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 Recognition Rules

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PostSubject: Recognition Rules   Recognition Rules EmptyWed Jun 15, 2011 11:13 pm

Recognition is a unique aspect of elf life. It draws a lot of attention because the offspring of Recognition have the best characteristics of both parents.

What is Recognition? It's the instinct as basic to a living being as a beating heart, demanding that an elf mate with a very specific other elf in order to get a child. There's not a question of not wanting to have sex. Quite simply, you do. And that's ALL you want to do. The elves are obsessed with each other until the demands of Recognition are met, and they are constantly drawn to each other. They may not like each other, or trust each other, but until the female elf is pregnant - man oh man they are going to WANT each other!

And that brings us to how it's going to be handled at Westering.

1. If you want your character (male or female, doesn't matter) to be Recognized, you let the holt managers know by sending a private message to username admin. We don't care if your character is male or female.

2. The holt managers will inform you if you can Recognize (decision based on random dice roll), who your Recognized mate is, and the gender of the child. Don't ask for a specific mate. We like surprising you.

3. The requestor of the Recognition will have ownership of the child, and will need to create a character sheet. Children need to be supported as much as adult elves.

4. Resistance to Recognition is NOT allowed without there being a very, very, very good reason and at least two stories surrounding it. If an elf chooses to resistance, they will also be exiled from the tribe for the duration of their resistance.

There are also physical consequences to BOTH elves when Recognition is resisted. These problems begin almost immediately, and steadily get worse:

1. Lack of appetite.
2. Inability to sleep.
3. Distraction (which can be fatal on a hunt!)
4. General weakness (resulting from lack of food and sleep)
5. Short temper

If you choose to resist Recognition, your stories will need to reflect this side effects.

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Recognition Rules
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