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 Making Camp, Again

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Making Camp, Again Empty
PostSubject: Making Camp, Again   Making Camp, Again EmptyThu Jun 16, 2011 1:52 pm

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Making camp, again.
Post by multifacets on Oct 28, 2008, 7:34pm

Well, that was that. The act of dividing a tribe that had divided already left a sour taste in Shellslip's mouth, considering it was unfamiliar territory and that pile of rocks was somehow a menace.

But she disliked arguments even more, and thus had said nothing while the debate had gone on.

When Stormfire and her chosen defenders went to go exploring, Shellslip gladly turned Sniffer around. *Don't break your heads on the rocks; we need all of you,* she sent, both cautionary and kindly, and rode with the others who were going back to the previous camp.

Oh, of course she was somewhat curious, but this time, the redheaded maiden was disinclined to satisfy it. Not firsthand, anyway. She would just ask someone to send her everything later.

Silent too was relieved to be going back; he was worried about the ones who had stayed behind, naturally, but he personally felt a lot better, and so did Wanderlust. Already the jangling and clashing of his thoughts was smoothing out slightly.

*So what should we do about dinner?* Shellslip asked after a few moments of quiet. *Squirrels? Ravvits? Treewees?*Re: Making camp, again.
Post by Anna on Oct 29, 2008, 1:11am

Oct 28, 2008, 7:20pm, peachbug wrote:
Redthorn remained shaken after her scare, still feeling heavy and drenched as though she had crawled from a river. The memory of her daughter and lifemate's death had suddenly become poignant in her mind, and only Icemark's soothings could calm her, though she kept her scare from the chieftess and her accompanying hunters. She looked back as Whitecrest trotted up beside Silvercub and Icemark, studying Stormfire's retreating figure.

**I have done her a wrong, lifemate. I am an hunter, not a shying cub. I am an elder!** She shook her head and turned to face Icemark. **It is my place to stand beside the chief in such moments. It is the elders' honor to act for the better of the tribe. My weaknesses be cursed for robbing me of that!**

Icemark didn't say anything for a moment, then brushed his hand over her hair. **This has haunted you for countless seasons, Redthorn. Long past when the grief should have eased. Perhaps there's more cause than you guess? It's not the Way to hold on to grief so long. Perhaps, when the new holt is found, we should find what it is that holds you so strongly?**

It truly wasn't the Way for such long past losses to cleave so close to a Wolfrider. However, not all Wolfriders found easy refuge in the Now of wolfsong as some others did. The spell at such a chancy moment worried him and he feared that Redthorn couldn't be given her own time to grieve any more, not if it was going to leave her so helpless, so suddenly.

Re: Making camp, again.
Post by Anna on Oct 29, 2008, 1:32am

Oct 28, 2008, 7:36pm, peachbug wrote:
**High Ones protect you, sister.** Evenstar sent sadly back to Firecat as they disappeared. The tanner knew she would be a burden, a distraction to her sister if she accompanied them on their small, and hopefully short, quest.

**Mist,** She finally tore her mind away to the healer's. **I wonder about the elves that have passed here, there could be much to learn, much to see.** She bit her lip. **I fear the consequences of our wondering. Thornberry is right, this is not the Way, but we are elf also. Stormfire does right by our tribe to seek this knowledge I believe, I hope...**

She urged Farpace to Mist's side and paused. The obvious question had been thought by all but left unanswered. **What if we are making a mistake?**

Mist responded to Evenstar's locksend with an open send. There was no need to keep these concerns secret, especially when many of the rest were thinking the same things. *There is more to life than the Way, Evenstar,* he said somberly. *The Way is good for our daily lives. It sees us through the seasons, from new green, through hot sun and death cold, and during whitecold. But the Way doesn't encompass everything, and it doesn't consider our past and heritage. The Way is now, immediate survival. We are more than that.*

Mist looked around at the group that rode before him, beside him, and behind him. For the most part, they were the gentle ones, the ones who felt the call of their elfin blood most strongly. It was odd that they, who probably responded strongest to the mountain, were the ones riding away from it.

*It is a possibility that we are wrong. It is also a possibility that not investigating the mountain would have been wrong, too. We cannot know the future; we can only try to choose the wisest path - which isn't always the safest - when presented with more than one.*

The healer's eyes flicked to Thornberry and Longdusk and a faint smile twitched at his lips. He knew neither was pleased with him, but at least his scolding ahd been private and no others had been privy to it. And, the further he got from the mountain, the more he realized he'd been unusually harsh at the two because of his own tension and discomfort.

*Thornberry and Longdusk hold strongly to the Way; that's valuable and needed. But because of their closeness to it, they can't always see the larger pattern. Stormfire, Journey, and the younger ones - even you, young Sunsong! - are still full of young blood and tend to overlook the daily wisdom of the Way. It is a compromise between the two extremes that is the steady, stable path for us all. Risk wisely, because risk shouldn't be avoided, but shouldn't be courted, either.*

*'Risk wisely,'* Sunsong repeated thoughtfully. *It's what we do every night, isn't it? Every time we hunt?* She looked up at the moonshadowed trees, her brows lowered thoughtfully. *Even this, Evenstar, is like the Way. As a wolfpack hunts, they stalk their chosen prey. They stay in hiding until they've determined which beast is the weakest, their best chance at success. Then they adapt their hunt to fit the type of beast, and the conditions. This is very much what our chieftess is doing. The beast is the mountain. The hunters and scouts are now stalking in hiding to see what it's nature is, and if it's worth the hunt and kill, or too dangerous.*

Then she flicked a playful glance at Thornberry and Longdusk and urged Shade to ride between the two. Taking their hands her hers, she tugged at them playfully. *And for those of us not playing wolf, we have two fine, strong, handsome hunters to protect us!*

((Sunsongs comments remind me of a paper I wrote for one of my classes last semester, about the reintroduction of wolves to the wild... One section covered their hunting patterns and why rancher concerns about the wolves attacking livestock are so unfounded...))Re: Making camp, again.
Post by peachbug on Nov 5, 2008, 10:02pm

"Risk wisely..." Evenstar murmured to herself. She turned back to smile at Sunsong. *Aye, Sunsong! All your thoughts make sense to me, and to form them like you takes more than I can ever make. I am comforted by both your wisdoms.* She nodded respectfully to Mist and turned back to Sunsong.

