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 Welcome, Micaveli!

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Welcome, Micaveli! Empty
PostSubject: Welcome, Micaveli!   Welcome, Micaveli! EmptySat Jun 25, 2011 9:32 am

Welcome to Westering, Micaveli! Smile

Please, take a look around, read over our past, and current RP, ask whatever questions you like. Smile We're just restarting after a couple of years off, and it'll be slow going until we rebuild our membership base. I hope that it won't take us too long to accomplish that, however. I think Westering has a lot of potential and promise!

You're welcome to be a non-playing member and just enjoy reading the RPs and participating in the discussions that will come up, offering your thoughts and opinions, and enjoying the art that will (I hope!) begin to be posted as membership increases. Smile Or, you're most welcome to create a character or a few and join in the RPing! When/if you decide to do that, just email the holt mistresses (Kris and I) the completed Membership Questionaire to westering.holt@gmail.com. This will help us help you acclimate to Westering's setting and climate. Smile

We're very happy you've decided to check us out. Smile Why don't you tell us a bit about yourself? Smile
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Welcome, Micaveli!
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