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 Call to Council: Conclusion

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Call to Council: Conclusion Empty
PostSubject: Call to Council: Conclusion   Call to Council: Conclusion EmptyThu Jun 16, 2011 1:47 pm

We've met our goal with this RP: established the reasons for the parting of the tribe, and determined mostly who shall go. For all intents and purposes, this RP is now concluded.

Those elves following Stormfire will each take with them:

1 fur for bedding.
1 backpack holding extra goods and personal items
1-2 Waterskins
Standard weapons

This is all that a elf can carry while riding a wolf, and unbonded wolves will not serve as beasts of burden. Smile

The 'personal items' an elf carries is up to them. For instance, Sunsong will carry seeds but it's unlikely anyone else will. Mist will carry salves, teas, and other medicines - and it's equally unlikely anyone else will.

Stormfire will lead her tribe out on their quest for a new holt two days after the council.

Our next official RP will begin soon. Smile
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Call to Council: Conclusion
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