*Your words of hunt make my blood hot for our own!* Allowing Farpace to slide back to the trio, the stargazer batted her eyes with exaggeration at Longdusk and Thornberry. "Surely you two wouldn't mind leaving your worried thoughts away for such things?"Re: Making camp, again.
Post by multifacets on Nov 5, 2008, 11:11pm

Nov 5, 2008, 10:02pm, peachbug wrote:
Evenstar [...]*Your words of hunt make my blood hot for our own!* Allowing Farpace to slide back to the trio, the stargazer batted her eyes with exaggeration at Longdusk and Thornberry. "Surely you two wouldn't mind leaving your worried thoughts away for such things?"

"I hope that's so," Shellslip spoke up. "We all could use something to eat, and we shouldn't keep our wolves from their own hunt for long. Small worries, yes, but right now, they need our attention."

*Food?* Wanderlust sent hopefully, her tail lifting slightly and wagging a bit.

*When we get back to camp, you can go hunt,* Silent promised. Re: Making camp, again.
Post by viola on Nov 8, 2008, 1:48am

Lightgaze looked worried to her son. He hadn't spoken a word again since Stormfire had bolted off -- which she still considered unwise, but it was not her place to tell her so. She decided not to interfere, and let him choose his own path.

Longdusk blood boiled in his veins, and he had a hard time suppressing those emotions of disappointment, anger and fear. He could almost smell the fact that the hunting party walked into a trap, and the young chieftess had went on with only a small group of hunters. He didn't say they were going to die, merely that this would prove something for the rest of the journey. Stormfire wanted to prove that she could lead, and she became too eager to push through her own opinion. Now, then, for what did she have all those elders, then?

He completely ignored Mist addressing him, still upset by the scolding. Only Sunsong's poke was answered by a swift warning glare. "Go, if you want to," he told Evenstar. "But apparently our chieftess wants us to stick together and wants us to guard all of you. So," he added with a voice dripping in sarcasm, "Go risk wisely." Re: Making camp, again.
Post by multifacets on Nov 8, 2008, 5:02pm

"If we're done acting as if we're nothing but sourberries inside?" Shellslip prompted with a hand on her hip. "There's a camp to be made again and bellies to feed. We need to go now if that's going to happen, don't we?"

This would probably start another argument, and she hated that idea, but it had to be said. If another debate began, she would just go back alone.

Well, not entirely alone. Silent would more than likely come with her, but that was almost as bad as going alone. Re: Making camp, again.
Post by peachbug on Nov 8, 2008, 5:49pm

*Timmorn's blood, you act like troll grubs! If you and Thornberry plan to complain of the Now forgotten, but drag us back to what is done, have a fine time by it.* Evenstar sent coldly for all to hear, directedly at Longdusk. *I will hunt and help. Go share in your miseries alone.* With a toss of her hair and fierce glare to Longdusk, the tanner looked to Sunsong. **Hunt?** She privately sent in a kinder tone, unwilling to have any more thoughts for the boys. Their complaining only strained her worried heart, and inside she trembled for their tribemates.Re: Making camp, again.
Post by viola on Nov 11, 2008, 1:31pm

*Well, let's reason, then,* he snarled back. *Our chieftess just ran off to investigate a pile of rubble that smells like danger, with a large part of our hunters and scouts. We're a small group. If the rest of the hunters go away to hunt, what is left? We cannot split up once more to hunt. Let's go back to those dens Sunsong made, first. We don't have to make camp because we already have one. And we agreed with our chieftess we would go there. THEN, you can go hunt. As soon as the rest is safe.*

Sourberry or not, he knew he made sense. If Evenstar, Shellslip or any other was to run off now, near this pile of rubble, he knew it would cause trouble. If the tribe was to split up once more, for a hunt or not, the tribe would be even more vulnerable than it was now.Re: Making camp, again.
Post by peachbug on Nov 11, 2008, 3:12pm

Evenstar did not answer, a begrudging agreement to his reasoning. With a glance back to Icemark and Redthorn's cub, she knew she couldn't risk leaving her open for any dangers until they got back to camp. It did not lessen her hurt, however, and her frustration of Longdusk's challenge to Mist.

**Hunt after?** She locksent to Sunsong with some humor at her own surrender. Re: Making camp, again.
Post by peachbug on Nov 11, 2008, 8:26pm

Redthorn laughed to herself at the stubbornness of the cubs and shook her head with a glance to her mate. Both had their fair points, but of course they had to wrestle over it like pups fresh from the den. She glanced at Lightgaze and locksent. **You certainly aren't going to have to worry about Longdusk showing throat too much. How you ever raised such a bit of skyfire amongst all your gentleness, my soul's sister...**Re: Making camp, again.
Post by multifacets on Nov 11, 2008, 8:45pm

"Now we're getting somewhere," Shellslip sighed, and nudged Sniffer forward.

