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 The Hunters

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The Hunters
Post by Anna on Oct 4, 2008, 1:19am

Windsoft held up her hand, stopping her hunting party in their tracks, as Sureshot's sending reached them. She wanted to growl; his timing couldn't be worse.

*There! Windsoft, we can make this kill and take it back for the council.* Oakstaff sent, catching scent and sound of the old stag they'd been tracking.

Windsoft hesitated, then nodded. They all could use fresh meat and they were so close. It would be foolish to turn back now with the kill so close.

She looked at the other hunters with them and smiled. *Ready?* she asked them. *Let's bring something extra to council!*Re: The Hunters
Post by peachbug on Oct 4, 2008, 11:17pm

Redthorn smiled, the urge to howl in agreement welling in her throat, though her better wisdom kept her quiet. Part of her heart urged her curiousity for the purpose of the council, but her blood pounded with the thought of the impending hunt. After Silvercub's birth, she had not ventured on many hunts; she was exhilarated to rejoin Windsoft and the others this night.
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The Hunters
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