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 Tallspear, Hunter

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Westering Holt
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Tallspear of Westering Holt
Wolfrider Character Sheet

Character Name/Cub Name: Tallspear / Dusk

Soul Name: Zaen

Sex: Male

Race: Wolfrider (elf)


Age: 35

Soulsiblings/Recognized: (tbd)

# # # #

Lifemate(s): Not yet

Lovemate(s): (tbd)

Children: No

Parents: Bladebearer, father; Clearlake, mother

Siblings: Brightgem, older sister by Bladebearer

Bondbeast: Longlope, male wolf

# # # #

Hair: Black, shoulder-length with a slight wave; worn pulled back in a leather-wrapped tail, with straggling bangs.

Eyes: Violet, average

Skin tone: Pale.

Height: 4’1

Build: Lean, with broad shoulders, long limbs, and sleek muscles. Tallspear stands perfectly straight, and can look taller than he actually is.

Appearance: Tallspear has an angular, slightly squared face, upswept eyebrows, straight nose, and thin but well-shaped lips. He’s very handsome, and it’s easy to see what he’s thinking. He has a winning smile, which can be charming or enigmatic by turns.

Summer: A russet loincloth edged in brown, belted low on the waist; wrist bracers to the mid-forearm; calf-high boots.
Winter: Short, dark russet tunic with long sleeves, a fur-lined hood, and fur trim on the shoulders; matching over-the-knee, cross-laced boots; brown trousers; wrist bracers.

Jewelry: None.

For the hunt: Spear and javelins.
For war: Spear and javelins, plus a short sword.

# # # #

Talent: Sending; wolf bonding.

Skills: The use of spears; hunting; tracking; agility.

# # # #

Likes: A good hunt; the company of friends; family; enjoys swimming and climbing; will take a dare on anything.

Dislikes: With the exception of bitterly cold weather, there isn’t much that Tallspear dislikes aside from un-Wolfrider-like behavior. He has only tolerance for strangers, and no liking of strange customs.

# # # #


Proving that beauty is more than skin deep, Tallspear is a generous, open-hearted young Wolfrider, someone who would die to save a tribemate, let alone a friend. He has a keen and inquisitive mind, and he’s reliable in any situation; he believes in being prepared, and thinks very well on his feet. If there’s something that needs doing, Tallspear will do it without complaint.

He does have his flaws. He has a sarcastic streak a mile wide that hides a mischievous sense of humor. He doesn’t care for strangers, and he’s mistrustful of different tribes and customs. Tallspear will never be deliberately rude—unless it’s deserved—but he knows how to hide an insult in a few gentle words and a smile. And despite his courtesy, he can be painfully honest if the situation calls for it.

Tallspear was named Dusk at birth, for that was when he came into the world. Dusk’s parents, Bladebearer and Clearlake, were brought together briefly by Recognition—and brief is a generous description. The moment they answered Recognition’s demands, they went back to their respective lovemates. However, after Dusk was born, his parents began spending more time with each other through caring for their cub. Gradually, they developed first a friendship, then a deep affection for each other; by the time Dusk was five years old, Bladebearer and Clearlake were lifemates.

Meanwhile, Dusk was learning to hunt. He showed an early affinity for spears, and Bladebearer, after trying to get the cub to learn to use a sword or knife, gave up and found an elder who could teach Dusk how to use a spear. By the time he was sixteen, Dusk had shot up to be taller than his father, and the name “Tallspear” was given to him by his agemates. He surpassed his teacher, who declared in amazement that it was a fine thing when cubs just barely weaned could out-throw a seasoned hunter.

Yet Tallspear, despite his hunting prowess, made friends easily and well. One of his first friends was the chief’s daughter Stormfire; the tribe speculated that the two might become lifemates, but their friendship has become an end unto itself. Still, when Stormfire asked Tallspear if he would follow her to help start a new holt, he agreed before she finished speaking. The speculation about their relationship has begun again; yet Tallspear has made it clear that he has no intention of becoming Stormfire’s mate, and Stormfire has no intention of asking him.

Outlook on Life: Always hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

Thing to Remember: Tallspear may never actually come out and tell someone they have the brains of an addled troll, but it will hard for him to hide it’s what he meant.

Sees Self As: A good tribemate and a good Wolfrider, which is all he wants to be.

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Tallspear, Hunter
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