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 Breaking the First Rule

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Breaking the First Rule Empty
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Breaking The First Rule
Post by kris on Oct 9, 2008, 10:06pm

Stormfire waited until Flintfire, Softling, Redthorn, Silvercub, and Icemark had joined her and Sureshot before she addressed her father. Sureshot raised an eyebrow at his tribemates' approach, and fixed Stormfire with a look.

"I said, no one with cubs."

"I know." Stormfire swallowed; her father was not Longtooth--she wouldn't turn his will by force.

"Then you know that these four--" Sureshot indicated Softling, Silvercub, Icemark and Redthorn--"can't go."

"I know what you said," Stormfire replied. "But if they want to come, Father, why should I make them choose between kindred and cubs, and a new holt?"

Sureshot sighed, shaking his head. "You don't know how dangerous it is. There are humans everywhere, strange beasts, trolls--"

"And my tribemates and I will keep watch over them! We aren't taking every life-bearer and every cub with us, Father!"

The chief folded his arms over his chest and scowled down at Stormfire. She put her hands on her hips and returned the glare. "Don't try that argument with me, old wolf. I'm as likely to lose full-grown hunters as cubs to humans, and you know it."Re: Breaking The First Rule
Post by Anna on Oct 9, 2008, 10:21pm

Icemark rested his hands on Silvercub's shoulders, keeping the child still and quiet with the gentle pressure of his grip. Although he usually - and happily - allowed Redthorn to take the lead in most of their joint decisions, this time he stood by her side.

"My chief," he said quietly, interrupting the stand-off because father and daughter. "You said that Stormfire could not choose anyone with cubs, or expecting them. She did not choose us. We chose her. Redthorne and I are aware of the risks. Whether we follow her, or stay here, those dangers remain the same. They're just a little more familiar here."

He looked at Stormfire, meeting her gaze for a long moment, then smiled gently. He turned back to Sureshot. "I have faith in your cub to see to her tribe's safety, whether the tribe is here, or wandering unknown territory. I have faith in my lifemate to guard and protect our cub. I have faith in my tribemates who choose to come with us."

Re: Breaking The First Rule
Post by kris on Oct 9, 2008, 11:14pm

Sureshot eyed Icemark for a long moment, and Stormfire lowered her head to hide a grin. Trust Icemark to hit the mark, so to speak. Her sire looked like he'd gulped a handful of green dreamberries.

**Thanks, Icemark,** she sent. **And you, Redthorn.**

"You're twisting my words like grass, hunter," Sureshot warned. "I know all too well the dangers that face your cub here. Every cub," he added, glancing at Flintfire and Softling. "You've no idea what you're risking. A journey's hard enough to take when you're strong, full-grown and able. But when you have a cub to look after? And not just a cub, but one not yet here? That's a different catch to kill altogether."

He turned back to Stormfire. "I've given you enough to chew on, daughter. Mind you don't take a bite too big to swallow."Re: Breaking The First Rule
Post by peachbug on Oct 9, 2008, 11:31pm

Redthorn smiled to her Icemark's firm words. As gentle as their tribemates often found him, she knew deeper than all how strong her lifemate's spirit ran, a thunderous river beneath the calm crystal gaze. She brushed Silvercub's bright locks with one hand and smiled to herself.

*Aye, my chief,* She sent firmly. *I will protect chieftess and home as readily as lifemate and cub.* She gave a knowing look to Stormfire, violet eyes fierce. *You have trusted her thusfar; trust her with my blessings.*

Softling sniffed quietly, eyeing the father and daughter as they sparred with words and sendings. She had been stunned by her father's sending only a few moments ago, declaring his intention to have her follow Stormfire. Her emotions had spun quickly, as she was exhausted emotionally from her outburst, which she now regretted. His next sending had been for her. She came quickly and only listened, Snapbone remaining behind with the other anxious pack members.

Part of Softling growled at the reference to her as a cub, all the same. 'Barely!' She thought. 'I have hunted, tracked, rode as well as any of my elders.' Despite her grievances, she remained quiet, watching her father now, as he stepped forward.

"Sureshot, I have given my reasons. It was your wise calling that brought us to this, now let us see it through." Re: Breaking The First Rule
Post by kris on Oct 9, 2008, 11:58pm

Back when she was a cub, Stormfire had heard often enough from Quickflight that she could wind Sureshot around her smallest finger. There were times when she hadn't believed it--especially when she'd made him angry.

She was certain this was one of those times, for Sureshot's mouth was held in a thin, taut line, and his eyes narrowed in a scowl as he looked from Flintfire to Softling, from Icemark to Redthorn, to Stormfire.

He sighed, grimaced, and finally gave her a one-sided smile. **I wanted to make this easy on you,** he informed her.

**Easy? Nothing about this is easy!**

**I'll say it isn't! I came into my chief's-lock when I was just a little older than you. I know what you're going to go through.** Sureshot threw up his hands and eyed his tribefolk. "Well, what are the barking lot of you standing here for? Haven't you got some packing for the journey to do?"

Beaming, Stormfire stood back as Sureshot said his farewells to Icemark, Redthorn, Silvercub, Flintfire, and Softling. Grumble he might like to do, but Sureshot loved his tribemates and was well-loved by them. If she wanted nothing else besides her new tribe's survival, Stormfire wanted them to love and trust her as much as they loved and trusted her father.
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Breaking the First Rule
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