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 Wolfrider Timeline

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PostSubject: Wolfrider Timeline   Wolfrider Timeline EmptyWed Jun 15, 2011 11:17 pm

This timeline begins, with Year 0 being the year that the High Ones landed on the World of Two Moons, and were forced to flee the palace.

As with wolfpacks, when a tribe becomes too large for a territory to support, the tribe will split, with one group seeking new, unclaimed territory. Such splits have happened many times in the history of the Wolfriders, and Westering Holt's timeline follows that of one of the first splits: Rahnee She-Wolf's oldest child.

We do this to avoid contradicting established ElfQuest Canon. Our Wolfriders know nothing of Cutter Kinseeker, the Sun Villagers, or the Gliders. They never encounter any of the tribes or peoples referred to in the the various comics, graphic novels, or anthologies. Our history is our own, and as we make it, and the history established by the creators of ElfQuest is preserved and protected.

Over the long millenia, there have been many more splits in the tribe, but as we have not followed those leaders, we have not included them here. This timeline will be expanded as needed.

00The Palace of the High Ones arrive and the High Ones flee for their lives. Scattered groups go in all directions. Many die, but many also survive and scatter across the World of Two Moons.
1,000Timmorn Yellow-Eyes passes leadership of the tribe to Rahnee She-wolf.
1,002Brighteyes, the first child of Rahnee She-Wolf and Zarhan Fastfire is born.
1,052Brighteyes finds his soul name.
1,634The tribe has grown too large to be supported at the Holt, and Brighteyes - now called Stalker - rebels against Rahnee's leadership. The tribe splits and Stalker leads his band further south and west.
1,933Stalker dies in a hunt. His son Greenbow becomes chief.
2,766Greenbow dies and his daughter Morningdew becomes chieftess.
3,155Morningdew dies in childbirth. Her son Granite becomes chief.
4,563Granite dies and his son Bucktrail becomes chief.
5,422Bucktrail dies and his son Shortbranch becomes chief.
8,098Shortbranch dies and his son Oakroot becomes chief.
8,845Oakroot dies and his daughter Sunrise becomes chieftess.
10,000Canon ElfQuest: Cutter Kinseeker becomes chief of the Wolfriders.
10,016Canon ElfQuest: Cutter's tribe goes to Djunland in the Palace. Rayek kidnaps Leetah, Ember, Suntop, and Skywise into the future, stranding Cutter and his Wolfriders.
10,101Sunrise dies and her son Cloudrunner becomes chief.
10,516Canon ElfQuest: Cutter and his Wolfriders are bound in wrapstuff to sleep until Rayek, Leetah, Skywise, and the cubs return.
11,356Cloudrunner dies and his son Bluestone becomes chief.
12,932Bluestone dies and his son Sureshot becomes chief.
13,398: New GreenStormfire, daughter of Sureshot and blood of thirteen chiefs, leads a group of tribemates to establish a new holt, reducing the numbers of the tribe before it becomes too large for the land to support.
13,398: Hot SunStormfire and her band of Wolfriders find a mountain that's fallen down, and come away with an unusual treasure.
13,398: Hot SunThe wandering Wolfriders struggle to cross the grass plains before they run out of food, water, and life. At the end of the plains, they discover three more elves.
13,398: Changing LeavesThe Wolfriders are in the woodlands again, and have found the site of the new Holt.

Timeline will be updated as events progress and history is established!

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Wolfrider Timeline
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