Wanderlust walked fast, wanting to get herself and her elf-friend AWAY from that pile of boulders.Re: Making camp, again.
Post by Anna on Nov 12, 2008, 12:28am

*Enough,* Mist sent firmly. *We will do as our chieftess bid: return to the den Sunsong shaped yesterday. We will hunt together once we've neared that place, and have meat ready for the rest of the tribe when they return to us.* He glanced up, judging the position of the moons. They'd only traveled for an hour or two before parting with Stormfire, and it shouldn't take them long to reach their day's resting place. They would have plenty of time to hunt before dawn - and that wasn't necessarily a good thing. It left too much time to worry and wonder.

Sunsong gave Evenstar a smile at her invitation to hunt. *We'll all hunt,* she agreed with Mist, but gave Longdusk a worried look. She wished he could be calmed, that he'd have more faith in Stormfire, but thought maybe there was more to this intensity than the growl and grumble that they were hearing.Re: Making camp, again.
Post by kris on Nov 12, 2008, 12:45am

Wingfoot watched it all and sighed. He'd never pretend to understand Sureshot or his cubs. And Stormfire . . . well, the she-cub had proved her mettle when she earned her name. It was why he'd chosen to follow her instead of remaining at home.

In Wingfoot's opinion, Thornberry and Longdusk were two birds in a nest: they were sticklers for the order the Way ordained. Stormfire lived to explore the Way's boundaries. It might make her a good chief, perhaps even a great one. It could also, Wingfoot admitted, get her killed.

He edged close to Mist. "Quite a fix we're in, eh, healer?" Wingfoot allowed himself a small smile when Mist's posture stiffened. "Bit of a shock that she'd up and fly off like that. Not sure it's what her mother would've done. Maybe her sire . . . ?"

He didn't wait for Mist's response, but continued, "Who knows what will happen, eh? Maybe she'll find us dens to rest in. And maybe we'll have to ride back to the mountain come dawn."Re: Making camp, again.
Post by Anna on Nov 12, 2008, 1:36am

Mist slid a glance at Wingfoot out of the corner of his eye, assessing the other elf's casual pose and almost idle comments. "I would say that, as she's neither her father nor her mothers, that she's done exactly as Stormfire would do," he answered mildly. "I make it a practice never to predict the future, beyond saying the sun will rise at dawn and the moons will follow their steady cycles."

He looked around at the small group and breathed a quiet side. "Shellslip, did you notice if there were any shellfish in the river by the den? Mussels may be a welcome change from red meat, and easier to gather."

Re: Making camp, again.
Post by multifacets on Nov 12, 2008, 3:17am

Shellslip brightened. Ah, that was something she hadn't thought of. Silly of her, really, but the tribe HAD been mostly relying on land-meat. "There were some," she said eagerly. "I don't know if there would be enough for everyone, but I'll dig around, see if there's more. Maybe there will be fish, too. And I think perhaps I might have heard some snakes that the wolves could catch." She nodded importantly. "We'll all find something, I'm sure."

*Snakes tasty,* Sniffer agreed.

*Could find ravvits,* Wanderlust offered. *Ravvits everywhere.*

Silent smiled, stroking his wolf-friend's head.

"Let's hurry back, then," Shellslip stated. "The sooner there, the sooner we eat."Re: Making camp, again.
Post by viola on Nov 12, 2008, 9:37am

Longdusk disregarded Mist's send, because he basically had told Evenstar (and the rest) the same. Without a word, he did what he had intended and what Mist now told them, and followed Shellslip without looking at anyone specifically.

It was not that he wanted to challenge authority. He didn't want to challenge Stormfire, nor the elders, nor his tribesmates. But this pile of rubble upset him in a way he couldn't grasp, and he wanted to move away from it as fast as he could. The only way he knew he could do so, was chase everyone away and hopefully, in the right direction. He shot a glance at Mist when he moved his wolf alongside him, and summoned his wolf to go back to the way they came from.


Lightgaze smiled at Redthorn's send with some worry and regret. **Something's troubling him, that cub of mine. He's not himself. But you're right -- sometimes I think there's more of Tracker in him, but he didn't have outbursts like these. He's just... who he is,** she answered her soul sister with a hint of apology.
Re: Making camp, again.
Post by peachbug on Nov 15, 2008, 4:36pm

**He'll be as he is, no regrets for it, Lightgaze. Time and space must be my gifts to him, I fear. Words will only fuel his worries.** Redthorn smiled, and gave her soulsister a loving glance. **You are a good mother.**

Evenstar mildly listened to Wingfoot and Mist's words ahead of her, but kept her thoughts to herself. She was slightly embarassed at her outburst, and hoped for nothing more than a good rest and to goad some play from Farpace, who was watching her out of the corner of her eye with a mother's concern. **Relax.** Evenstar sent humorously.

Farpace snorted and hopped unnecessarily over a small branch, bumping Evenstar around a bit. Laughpanting at Evenstar's quick yelp, Farpace gave her a sly look. That would show the elf friend.Re: Making camp, again.
Post by multifacets on Nov 19, 2008, 6:50pm

It took some time, but the little group did return to their last camp site. Silent dismounted Wanderlust and sent her off to hunt for herself, stressing she was not to hunt for him, if at all, until she had something.

The she-wolf agreed, leaving, and Silent went for the branch-den he had occupied in their last stay. He would put away his things and try to keep his mind off the mountain and the Song that sickened around it. Maybe he could practice with the sling his father gave him. There were certainly lots of pebbles about.

Shellslip went to the stream and slipped off her clothing, folding it neatly by the stream before braiding her hair and grabbing her knife. Then she easily slid in to look for the morsels that would help sate her friends' hunger. There were rocks aplenty here, and as a result, there were many places for fish to hide and mussels to cling.

