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 Nalreen, Tracker (Ouren's Band)

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Nalreen, Tracker (Ouren's Band) Empty
PostSubject: Nalreen, Tracker (Ouren's Band)   Nalreen, Tracker (Ouren's Band) EmptyThu Jun 23, 2011 10:12 pm

Nalreen, Tracker
Ouren’s Band, Plainsrunner Character Sheet

Character Name: Nalreen
Sex: Female
Race: Elf
Origin: Tavol’s Band, Plainsrunner
Age: 19
Recognized: n/a

# # # #
Lifemate(s): None yet
Lovemate(s): Several (including Katha)
Children: None
Parents: Tevac, Astierri & Sohnji, Tavol's Band; Meira, Ouren's Band (foster-mother)
Siblings: Ksiva (fostered with Minshah's Band); Caryo, soul-sibling

# # # #

Hair: Curly black hair, worn loose with two tied-off sidelocks in front.
Eyes: Blue-green, average (slanted); level eyebrows
Skin tone: Deep tan
Height: 5'8
Build: Curvy (Nightfall type)
Appearance: Nalreen is a blend of both parents. She has her mother's wide, feline-like gaze, her father's square face, and fine, proud features that echo Tevac and Sohnji. She is expressive and open, and is more given to smiling than the strength of her face would suggest.

Clothes: A sleeved tunic, fringed on sleeves and hem and belted at the hips; trousers tucked into low boots. Nalreen loves purple and gray, and will wear them together when she can.
Jewelry: None.

For the hunt: Bow
For war: Bow and knife

# # # #

Talent: Sending
Skills: Stealth, scouting, keen sight; cooking (enough to keep from starving while on the trail), minimal healing (non-magical), and mending.

# # # #

Personality/History: Nalreen is a happy-go-lucky young maiden, with her father's solid patience and her mother's love of life. While not as wild as Sohnji, Nalreen has not denied herself the pleasures of life; neither has she shied away from responsibility.

Fostered with Ouren's Band at age eight, Nalreen found it easy to fit in with the other youngsters. Her quiet nature, combined with her engaging smile, brings others to her; she is, however, as strong-willed as her mother, and once she makes up her mind, there's no turning Nalreen from it. Where Sohnji will storm and snap to defend her decisions, Nalreen simply lifts her chin, offers a cool smile and an equally cool explanation.

Nalreen is a good archer and scout for her age. She's sought after on raids by her agemates for her skill at shooting, and is known for having a cool head in the midst of chaos. While not fearless, she never lets that fear rule her. She's also an enthusiastic rider, and has a deep love of horses that some say she gets from her father.

As a friend, Nalreen is loyal and open-hearted; as a lovemate, she's even more so. There isn't anything she won't do for a bandmate, friend, lover or kin.
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Nalreen, Tracker (Ouren's Band)
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