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 Mist, Healer

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Mist, Healer
Wolfrider Character Sheet

Character Name/Cub Name: Mist / Silvertop
Soul Name: Shae
Sex: Male
Race: Elf
Age: 423
Soulsiblings/Recognized: tbd

# # # #
Lifemate(s): n/a
Lovemate(s): tbd
Children: n/a
Parents: tbd
Siblings: tbd
Bondbeast: Whitecold

# # # #

Hair: Silver-grey, loose curly, medium-short
Eyes: Frosty-blue, average-slanted.
Skin tone: Wolfrider pale
Height: 4’1”
Build: Strongbow/Rayek type: Lean, sleek muscles, long limbs.
Appearance: His pale coloring makes it hard for him to blend with his forest home for three seasons out of four, but come the whitecold time or a foggy morning, he can be all but invisible to even an elf’s eyes. Mist’s face is squarish, with strong jaw and chin, and clearly defined, high cheekbones. His nose is straight, his upper lip thin, his bottom fuller, and expressively mobile.

Summer: Grey breeches and lighter grey tunic, ankle boots
Winter: Grey breeches, lighter grey fur-lined tunic, fur cloak, knee boots
Jewelry: None

For the hunt: Bow and arrow, spear
For war: Short sword

# # # #

Talent: Healing, wolf bonding, sending
Skills: Tracking, stalking/stealth, plant lore, sewing

# # # #

Likes: Quiet, peace, hunting, stability, security
Dislikes: Change, recklessness, foolishness

# # # #

Personality/History: Mist was born centuries ago and has all but forgotten his parents, who have since died. His healing gifts were evident early in life and, in youth’s innocent arrogance, he proudly healed every hurt, regardless of how large or small. Until the day when he was away on a hunt and an accident before his hunting party. So used to the immediate healing of any wound, his tribemates cried out to him to cure all hurts and Mist had to choose who to heal first. Naturally, he chose the most gravely injured. He met the limit to his strength has his tribemate’s soul slipped free even as he drained himself of all energy. He had no strength left to heal the rest of the injured, the hunt leader was dead despite his magic, and his hunt mates blamed him for the death, and his ‘refusal’ to ease their pain.

He learned the harsh lesson well. Not every injury required a healer’s touch, and injuries wrought by foolish or reckless action taught better lessons when they healed at their own pace. He learned to conserve his healing strength for times of true necessity, and taught himself the healing arts of herbs and needles, poultices and time.

More, he learned to value the place death had in the cycle of life, noting that there were few cubs and fewer Recognitions when the elves never suffered, but if left to deal with the accidents of life, cubs came again and Recognition returned.

The gentle, life-preserving nature of a healer rested uneasily against the wild, hunting nature of the wolf. Mist’s long youth was spent mostly in learning to reconcile the one to the other. Finally, he found that his path, the peace between the two parts of his soul, lay in the Way. The security and certainty of what is right, the endless cycle of being, that was found in the Way let the elf and wolf coexist and did not tear him between them.

He chose to travel with Stormfire when the tribes split because he knew she’d need the wisdom of an elder to help her, and the presence of a healer. He wasn’t quite an elder, but his magic as healer substituted well for his lack of centuries. He sees it as his position to maintain the overall health of the Wolfriders – in spirit and in body – and is prepared to challenge and question the young chieftess on every decision that could change them from what they are. The splitting of the tribe was necessary, and he knows that, and has chosen to sacrifice his much valued stability and security to ensure that the wanderers find it again, for themselves.

Outlook on Life: The Way is a good way, and meets all a Wolfriders needs.
Thing to Remember: Mist is a healer, but he is also a Wolfrider. He is a font of wisdom and sound advise, but his outlook on life is molded by his need to reconcile the conflicts between the two sides of his blood.
Sees Self As: A healer, a hunter, a warrior, and a keeper of the Way.
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Mist, Healer
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