiden—someone who would just go, not merely insist, with her mates on raids—Sohnji also became the Tavol’s Band’s initiator, a task she performed with enthusiasm. (Her children came recently, and not due to any initiation; Sohnji refused to leave motherhood to chance.) When the Healer who taught her died, Sohnji stepped into her new duties without a second thought. She is a strong healer, and has the potential to grow stronger. Yet she is also a bit of a homebody, and likes an orderly domestic life as well—cooking, sewing, mending, and brewing are the things she does not only because someone has to, but because she enjoys doing them.

Sohnji is outspoken, high-spirited, and possessed of a wicked sense of humor. She loves life and all its pleasures; she is a loving mate to Astierri and Tevac, and a patient, gentle mother to Nalreen and Ksiva. (Her lovemates have little to complain about, except for Sohnji’s blunt announcement of when the fun ends.) But where Astierri throws himself in headlong, with little thought for what might be, Sohnji will stop and consider the consequences of her actions. (She tries hard to get Astierri to do the same, but has resigned herself to living with whatever happens with him. Life’s better with him in it than out of it.) She speaks quickly, but never falsely, and is just as quick to name a friend as an enemy. Few want to get on Sohnji’s bad side; the Healer has an acid tongue, and just as fierce a right hook.

As Sohnji has a knack for domestic chores, she’s more often to be found at the band’s camp than out hunting or scouting. She doesn’t mind; it’s all one to her. But she hates to be bored, and doing too much of one thing at a time sets her on edge. She’s a bit rebellious, and questions the elders too often for their liking. Tevac has had to soothe some ruffled feathers time and again thanks to Sohnji’s rapid-fire retorts.
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Sohnji, Healer (Tavol Band)
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