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 If You Must Go

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If You Must Go
Post by multifacets on Oct 10, 2008, 11:15pm


The lock-send nearly knocked Silent right off his feet. His mother had a forceful mind; it was worse at close range, and she and her lifemate weren't that far off.

**What made you suddenly decide you were fit for a journey?** Heartstorm demanded, feelings of hurt and indignation coloring her thoughts. **Lightstone and I won't be going! How will you care for yourself out there if you can't even do it here?!**

**That's enough, beloved,** Lightstone the rockshaper soothed, projecting love and reassurance to his Recognized. **I'm sure Silent has his reasons.**

**[affirmation]** Silent sent, rubbing his temples and shaking his head to clear it. **I don't want to stay where Longmane is out of my reach. And.... And I....** He trailed off helplessly, uncertain how to explain. **As far as I know, there's nothing for me here. If there's something out there for me, then I should find it.**

**What do you think you need?** Heartstorm demanded.

There was a long pause. **I don't know,** her son finally said. **A way to be useful, I guess.**

**You could do that here!** the huntress growled.

**[denial] If I haven't found it yet here, I don't think I will.**

Heartstorm growled mentally. **I still don't want you to go. It's foolish to leave out of jealousy and we all know it.**'

Lightstone added, **And we would miss you.**

**I will miss you too.**

Lightstone mentally sighed. **He's set on this, Shiya,** he said privately to his Recognized.

**There has to be some way to keep him here,** Heartstorm protested.

**We don't have the right to do that.**

**I don't want to lose him, Lir. We could go with-**

**No, my heart. Our place is here, and our grandcub will need us here eventually. Plus, there is nothing that would keep Silent from visiting.**

Heartstorm mentally sighed as well, and very reluctantly addressed her son again. **If you're going, you're not going unprepared. You have furs aplenty, even a couple of bowls, waterbags and baskets, but you don't have any weapons, rations, or a tent. I don't think you have any more of my scent-ending ointments either, do you? We will give them to you, and if you can concentrate, we will set you on the right path with the weapons.**

**[relief]/[gratitude]/[stirrings of anticipation]** Silent projected.

**[love]** his parents returned.Re: If You Must Go
Post by multifacets on Oct 17, 2008, 1:54am

(OOC: Daybreak.)

Silent was taking off his tunic when he sensed someone coming, and turned to face his visitor.

"Didn't think you had it in you, brother," Hoarfrost said without preamble, coming into the den with a sack of what smelled like smoked venison. "Never a peep out of you in your entire life, and suddenly you're a sojourner of bravery and daring like ol' Rahnee."

Silent bit his lip and looked away, uncertain if he was being mocked. **I-**

Hoarfrost laughed, and his dark blue-violet eyes, so like his mother's, twinkled with mirth. "Don't be like that. I actually am impressed. I would go myself, if-" He stopped, frowning at his elder sibling's sudden tension. "What?"

Silent just shook his head.

"Hey." The younger elf set the sack aside and touched Silent's shoulder. "Don't brush me off, brother. Perhaps I've earned it, ignoring you as I have, but don't do it. Something I said bothered you."

**[jealousy]** burst from the older elf. **[nearly indescribable longing] [hopelessness] [desire to leave]** was followed by an image of the beautiful black-haired maiden Hoarfrost had Recognized. **[Longmane, Longmane, Longmane-]**

"Timmorn's guts! Enough!" Hoarfrost staggered back, mentally shielding himself and shaking his head hard. "Ow! No wonder you don't send. That was like drowning in you."

**S-Sorry,** Silent sent, considerably muted.

"You could have told her you miss her," the hunter panted. "She might have-"

**[denial]** The older elf put his back to the wall and slid onto his furs, drawing his knees to his chest. **I've seen the way she looks at you now. You're hers; she's yours. If I said anything.... s-she might remember how close she came to knowing my soul name.**


Silent huddled into a smaller ball, resting his forehead on his knees. **W-When she first approached me, asked me what kept me so busy.... I showed her. Our minds touched so deeply- I could hear her soul name coming closer, and I felt her coming close to mine, but I pulled free so I couldn't learn hers. It was hard.... I wanted to know it so badly. I hoped I would know it someday, especially when we became lovemates. She understood me. We loved each other. And then-**

"Then our eyes met across the way three of Mother Moon's cycles ago, and Longmane chose to stay with me," Hoarfrost finished, and sighed. "I knew of your connection, but you said nothing, and I thought you might have been all right. If you had told me-"

**It would have changed nothing. You're as possessive as Mother,** Silent replied, not entirely unkindly. **And you.... you dazzle her, somehow.**

Hoarfrost smiled crookedly. "Longmane was the one who insisted I bring you this meat," he said, motioning to the sack. "I told her we should keep it, for the cub's sake, but she said she would eat mice if it meant her friend would have a little more for the journey."

Silent lifted his head enough to peek over his knees. **"Friend"?**

Hoarfrost nodded, and went to the hide covering the exit. "Maybe she'll visit you, if she's sure of her welcome."

The silver-eyed elf said nothing, and the dark-eyed elf shrugged. "At least we cleared the air," he said, and left, leaving his brother in the darkness of the root-den.
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If You Must Go
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