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 Elves and Sex

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PostSubject: Elves and Sex   Elves and Sex EmptyWed Jun 15, 2011 11:01 pm

There is an overall trend of adding a skill of a sexual nature in a lot of the elf character sheets. So a new rule is being added:

Elves cannot have loveplay, seduction, sex, or anything connected with sex as a skill or talent on their character sheet.

The reason for this is quite simple. Elves are not humans. They approach sex in a completely different manner. Their skill level is only important if they're going to compare partners - and they're not. For them, sex is sharing themselves, body AND mind, for mutual pleasure or comfort or reassurance. It's a natural act and there is no self-consciousness about it, no study or planning. Just as monogamy is a foreign idea to them, so is the idea of considering who's the best lover and who's the worst, who's penis is larger, or thicker, or who's breasts are perkier and who's are fuller.

For sex to be such a strong aspect of the character that it needs to be called out in the character sheet - beyond stating whether the character is more inclined towards lovemating, lifemating, or furmating - is unnecessary and tarnishes the free, all-loving aspect of the elves that is central to their character as developed by the Pinis.

So please note on all future character sheets: sex is not a talent or skill, and no elf's personality description should have more than a one-sentence indication of mating preferences: furmate for one-night stands, lovemate for more consistent and long term relationships, and lifemate for a committed relationship that forms the kernal of a family unit.

For reference on the elvin attitude towards sex, please read these topics from the ElfQuest forum: Ask Elfmom:

Same-Sex Relationships: Assume that all elves are omnisexual
In short, assume that there is not heterosexual/homosexual divisions among elves. Sunsong and Stormfire will be quite as happy getting it on as Mist and Tallspear, or Windsoft and Oakstaff. Wink

Elves and Kissing
Basically - they don't kiss.

Relationships and Recognition

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Elves and Sex
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