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 Whirlwind, Hunter

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Westering Holt
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Whirlwind of Westering Holt
Wolfrider Character Sheet

Character Name/Cub Name: Whirlwind / Tuft

Soul Name: Mihn

Sex: Female

Race: Wolfrider (elf)


Age: 42

Soulsiblings/Recognized: (tbd)

# # # #

Lifemate(s): Not yet

Lovemate(s): (tbd)

Children: No

Parents: Redbear, father; Sparrow, mother (later adopted by Sureshot and Waterdance)

Siblings: None; Stormfire, adopted sister

Bondbeast: Bigears, male

# # # #

Hair: Dark brown, worn loose with a back-braid, waist-length.

Eyes: Dark blue, average

Skin tone: Pale.

Height: 4’0

Build: Curvy.

Appearance: Whirlwind has a triangular face with high cheekbones, an angular jaw, narrow straight nose, thin mouth. Her eyes dominate her features. She has a straightforward gaze, and smirks more than she smiles.

Summer: A green bodysuit with long sleeves, green knee-boots, and a sleeved, short vest in darker green.
Winter: A brown jumpsuit with fur-lined, knee-high boots of the same color and a fur collar.

Jewelry: A hair ornament of leather and feathers, with three beaded thongs dangling from it.

For the hunt: Spear, throwing knives
For war: Throwing knives and a bow.

# # # #

Talent: Sending; wolf bonding.

Skills: Communication; hunting; bartering.

# # # #

Likes: All good things, but especially the physical pleasures of life. Whirlwind is a hedonist.

Dislikes: Holding back, trouble, being unable to help or provide

# # # #


Whirlwind is just like her name—a storm of emotion and activity. She works hard and plays hard, and sees sleep as something she needs only when her body won’t move another step. Cheerful and flippant, Whirlwind will nevertheless give her all for the tribe—she just insists on her right to crack wise about it, and have some fun afterwards. But when saddened or angry, Whirlwind holes up in her den alone, refusing any company until something brings her out of her mood.

Pragmatic in her outlook, Whirlwind doesn’t have much time for dreams. Either there’s a reason for doing something, or it isn’t worth doing. Part of her charm is that she can find a reason for doing anything she wants. She’s good at justifying herself to others. But Whirlwind isn’t interested in covering up her misdeeds; she’d sooner use her noted persuasiveness to get something for the tribe.

Tuft (named for her up-standing locks of hair) was born to Redbear, brother to Sureshot the chief, and his Recognized lifemate Sparrow. Redbear and Sparrow went out hunting one day; unfortunately, they encountered a human hunting party, and ended up dead in a fight over a kill. Sureshot and Waterdance took Tuft to raise as theirs, as Sureshot had four sons born in and out of Recognition. Shortly after, Sureshot and Waterdance Recognized and had Trill, and Tuft gleefully accepted her role as the new cubling’s big sister.

But where Sureshot and Trill were close, Tuft and Waterdance shared a tight bond. Waterdance saw much of herself in the high-spirited she-cub, and taught Tuft to hunt, track, and fish. She renamed her Whirlwind to reflect how she could sweep from one thing to the next, with no seeming end of energy. While Whirlwind loved Sureshot as a father, she saw him as chief first, father second. Waterdance was always mother first, chieftess second.

However, Whirlwind and Trill were closer than either cub was to either parent. When not accompanying her father to listen to tribemates or to hunt, Trill went everywhere Whirlwind went. The tables turned once Trill became Stormfire; Whirlwind chose to accompany Stormfire wherever she went, and the pair are practically inseparable. This proved true—much to the chagrin of several of Whirlwind’s lovemates—when, after Stormfire announced she would lead a group of young Wolfriders to form a new holt, Whirlwind immediately declared she would follow her new chieftess.

Outlook on Life: Life’s too long to take seriously.

Thing to Remember: Whirlwind’s no fool, in spite of her wild behavior. She knows her limits; she just likes to push them.

Sees Self As: A faithful tribemate who’s not going to let anything happen to her chieftess-sister if she can help it.
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Whirlwind, Hunter
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