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 Windsoft, Scout

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PostSubject: Windsoft, Scout   Windsoft, Scout EmptyWed Jun 15, 2011 11:26 pm

Windsoft, Scout/Hunter/Gatherer
Wolfrider Character Sheet

Character Name/Cub Name: Windsoft / Dreamkit
Soul Name: Murrel
Sex: Female
Race: Elf
Age: 203
Soulsiblings/Recognized: tbd

# # # #
Lifemate(s): n/a
Lovemate(s): tbd
Children: Journey (m-21)
Parents: tbd
Siblings: tbd
Bondbeast: Bristlecone

# # # #

Hair: Black, curly, medium long.
Eyes: Violet, average-level
Skin tone: Wolfrider pale
Height: 3’5”
Build: Nightfall-type: Voluptuous
Appearance: Squarish face with delicate, small chin and full lips. Straight nose, defined cheekbones, and thick-lashed eyes. Slim, full-breasted, and with child-bearing hips.

Summer: Sleeveless, body-tight dark purple tunic-dress, with a looser skirt, ankle boots.
Winter: Furlined black leggings, fur-lined, sleeved dark purple tunis, ankle boots.
Jewelry: Gold torque with a large, smooth amethyst at the base of her throat.

For the hunt: Bow and arrow, spear
For war: Crossbow, shortsword, knife

# # # #

Talent: Wolf bonding, sending
Skills: Tracking, stalking/stealth, hunting, scouting, gathering

# # # #

Likes: Howls, running, playing physical games like hide & seek, dancing
Dislikes: Being woken up.

# # # #

Personality/History: Dreamkit was so named because her parents never dreamed that they would have a child outside of Recognition – but there she was! Her wolfblood always called strongly within her, and as a cub she spent a great deal of time with the wolves. She bonded to her first wolf-friend earlier, and gravitated towards the hunters of the tribe. She learned a lot simply by observing them, and when she began to actively participate with the hunts her elders were surprised at her native skill. She soon earned the name Windsoft for her silence in the forest and the lack of evidence of where she’d past – or, as Sureshot said, “she passes as softly as the wind through the branches of the trees, and leaves as little sign.”

While not the best hunter in the tribe, she’s skilled enough to make her a valued hunter. She’s also learned enough plantlore to be an effective and bountiful gatherer. Her greatest skill is in scounting.

Windsoft’s life is her son first, and her tribe second. Even with one child, she still sees the whole tribe as her family. She’ll fight fiercely to protect them all, and her goal is to see them all kept safe and whole, well fed and happy. She takes pleasure in their company, avidly participates in the pack Howls and dancing, and celebrates the cycles of life and renewal with uninhibited exuberance. The silence for which she’s known in the forest and on the hunt disappear when it’s time to celebrate!

But always, always her cub comes first. His adventurous ways have made things problematic on occasion, while his quick and clever mind has compounded those problems. Yet Windsoft can feel nothing but pride and love for him and doesn't hesitate to show it - even when her chief is most displeased with some antic Journey got himself into.

Outlook on Life: Life is the tribe; we are all part of the one.
Thing to Remember: Windsoft is one of the bedrock members of the tribe. Stable, dependable, and supportive.
Sees Self As: A Wolfrider, and that is enough for her.
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Windsoft, Scout
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