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 Stormfire, Chieftess

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Westering Holt
Holt Mistress

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Stormfire, Chieftess of Westering Holt
Wolfrider Character Sheet

Character Name/Cub Name: Stormfire / Trill

Soul Name: Kir

Sex: Female

Race: Wolfrider (elf)

Origin: Sureshot's Holt

Age: 28

Soulsiblings/Recognized: (tbd)

# # # #

Lifemate(s): Not yet

Lovemate(s): Mist, Healer

Children: No

Parents: Sureshot, father; Waterdance, mother

Siblings: Keenedge, Preyfinder, Longtooth, Skystrike, brothers; Whirlwind, adopted sister

Bondbeast: Snowtreader, female wolf.

# # # #

Hair: Soft black, curly, slightly unruly; falls to her waist and is worn in the chief's lock. There are no locks or curls that fall in front of her ears, but two small fronds of hair spring from the peak of her hairline.

Eyes: Light gray, round with winged brows.

Skin tone: Pale.

Height: 3’8

Build: Lithe but slender, with narrow hips and small breasts. Her body looks somewhat immature, but only when clothed.

Appearance: Stormfire has an oval face with a small chin, large eyes, a tip-tilted nose, and small full mouth. Unfussed in her appearance, Stormfire projects confidence and intelligence.

Summer: A single-sleeved bodice; short, hip-belted skirt; cross-laced, calf-high boots; bracers from wrist to elbow. Her preferred colors in summer are dark blue and purple.
Winter: A short v-necked tunic with a short jacket, trousers tucked into over-the-knee boots; a fur cloak. Her preferred colors in winter are shades of gray and tan.

Jewelry: A silver neck-ring.

Possessions: A shaped stone egg that "floated" to Stormfire when she and several scouts went to investigate the Broken Mountain. She keeps it in her beltpouch.

For the hunt: Short spear and javelins, unless hunting alone; then Stormfire uses a bow.
For war: Knife and javelins, but this purpose rarely happens.

# # # #

Talent: Sending

Skills: Hunting and tracking; stealth; wolf-bonding; flint-knapping; foraging; mending. She’s also an uninhibited dancer.

# # # #

Likes: All the good things of this life. If Stormfire has a preference, it’s “more.”

Dislikes: Recklessness, greed and waste.

# # # #


Stormfire is a warm, good-humored elf with a wry sense of humor. She speaks directly and honestly, or not at all. Unlike her siblings and mother, all hot-tempered elves, Stormfire shares her father’s temperament; instead of heating up when angry, she turns icy. Her voice gives her away; a clear alto, it’s low and lilting when she’s in a good mood, and cool, almost nonchalant, when she’s angered or irritated. One doesn’t feel the edge until after she’s made the cut.

Stormfire can be tenderhearted, and has a playful side that comes out with friends and cubs of both species. But she knows how to keep her counsel, and can do so even with close friends. If annoyed or offended, she can be sweetly malicious, and she’s always ready for a fight. While she keeps the Way as well as she can, there’s a part of Stormfire that lives for change and adventure, and won’t stop looking ahead to the future.

Previously unattached, she recently declared her feelings to Mist, the tribe's healer. The two are lovemates, and Stormfire is determined not to make demands of nor assert possession of the healer. Her relationship hasn't pleased her friend Tallspear or sister Whirlwind one bit; the only friend who is pleased is Journey, who would support her choice even if it had been Thornberry, the tribe's most bad-tempered hunter.

Stormfire’s cub-name was Trill for the sound she made as a newborn. Her parents were good hunters—Sureshot, the chief, was an archer, and Waterdance earned her name for her skill at fishing. Her older siblings expected to succeed Sureshot as chief, and challenged each other for dominance. Trill avoided her siblings and kept close to her father, who taught her to hunt and to listen from her earliest days.

Listening was easy for Trill; her first love was for tales, and she found she had a knack for telling them as well. But she earned her name when she was 15, shortly after finding her soulname. Going out on a hunt with several agemates, she defied an elder who forbade her to leave, and then killed a bear while she was out. Trill was the first to admit it was a lucky strike (she got it in the throat with a javelin). But her agemates and the elder, who’d tracked the little party, were impressed by her boldness. The elder later explained to Sureshot that the young cub had backed him down by sheer will—“with those eyes flashing like a skyfire-storm”—and Trill became Stormfire at the next howl.

The tribe’s increasing numbers meant there was less food, and more chances of running into hunting humans while they foraged. Stormfire also was gaining more unwelcome attention from her siblings, and their friends were hostile to her agemates, seeing them as up-and-coming rivals. Unwilling to stick around until a serious challenge came her way, Stormfire began gathering up elves who would be useful in starting a second holt—the young, cubless, hard-working and skilled Wolfriders who would face dim prospects if they remained. Sureshot agreed to her plan, and gave her his blessing when she set out.

Stormfire has led the tribe south and west from their old holt. They've encountered a haunted, ruined mountain, a strange dreamy wood, and scorching grass plains. While Stormfire can't say for certain where the tribe is going, she knows that she'll know it when she finds it.

Outlook on Life: If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space.

Thing to Remember: Stormfire is a diplomat. She can tell another elf to go cut his throat with such sweetness and courtesy that he actually looks forward to doing it.

Sees Self As: Currently, as someone who might just have bitten off more than she could chew.

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Stormfire, Chieftess
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