Nimble fingers trailed over the rocks' surfaces, and soon after, mussels started sailing onto the bank near Shellslip's clothes.Re: Making camp, again.
Post by viola on Nov 20, 2008, 1:43pm

Upon arriving at the deserted camp, Lightgaze went to the den she had shared with Longdusk on the night before. Her legs felt like rocks, and she was tired of moving already. The constantly changing terrain worked on her nerves, and having to go back proved to be a setback, as well. Plus, the feeling the pile of rubble gave her had eated away her courage. All she wanted to do was sleep before they would move once more.


Longdusk's temper had quieted down, but he wasn't his usual self yet. He told his wolf to hunt for his own, because he had saved something from their last hunt. Besides, if a couple of them would take off to hunt, they would need someone to watch over the others. He'd noticed his mother quietly looking for their shared den, and didn't want to bother her. Happy to have her along, he didn't question why she already went to have some rest. There had been days which had taken more travel time than this one.

*Go hunt,* he told Sunsong and Evenstar in a much more pleasant tone than he had before, including the rest of their small group. *I'll stay here and watch over the ones who don't go.*Re: Making camp, again.
Post by peachbug on Nov 28, 2008, 8:43pm

Redthorn watched Lightgaze retreat to her den with mild concern, but she trusted the fellow elder to look after herself. Her own worry about leaving the chieftess and their packmates amongst the rubble was now but a flicker in the back of her Now entrusted mind, as was her harrowing flashback, as she had now determined it to be. Her worries were no good till there was real trouble. With a glance to Icemark and her Silvercub, she considered staying behind, perhaps collecting herself for whatever came next, but Whitecrest growled beside her. He was edgy at the proposition of a hunt, despite his weary legs. His position as alpha only aggravated his need to lead the hunt.

She sighed, thought for a moment, and patted Whitecrest firmly. "You leave the pups be," Redthorn muttered as she stroked his bristled white and gray mane. "Go on." **Hunt.** She sent for clarification and pushed him gently towards the other wolves. She resumed walking with Icemark and Silvercub, taking her cub's hand as they went. Re: Making camp, again.
Post by multifacets on Dec 11, 2008, 5:20pm

All right, I think that's enough, Shellslip told herself, and sat on a rock to lean out of the river far enough to grab her boots. She shook water from her limbs as best she could, put on the footwear, and went ashore to claim her dress.

Once clad, she fished in the river again to haul out a stone that was as flat as possible, then a bit of quartz that was about the size of two elf fists. Another flat bit, probably flint, was chosen and set aside. The gatherer sat down and began carefully cracking shells between the first two rocks, putting the slippery meats on the third.

For his part, Silent went to the farthest edge of the camp- still in sending distance, but far enough for what he had in mind. He found more rocks and carefully stacked them, then found a burl of dead wood to set atop the pile before backing away. Rocks of varying sizes were sought next, and put by his right foot.

Silent pulled a sling from his belt and checked it over. It was made of long strips of braided leather; his father, Lightstone, had worked it through with fat and oils to make it durable and soft. It had not suffered from the long trip so far, which was good. Lightstone had shown his awkward son how to make a sling, but Silent wasn't sure how well it would turn out.

He slid his hand through the loop at one end, and gingerly placed a rock in the pouch at the middle. It didn't fall out when he moved his arm above his head, so he set to swinging.

"If you spin the sling more than once, the less likely it is you'll hit the target when you let the stone go," Lightstone had said, even though his own style was to swing twice and then let the stone fly. But he was a master of the simple weapon, having even perfected a rapid-fire technique that was downright lethal and ended his hunts in success and cracked skulls four times out of five.

But Silent was a novice, and it would take a while before he could get enough force to end his hunts well- or hunt at all.

Silent let the loose end of the sling go, and sighed inaudibly as he missed the wood target by at least three feet. Oh well. This was what practice was for.

Next would come spear-throwing practice.Re: Making camp, again.
Post by peachbug on Dec 17, 2008, 12:53am

Evenstar, originally preoccupied with retying her hair after her wolf's mischief, now gave a pleased Farpace one last fierce rubdown and prepared her bow and dagger for the soon hunt.

They needed no large game, but fresh meat was welcome no matter the size or quantity.She studied her bow as she contemplated the huntings past in the old holt, but determined to keep the distant thoughts far off. A fresh hunt would put things right. The wood of the bow was aching and worn, but the time for new weapons would come with a new holt, no sense to waste time in between. As she waited for Sunsong, Evenstar walked quietly to the river to watch Shellslip's new catch.

*How goes it, Shellslip?* As Evenstar studied the pile of meats growing beside her, she sent. *Your skills never go to waste!* Re: Making camp, again.
Post by multifacets on Dec 19, 2008, 4:05pm

Shellslip smiled up at Evenstar, bright and pleased. *That's the beauty of gathering,* she replied. *Every little bit helps, right? If you like, you can go ahead and have some, but I think it might be best if you didn't take more than three. That way we'll be sure that everyone who wants some will get some.*Re: Making camp, again.
Post by viola on Dec 20, 2008, 6:21pm

Lightgaze dreamt. She dreamt of the old holt. It was a dream she'd had before, but every time it was different -- as if she dreamed like they continued their lives. She could tell by the little things she saw , like a scratch that slowly faded. Hair growing longer, or being cut. She missed them. She still wondered if it had been a good thing for her to come with, but she didn't want to show that to either Redthorn or Longdusk. For them, she was happy to be here.

