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 Sunsong, Plantshaper

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Sunsong, Plant Shaper
Wolfrider Character Sheet

Character Name/Cub Name: Sunsong / Squeaker
Soul Name: Hahl
Sex: Female
Race: Elf
Age: 88
Soulsiblings/Recognized: tbd

# # # #
Lifemate(s): n/a
Lovemate(s): tbd
Children: n/a
Parents: Fernflower, mother. Reedwhistle, father.
Siblings: tbd
Bondbeast: Shade, female wolf

# # # #

Hair: Golden blonde, straight and long, worn loose with a leather headband to hold it back from her face.
Eyes: Blue-green, average-slanted.
Skin tone: Wolfrider pale
Height: 3’10
Build: Clearbrook body type, slim but not as delicate as Dewshine, nor as voluptuous as Leetah – a merging of the two extremes.
Appearance: Sunsong has a sweet, round-heartshaped face with full lips, a small, narrow chin, and a straight nose. Her sun-bright hair is worn loose, held back by a simple leathern headband. Flowers and leaves can often be found twined through her hair, although never the same pattern for arrangement twice!

Summer: Brown tights with green tunic, moccasins
Winter: Brown breeches with fur-lined green tunic, knee boots
Jewelry: Faceted clearstone pendant on a leather cord.

For the hunt: Bow and arrow
For war: Bow and arrow

# # # #

Talent: Plant shaping, wolf bonding, sending
Skills: Climbing, plant lore, agility, sense of direction, mimicking birds

# # # #

Likes: Plants, climbing, the ‘simple joys’ of life, exploring, mimicking birdsong
Dislikes: Conflict, loud noises, cold, winter, being ordered around or patronized.

# # # #

Personality/History: Sunsong is a joyful elf who very much lives in ‘the Now’ of wolfthought. She doesn’t think much of the past, or of the future, in her day to day life and takes what happiness and pleasure she can from each moment. Her name derives from the bright sun-blonde of her hair and her frequent tendency to mimic the trills and whistles of birdsong.

Her spirit is seldom brought down, and her trills and simple joy in being often lighten the gloomiest spirit. True grief has yet to touch her, and those who are closest to her hope that such a day is far away. Sunsong revels in her awakening plantshaping magic; it is only in the last few turnings of the seasons that the magic has awakened in her and she is still learning control. She sees the building of a new holt as a challenge that will help her magic mature, but accepts that shaping the holt will be a long and laborious process for one as inexperienced, and weak, as she currently is.

Sunsong is a child born of Recognition, but her parents were not then, nor ever became, lifemates. They did manage friendship after the demands of Recognition were satisfied, and Sunsong – called Squeaker as a child because her attempts to mimic birds were more often squeaks than not – was raised by two mothers and two fathers, and always surrounded in love. Her life was as sheltered as a Wolfriders could be, and that sheltering has left her innocent in many of the harsh realities of life.

Outlook on Life: Life is joy, a cycling of seasons, and each ending is but a new beginning!
Thing to Remember: Sunsong is a happy elf, and wants to see everyone else happy, too. She’s a people pleaser, and never a dominant. She’ll not challenge anyone and will avoid/run away from conflicts. Her personality is such that people are happy just seeing her, and everyone feels a sense of protectiveness towards her.
Sees Self As: A useful member of the tribe, but no more or less so than any other.

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Sunsong, Plantshaper
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