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 RP Scenario and Questions

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RP Scenario and Questions Empty
PostSubject: RP Scenario and Questions   RP Scenario and Questions EmptyThu Jun 16, 2011 1:49 pm

Role Play Forums » 13,398 Season of Hot Sun: Blue Rubble Mountain » RP Scenario and Questions
RP Scenario and Questions
Post by Anna on Oct 18, 2008, 9:57pm

The basic scenario is as posted for the forum. Smile The elves have been travelling for 64 days. They travel at night and sleep during the day. Each morning, Sunsong shapes them a den to sleep in safely.

There have been plenty of signs of humans, but no actual encounters.

They have followed the river the entire time and game has been plentiful enough for them. They're suffering no deprivations and the travel has not be overly strenuous. It's been steady, but not harsh. At this point, the only elf who's showing any strain would be Sunsong, and that's from travelling AND pushing her magic far beyond anything she's done before, and doing it on a daily basis.

The mountain they're exploring is Blue Mountain, approximately 4,000 years after it tumbled into ruins. Yes, Egg is there, but we will not be encountering him. Smile

Any questions about the RP, post 'em here. Remember, if you want to have just your character and a specific one or two others go explore or exclude the group as a whole, start a new thread - that way we don't confuse each other. Posts in the central thread will be open for everyone to respond to.

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RP Scenario and Questions
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