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 Common Wolfrider Expressions

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PostSubject: Common Wolfrider Expressions   Common Wolfrider Expressions EmptyWed Jun 15, 2011 11:17 pm

Ayooh-ah: exclamation, used to summon each other.

Ayooah: exclamation; hunting/battle cry

Back-biting rock rat: name for one who strikes from behind. Not a compliment!

By all the children of the High Ones!: Used by all elves.

By the lost dwelling of the High Ones!

By the two moons: general exclamation of astonishment

Life is short and often bitter.

May the High Ones guide us.: a wish for a safe journey.

May the High Ones keep his soul.: a farewell to the dead or near dead.

My eyes see with joy.: expression of joy at seeing a friend thought lost.

My hand touches with joy.: expression of joy at holding a friend thought lost.

Owl pellets!: expletive, expression of disbelief.

Puckernuts!: expression of distaste

Shade and sweet water.: pleasant greeting among elves.

Timmorn's blood (and other things of Timmorn): general expression of surprise; expletive

Resource: ElfQuest: The Official Roleplaying Game (2nd Edition)
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Common Wolfrider Expressions
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