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Journey, Hunter
Wolfrider Character Sheet

Character Name/Cub Name: Journey
Soul Name: Zhyan
Sex: Male
Race: Elf
Age: 21
Soulsiblings/Recognized: tbd

# # # #
Lifemate(s): None
Lovemate(s): TBD
Children: None
Parents: Windsoft, mother
Siblings: TBD
Bondbeast: Whiteruff
# # # #

Hair: Curly black hair, worn to mid-back; tied in a tail at the shoulders; bangs
Eyes: Violet, average/slanted
Skin tone: Wolfrider pale
Height: 3'11
Build: Rayek-type; slim and graceful.
Appearance: Triangular face with high cheekbones, rule-straight nose, full mouth. Journey has an open, welcoming sort of face, but his looks are undeniably delicate.

Summer: A sleeved tunic, dark blue trimmed at the cuffs in gray; blue boots with gray lacings.
Winter: A full bodysuit, dark blue; gray boots worn over the knee; a short, fur-lined gray vest
Jewelry: A silver ring that serves as a hair-clasp; matching wrist-cuffs.

For the hunt: Bow and arrow
For war: Bow, short sword.

# # # #

Talent: Wolf bonding, sending
Skills: Tracking, stalking/stealth, hunting, painting, agility, dyeing and designing leather for clothing.

# # # #

Likes: Painting on skins, wandering, finding "interesting" things, hunting, spending time with his agemates.
Dislikes: Being pushed into anything.

# # # #

Personality/History: Journey had his name almost from the beginning. His mother, Windsoft, knew his name would have to be something about movement, for her cub was restless even in the womb. But when the cub started wandering off the moment he learned to walk, Windsoft finally had his name--Journey.

Journey proved to be restless in mind and heart as well as body. If not following hunters on their treks through the woods, Journey was off looking for pieces of eggshell, flowers, rocks, and other unique items to bring back to the den. The tribe was mystified, even more so when Journey began practicing drawing them, over and over. Finally he started helping Evenstar with her leathers; he also learned how to paint pottery and wood, and Journey's artistic skills were no longer considered a mystery.

However, he was still a wanderer. Several times, his elders ordered him to stop leaving the holt boundaries; Sureshot even threatened to tether him to the Father Tree if he didn't learn to obey. Journey found ways of evading his elders, but finally ran afoul of them when Sureshot caught him with the trolls, learning how to play dice. Journey came back home on the back of the chief's wolf, with a sore seat, a pouchful of trinkets, and a full change of Mother Moon to look forward to under Evenstar's watchful eye.

While Sureshot warned Stormfire not to choose any elves with children, Stormfire wasn't about to separate Windsoft from her cub. Nor was Journey about to consider remaining behind. Adventure appealed to him even more than his art.

A sweet-natured youth, Journey is an utter contrarian--you expect him to do one thing, and he does another. He has always been quiet, even as a newborn, but he can startle his tribemates when he goes on a talking jag. He loves making symbols, travelling, his tribemates and wolf-friend, his mother (the only elf who can make him do something he doesn't want to), and bargaining. Journey has a gambler's soul; in any undertaking, he plays to win and bets high.

Outlook on Life: Time enough to play safe when we're dead.
Thing to Remember: Journey isn't lying when he says one thing and does another. He's just reconsidered his options.
Sees Self As: Someone who may be too curious for his own good, but it's fun nonetheless.
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