Hazel seemed sad in her dream. Firecat had told him not to go, and had said that she needed this. But the male seemed to do better every day.
Strange dreams, followed by a deep blackness, in which she wandered alone. It was as if her soul tried to reach out for something when she was here, but found nothing. Nothing, except the dreams of the holt she'd known.Re: Making camp, again.
Post by peachbug on Dec 25, 2008, 1:16am

"Perhaps one." Evenstar knelt briefly and took up one of the slips of meat, tearing a bite off carefully. "Sunsong is off preparing alone...I'm not sure whether to go without her, I'm sure she needs the rest." Taking another small bite, she studied the discarded shells and smiled. "What interesting skins these creatures would make, if I could work them. Hardly warm, but certainly pretty." She held one broken piece with the shimmer outward in front of Shellslip. "You could swim with the fish like one of their own!" Evenstar laughed.

Within the camp, Redthorn swung a cheerful, carefree Silvercub in beside her with Icemark, the cub's hand clinging to hers as she squealed a giggle. Redthorn playfully hushed her, which only elicited more laughter. Privately, Redthorn took note of the packmates, observing Evenstar taking leave only a few moments ago and the others settling in to rest or relax. 'Silent...' She thought, glancing about for the young elf. **Silent?** She sent cautiously, not intending to interrupt. **Are you well?**Re: Making camp, again.
Post by multifacets on Dec 26, 2008, 1:43am

Shellslip laughed, imagining herself adorned from the hips down with the sublime, subtle shimmer of cut shell squares as she swam and splashed about in a stream.(*) *Oh- oh, friend, if we could come up with something like that, I'd wear it proudly,* she giggled, grinning brightly. *We'd have to tie it tightly, but I'd wear it!* She gave one of the shells a thoughtful look. *If nothing else, these would make a beautiful belt if strung on leather, with fringes. What do you think?*

**Are you well?*

"Ghk!" Silent stiffened, arm freezing in the middle of a swing, and the stone fell from the pocket of his sling. *[confusion/surprise/realization] Redthorn?* he responded. **I- I'm fine. I was- I am practicing. I didn't want to do it too close to camp; I might've hit someone,** he added, lock-sending as well, and re-collected his "ammo" to try again.

(*How's that for alliteration? XD) Re: Making camp, again.
Post by peachbug on Dec 26, 2008, 3:36pm

"Oh, that would be perfect! I have seen a few designs like that before, but I've never tried." Evenstar studied the piece in her hand intensely, the grain, the shape, the thickness of it with blue eyes bright with interest. "Perhaps we should save some of the larger pieces. I could experiment for you."

Redthorn laughed to herself. **Sorry to startle you, Silent. I didn't want to bother the others with my sending. Wise to keep away from camp with such things, but keep a fair eye on your surroundings when you can. Peaceful as it may be here, it's still strange. Send if you need any help.** Re: Making camp, again.
Post by multifacets on Dec 28, 2008, 11:25pm

"I'll cut the pieces for you," Shellslip promised Evenstar. "Squares and ovals are some of the easier shapes to make, and they look nice. I bet you'll be able to make something lovely out of them."

**Tell me about it,** Silent muttered, partly sarcastic. He felt the strangeness still, but at least it wasn't choking him and making him panic now. **I'll be mindful.** Re: Making camp, again.
Post by peachbug on Dec 29, 2008, 1:19am

Evenstar nodded. "I'll do my best. preparing and dying good leathers and furs is one thing, this will definitely be interesting. I'll ask Lightgaze if she's worked shell before." She glanced out over the stream. "It's sort of silly, but I'm hoping to find some really new, interesting skins wherever we're going." She grinned sheepishly. "I pity the poor animals at our new holt. To see us prancing round in their skins must be an awful shock."

**You do that, Silent.** Redthorn sent, twirling Silvercub about with one hand. **Though I guess you'd know best of us when something was coming.**Re: Making camp, again.
Post by multifacets on Dec 29, 2008, 11:30pm

"I can work with shell too," Shellslip reminded. "Lightgaze would have plenty of help from me." She winked, giggling again. "I promise I wouldn't get bored and wander off."

Silent paused, comprehension dawning. **I.... I would know,** he sent, wonder in the words. **I'd feel/[hear it] it coming, wouldn't I?** He found himself smiling. **That would be so useful, wouldn't it?**Re: Making camp, again.
Post by peachbug on Dec 30, 2008, 12:57am

"Well of course you can work shell." Evenstar laughed. "But cutting so many pieces just right and finding the right type of skin..." She rubbed the piece of shell in both hands. "I can't wait to try it. It will really be beautiful." After a moment, she glanced back over the stream again. "I fear Sunsong is busy for now. Would you like to come with me for a short hunt? You've already worked so hard to get us this meat, you needn't make the kill. It would be nice for some company. To be alone here in the strange place..." She shivered. "I really would like someone to come with me. If you can't, it's fine, I'll go back to camp and ask."

Redthorn smiled at Silent's realization. **Of course it would. Your gift is beyond my experience and knowledge, but all the High Ones' gifts are useful. You will find a fair place and time for it, you'll see.**Re: Making camp, again.
Post by multifacets on Dec 31, 2008, 12:30am

"You're right, of course," the redheaded maiden agreed, finally seeing the point. "I'm no tanner, and cutting as many shell pieces as needed might take a lot of time. Shell must be treated with delicacy, after all."

She mulled over the offer of the hunt. "We might have to settle for small game, and even that seems to be scarce. How do you propose we round some up?" Shellslip asked, and had one of the mussel meats.

Silent straightened up considerably, and finished re-stocking the pebbles. **I'll listen very closely, as best I can,** he promised Redthorn.

