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 Meira, Floater (Ouren's Band)

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Meira, Floater (Ouren's Band) Empty
PostSubject: Meira, Floater (Ouren's Band)   Meira, Floater (Ouren's Band) EmptyThu Jun 23, 2011 10:05 pm

Meira, Ouren’s Band
Plainsrunner Character Sheet

Character Name: Meira
Sex: Female
Race: Elf
Origin: Plainsrunner
Age: 275
Soulsiblings/Recognized: None

# # # #

Lifemate(s): TBD
Lovemate(s): Here and there
Children: Is fostering Nalreen, daughter of Tevac and Sohnji of the Tavol band.
Parents: TBD
Siblings: Deceased

# # # #

Hair: Chestnut brown, worn to the hips in a long braid
Eyes: Same shade as her hair; narrow
Skin tone: Tan
Height: 5’9
Build: Curvy.
Appearance: Meira has an oval face with a pointed chin and slightly prominent cheekbones. Her eyes are long rather than wide, but give her looks a fox-like cast that many find appealing. Her lips are thin, but she has a beautiful smile.

Clothes: In summer, a sleeveless bodice that bares her midriff and ties around her neck; trousers belted at the hip that come to her knee; knee boots. In winter, trousers and a shirt, worn with a knee-length, fur-lined coat and fur-lined knee boots.

Jewelry: Amber beads strung on thongs and worn in both ears and around her neck.

For the hunt: Spear and bola
For war: Spear

# # # #

Talent: Sending; floating. Meira can float objects up to half her own body weight.
Skills: Riding; scouting; foraging; hunting.

# # # #


Meira was born to parents of Ouren’s Band. She manifested her gifts early, but because her little brother died of snakebite, her parents refused to foster her. Meira is a good floater, but longs to find someone who can expand her knowledge.

Meira is responsible, and takes her duties seriously. She gives no thought to adding to her workload—if it needs to be done, and she can do it, she’ll do it. However, she’s best at anything that doesn’t involve brewing, sewing, or cooking. Give her a bola and a spear and send her after game, however, and Meira is as competent as they come. The only thing that bothers her band is that she’s a bit clumsy on foot.

Meira is a calm, unflappable elf. She smiles more than she laughs, but she does laugh easily. She loves her family and is devoted to them. The one wish she has that she would dearly love to come true is to be able to float through the air. She longs for flight with all her heart.
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Meira, Floater (Ouren's Band)
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