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 Setting and Current Events

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PostSubject: Setting and Current Events   Setting and Current Events EmptyWed Jun 15, 2011 10:39 pm

At this moment in time...

Chieftess Stormfire has led her small tribe through unknown lands, danger, and unfamiliar climates to the end of the world. Before them lies an endless water. Behind them dense forests, open plains, and - very distant - the tribe they loved and left.

The year is currently 13,398 after the landing of the High Ones on the World of Two Moons, and it is the season of falling leaves.

Season of White Cold = Winter
Season of New Green = Spring
Season of Hot Sun = Summer
Season of Falling Leaves = Autumn

What has gone before...

Over 13,000 years ago, the High Ones crash landed on the World of Two Moons, seeking others of their kind. However, due to the betrayal of the diggers in their space-traveling home, an accident sent them too far back in time and their landing was met with fear and death.

Over the turning of the seasons, the surviving elves adapted and scattered, changing themselves intentionally and not so intentionally to ensure their continued survival. One group, led by Timmain, the Self-Shaper, went north. There she shapechanged to a wolf to keep her people fed. As a wolf, she bore a son: Timmorn Yellow Eyes. He became the first chief of the Wolfriders. From him came the Wolfriders - and the wolves to which they bonded.

Eventually, the dual blood in Timmorn parted him from the Wolfriders and the remaining High Ones and he abdicated his position to his daughter, Rahnee She-Wolf. From her and her lifemate, Zarhan Fastfire, the numbers of the Wolfriders grew. The tribe prospered at times, and weakened at others. During the prosperous times, their numbers grew and eventually they had to split so that the land would not be overburdened.

The first parting of the tribes was led by Rahnee's firstborn, Stalker, called Brighteyes as a cub. All through the long millenia that followed, Stalker's line led his branch of the Wolfriders. There were more splits within the tribe until, finally, Sureshot became chief and a time came to once again have a parting of the ways.

It is a peaceful parting, spurred by necessity and not defiance.

Led by Stormfire, youngest child of Sureshot, a three eights and more of the Wolfriders went to search out a new Holt. Comprised mostly of young elves eager for adventure and challenge, the inexperienced young chieftess ventured out into the unknown, searching for a new home with plentiful game and free from the human taint.

Our story begins as Stormfire parts with Sureshot's tribe. What adventures will they meet on their quest to establish a new Holt?

Timeline of the Journey...

Season of New Green: Stormfire leads her band of elves in search of a new holt
Season of Hot Sun: After following the river west for eight eights of days, the elves find the remnents of a great mountain. They begin to explore the mountain, but most of the elves are uneasy in proximity and experience nightmares.
Total travel time since leaving the Sureshot's tribe: 64 days

One day later: Stormfire leads them away, only to discover, on the other side of the mountain, the faint remains of a human village. Determining that the High Ones are warning them away from this direction, they backtrail upriver.
Total travel time since leaving the Sureshot's tribe: 65 days

One day later: Stormfire breaks away from the river they have been following and heads south and east.
Total travel time since leaving the Sureshot's tribe: 66 days

Two days later: Stormfire leads her tribe into what is obviously an old elven holt. It has been countless full turnings of the seasons since the elves had been there, but the fluid shaping of the trees into dens, the animalistic growths - marred and blurred by time - and the feel of elven magic are very clear. The wolfrider spend a couple of days there, wondering what had happened to the missing elves.
Total travel time since leaving the Sureshot's tribe: 68 days

Third day at the discovered holt: Council is called and the elves discuss staying at the holt or leaving.
Total travel time since leaving the Sureshot's tribe: 71 days

Fourth day at the discovered hold: Stormfire leads her tribe away, heading south and west.
Total travel time since leaving the Sureshot's tribe: 72 days

Second day after leaving the abandoned holt: The forest ends and opens onto grass plains.
Total travel time since leaving the Sureshot's tribe: 74 days

Eight days after entering the grassplains: The elves encounter forests again, and the beginning of a new river to follow.
Total travel time since leaving the Sureshot's tribe: 82 days

Eight days after entering the forest: The river joins with another. Stormfire leads the tribe west, following the river's current.
Total travel time since leaving the Sureshot's tribe: 90 days

Six days after turning west: The river branches again and council is held. Stay and settle or move on?
Total travel time since leaving the Sureshot's tribe: 96 days

Three days after council: Stormfire leads her tribe west and north, following the river again.
Total travel time since leaving the Sureshot's tribe: 99 days

Eight days later: The forest thins and the tribe sees the grassplains - and a vast expanse of water that tastes of salt. They move deeper into the trees, but stay on the edge of the plains, as well.
Total travel time since leaving the Sureshot's tribe: 107 days

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Setting and Current Events
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