Having a purpose like that felt WONDERFUL.Re: Making camp, again.
Post by peachbug on Jan 1, 2009, 8:58pm

"Well..." Evenstar considered, still turning the shell piece in her fingers. "The wolves are always useful for flushing game, but they do better with larger, and besides, they need the rest." She sighed. "We could dig up some fresh roots and leave them out, that would interest ravvits...but that would take forever! We would have to sit for a day before small game was willing to approach something that smelled wolf." She sighed again.

"Maybe we just need one tired wolf. I could have Farpace take a quick run through the brush and see what darts out. I'll have to be quick though, and not waste arrows." Evenstar touched her bow. "Maybe even a dagger will do. What do you think?" She wrinkled up her nose in a sheepish smile. "What an awful huntress I am! I really do prefer the larger game."

Redthorn smiled at the boy's enthusiasm and turned her attentions back to her lifemate and cub.Re: Making camp, again.
Post by viola on Jan 5, 2009, 3:25am

Longdusk couldn't sit still. His thoughts flew from the elves who had left to investigate the rocks, to the ones who had wanted to hunt and now didn't go on a hunt. He paced up and down near the shelters Sunsong had shaped for them, casting a glance in Evenstar's direction, as well as looking up to the den his mother had disappeared into, before tilting his head to the direction they had come from, re-entering their shelter. He suppressed a growl.Re: Making camp, again.
Post by peachbug on Jan 6, 2009, 12:00am

Redthorn's hunter keen ears heard the faintest sounds of Longdusk's pacing, and curious as well as concerned, excused herself from both cub and mate. Silvercub went about as well as before, perfecting cartwheels beneath her father's watchful eye. Redthorn did not prefer distance sending as a method of counsel, even though she had to use it with Silent. If possible, as now, she would make herself known physically.

She slipped over one of their makeshift shelters as gently as possible, but did not try to hide her sound or scent. *Longdusk?* She sent, mixing concern and love with her firm sending. *You are troubled?* Re: Making camp, again.
Post by multifacets on Jan 9, 2009, 1:51am

"I wouldn't say awful," Shellslip chided. "Just keeping to your preferences. But you're right, a dagger does wonders for small game." She finally finished cracking the shells and began picking pieces that had some particularly nice colors. "So do darts, which is why I use them. If you think Farpace would be up to flushing game, then we could certainly try it."Re: Making camp, again.
Post by peachbug on Jan 9, 2009, 10:00pm

(OOC: Evenstar is going to skip ahead to flushing game here, unless it should be a separate post.)


Evenstar frowned as her dagger dug in just behind the heel of a skittering brown ravvit that scooted his lucky butt right back under another patch of brush. Farpace emerged panting but cheerful despite the loss. *I haven't practiced nearly enough.* She sent to Shellslip. *But I suppose they can't hand themselves over to be skinned.* She sighed out loud and slipped from her place behind some brush and low branches to collect the small dagger again.

Re: Making camp, again.
Post by viola on Jan 13, 2009, 8:42am

**Aren't you?** he retorted the question of his mother's soulsister. **Half of the hunters are off exploring a pile of rubble I'd rather had left alone -- who knows what they might stirr. The rest of us is excused to the hiding place we started from. We could better have moved on. This curiosity is dangerous.**

His grey eyes fixed on Redthorn's face. **Tell me you feel it too.** he more or less demanded. She had a cub, she must feel uneasy because of the situation. True, there had been other dangerous and tricky days between the time they had left the familiar holt and the current night, but this was different. Like doom lurked around the corner. And Longdusk didn't trust it at all.Re: Making camp, again.
Post by peachbug on Jan 13, 2009, 9:40pm

Redthorn turned slightly away in thought for a few moments before answering. **It is already done.** She began. **I worry for the fates of our exploring tribemates as a wolf worries for her missing packmates. The possibilities are endless, beyond imagining...but the wolf does not linger on it.** She sent firmly.

**We are elves, we wish to know everything...but as Wolfriders, we must surrender to a wiser blood.** Redthorn pointed back where the wolves had exited. **My Whitecrest mourns his missing mate, Stormfire's bond, as I would mourn my Icemark. But he leads, he does not whimper in his den like a cub.**

She sighed. **As for Stormfire...we will see what comes of her chief's wisdom. Your deep worries have come at the loss of the Now, Longdusk.** Redthorn came forward and touched his shoulder gently, tilting her head. **Worry with me, but do not let it rule you. You are too strong for that.**Re: Making camp, again.
Post by multifacets on Jan 14, 2009, 9:14pm

Jan 9, 2009, 10:00pm, peachbug wrote:

Evenstar frowned as her dagger dug in just behind the heel of a skittering brown ravvit that scooted his lucky butt right back under another patch of brush. Farpace emerged panting but cheerful despite the loss. *I haven't practiced nearly enough.* She sent to Shellslip. *But I suppose they can't hand themselves over to be skinned.* She sighed out loud and slipped from her place behind some brush and low branches to collect the small dagger again.

(OOC: If it should be a separate post, we can move it later.)

Shellslip giggled almost musically. *If they handed themselves over, we would never have a lean time again, and all the hunters would get fat and bored,* she teased, waiting for Evenstar to come back. *Try holding the knife like this,* she added, showing the other elf a picture of what she meant. *And would you mind asking Farpace to try again? I'll see if I can get something.*

Before Evenstar could comply, however, the bushes shook, a ravvit yelped, and Sniffer trotted in with his head held high, tail wagging and ravvit in his mouth. "Show-off," Shellslip muttered a bit sourly as the wolf went to eat. "We might have to settle for squirrel meat if this keeps up, friend." Re: Making camp, again.
Post by peachbug on Jan 14, 2009, 9:37pm

Evenstar laughed quietly at Sniffer's antics and nodded to Shellslip's sending suggestion. *My wrist twists just so when I go for it...possibly because it feels more natural, it's similar to how I use my tanning arm.* She snorted at herself. *Really, must we run ourselves sore just getting a couple ravvits?*

She sent to Farpace, calling the cheerful but tired wolf back behind the brush. *Come on...I promise only one more time, if I or Shellslip can't make it, I'll sit on a branch and take bow shots at squirrels. You'd have a fine laugh at that.* Farpace seemed to agree, panting with a glint in her eye at the image of her elf-friend perched on a branch, getting flustered over those tasty furbits.

*Go!* She sent to Farpace, and raised her knife.Re: Making camp, again.
Post by multifacets on Jan 22, 2009, 4:16am

All the talk about bushy-tailed rodents appeared to be somewhat prophetic. Instead of a ravvit, squirrels were flushed out this time. Shellslip rapidly threw two darts with both hands, nailing two of the little scurriers, and had a third in her hand by the time another rodent leaped atop a rock. A flick of her wrist, and the little weapon went into the squirrel's neck, the impact knocking it off the rock onto the other side, and something that rang oddly against the stone dart.

Shellslip gave Evenstar a wide-eyed look of surprise; she hadn't expected a weird noise like that. "What in the world was that?" she asked, moving out of the bushes to investigate.Re: Making camp, again.
Post by peachbug on Jan 22, 2009, 7:45pm

Evenstar stopped, openmouthed and mid-congratulations to Shellslip on her fantastic catch, when the sound rang. Her heart quickened slightly and she tilted her head as if to listen for an echo. Farpace whined impatiently and Evenstar pushed her back.

"I have no idea." She murmured. "That didn't sound like a rock, more like a spear clanging on sword." Evenstar crept out and over with a few long strides, and leaned over the rock, caution apparent in her eyes. Shellslip's dart was embedded in the squirrel's small neck, near perfect in it's aim, but beside it, a whole other wonder. "High Ones, Shellslip, look at this!" Evenstar gasped, putting a hand over her open mouth.Re: Making camp, again.
Post by multifacets on Jan 22, 2009, 8:04pm

Shellslip scrambled almost ungracefully to her tribe-mate's side, landing on her knees to have a look at what Evenstar held. It was rusted and dented in some places, but it was unmistakably a statue, molded with such expertise.

Shellslip yanked the dart from the squirrel's neck, licked the blood off, and helped Evenstar hold the object steady. Then the redheaded gatherer carefully, almost gingerly began scraping some of the rust off the statue's head with the point of the little weapon. "Look at this!" she exclaimed a moment later. "Pointed ears!"Re: Making camp, again.
Post by peachbug on Jan 23, 2009, 1:03am

Evenstar nibbled on her lip and shared a glance with Shellslip. Pointed ears? She rubbed at the statue's small face, dislodging a little dirt. "Shellslip, oh...!"

The statue's face was delicate despite the rust in places, but somewhat masculine. As Evenstar rubbed more dirt from it's heavy form, unwilling to take a dagger to the statue yet, she shook her head of golden brown. "Shellslip, it looks elf...I think. Look at the size of it!" She struggled to lift it just right. "I've never seen an elf like this, he must be twice our size if his head and hands were like ours."Re: Making camp, again.
Post by multifacets on Jan 23, 2009, 10:22am

"Is that even possible?" Shellslip wanted to know. "I mean, the stories say the High Ones were tall, but-" She broke off. "Is this a statue of a High One?" she squeaked, and almost dropped her dart, but thankfully she kept a hold of it; otherwise, she might have ended up with a small hole in her thigh.Re: Making camp, again.
Post by peachbug on Jan 24, 2009, 3:32pm

"I don't know." Evenstar nibbled her lower lip as she examined the statue. "Now that it's said, my fingers tingle on it, like a strong magic. This must have been elf shaped, but whether by High Ones..."

High Ones, High Ones alive here? Maybe not alive. How old was this statue? Evenstar tried to quiet her darting thoughts. "We sensed elf magic at the tumbled mountain." She looked at Shellslip, bewildered. "Do you think it's from the same source? If it is a living High One, Chieftess Stormfire and the other may find them. The mountain felt odd." With a sound, she brought the worried Farpace to her side. "We should bring this back. Maybe Mist and the elders can explain it better."Re: Making camp, again.
Post by multifacets on Jan 24, 2009, 6:06pm

Shellslip agreed immediately. "That is a very good idea. Let's do that." She grabbed the squirrels by their tails and reclaimed the darts, putting them away. "This is kind of exciting, isn't it?" she asked, grinning brightly. Re: Making camp, again.
Post by peachbug on Jan 24, 2009, 6:13pm

"Oh yes, but I'm so curious I hardly know what I'm feeling. This might be the closest thing to a High One we'll ever see! Even more than that, what does it mean for that fallen mountain?" She shook her head and laughed. "You know how I am. Too silly to know what's coming one minute, the next I'm chattering your ears off about the possibilities of our great great grandcubs." Evenstar rubbed Farpace's pale coat affectionately. "I can't wait to see what they say, especially when Stormfire returns. They won't be the only one with a story!"

"Thank you for coming Shellslip," She added. "Not only was it your fine aim that found us our prize," Evenstar hefted the statue against her shoulder awkwardly. "You did all the hunting as well! I'll have to make it up to you."Re: Making camp, again.
Post by multifacets on Jan 25, 2009, 12:44am

"Hey, no, don't worry about that," Shellslip told her tribemate, poking Evenstar's bicep. "Three squirrels is hardly what I call hunting. It's snacking." She frowned a little as they walked. "Same with the mussels. I'm starting to wonder if snacking is all we're going to get while we're here." She shook her head. "That isn't good. There has to be something else we can do."Re: Making camp, again.
Post by viola on Jan 25, 2009, 8:49am

"Then what's the wiser blood?" Longdusk growled, "Wolf? Leaving them in that forsaken place, moving along ourselves? Elf? Waiting here and doing nothing? It's not about whimpering like a cub."
He turned his face away from Redthorn when she touched his shoulder. **Worrying is the only thing I can do around here, so it seems. Both elf and wolf in me scream to get away from here. And I promised to keep us safe. I'm doing a fairly bad job if everyone is just splitting up in every direction.**Re: Making camp, again.
Post by peachbug on Jan 25, 2009, 3:45pm

"It isn't your duty alone to keep us safe, Longdusk. That duty lies with all of us, and Chieftess Stormfire. When she returns, speak with her as Wolfrider to chief." Redthorn protested. "This new tribe is made of fine elves and wolves, all wise in their own ways. We all wish for a safe holt and woods to raise cubs. We know the pain of loss..." She paused, pained by approaching a topic that burned them both. "And we aren't blind to the dangers, especially Wingfoot, your mother and I."

Redthorn switched to sending to convey the depth of her feelings. *I brought my lifemate and Silvercub to follow Sureshot's daughter; I leave behind a chief I trust in all things and I was ready to leave behind my soul-sister to do it. Do you think me foolish?* The question was not sarcastic, but gentle and heartfelt.

Evenstar nodded slowly. "Yes, the wolves had better have luck in their hunt, we don't have much to feed the elves that stayed at the camp, much less share." She sighed and shifted the statue again. "Farpace didn't join the hunt, so I'll have to share with her. Stormfire's scouting party will be tired and hungry. I will help you gather more mussels later, if there are many to be found up or down the stream." She wrinkled up her nose and smiled. "I hope where ever we are heading provides a better feast than squirrels and shellfish!" Re: Making camp, again.
Post by multifacets on Jan 25, 2009, 4:17pm

"It should," Shellslip assured her. "I think it's this place that keeps the game away." She shuddered. "Eck! I can't believe the others wanted to EXPLORE that pile of boulders! What could they have been thinking?"

She paused at the mention of shellfish. "If no one's eaten them by now, I'll bet one of the wolves did," she said with a sigh. "Let's share a squirrel and give the other two to Farpace, for all her help, before we try something else."Re: Making camp, again.
Post by peachbug on Jan 25, 2009, 7:23pm

Evenstar shrugged. "I was curious, but who knows what that rubble held, it didn't feel all...together. If it had been up to me, I might have wanted to watch it, perhaps camp a ways off, but I wouldn't want any of the Wolfriders in danger of it." She corrected herself quickly. "Not that Stormfire wanted to endanger us; I could see it in her eyes, she really wants to learn more about the past and everything new we might meet. Maybe this mountain will help us know what's ahead."

"Poor Stormfire," Evenstar sighed. "She must be our Now, but remind us of our past and future. Too much for a young Wolfrider if you ask me."

"As for Farpace," She eyed the cheery wolf with a smile. "She can stand one squirrel for now. Wouldn't want to spoil her too much. She'll need to start getting used to getting her meals on the move." Evenstar sent her gratitude and satisfaction to Farpace anyways.Re: Making camp, again.
Post by multifacets on Jan 26, 2009, 4:37am

"Well, if you're sure." Shellslip held out a squirrel to Farpace. "Anyway, if Stormfire can do that, her age doesn't matter, does it? She must be able to do it, or her father wouldn't have trusted her with it, right?"Re: Making camp, again.
Post by peachbug on Jan 26, 2009, 8:11pm

"Of course, Stormfire is Sureshot and Waterdance's daughter, sired with all of the best in them. Not every chief hits every mark though." Evenstar sighed. "Even Sureshot had his share of mistakes and flaws. We can only wait, as bothersome as it is sometimes. Stormfire will show her true worth as a chieftess, I trust in the blood of the chiefs."

Farpace snatched up the meaty bit happily, pausing to crunch on small bones.Re: Making camp, again.
Post by multifacets on Jan 26, 2009, 9:54pm

Shellslip nodded thoughtfully, barely noticing Farpace as she took her due. "I don't like waiting," Shellslip said at last, then opened her thoughts. *Everyone, we found something!*Re: Making camp, again.
Post by peachbug on Jan 27, 2009, 1:00am

Redthorn turned with a start in the direction of the sending, almost spinning around. She didn't want to abandon Longdusk mid-thought, but she could sense intense curiousity and urgency to Shellslip's open sending. Redthorn turned to meet Longdusk's gaze again. **I value your thoughts, my sister's son, but they need us. If you need me once this new trial is finished, I will be here.**Re: Making camp, again.
Post by multifacets on Jan 27, 2009, 3:34am

Shellslip's sending surprised him, especially with its context: "We found something." Not "We found something to eat," or "We found something to share with the wolves." Just "We found something."

Curious and welcoming the distraction, Silent left his little practice area to see what was up, trying to shut out the Song again as he drew his mantle about his body.

Shellslip couldn't hear him coming, but instinct made her turn her head when he arrived, and she quickly beckoned him closer. "You're not going to believe this," she told those who approached.Re: Making camp, again.
Post by peachbug on Feb 23, 2009, 10:50pm

"What is it?" Redthorn swept across the hard ground silently, concern etched on her face as she approached the two. "What did you send for?"Re: Making camp, again.
Post by multifacets on Feb 24, 2009, 1:04am

Shellslip held out the statue. "This!" she said importantly. "Evenstar and I found this while we were hunting. It has pointed ears and four fingers," she added, letting everyone draw their own conclusions.

Silent wrapped his mantle a bit more tightly about him and tried to focus on the statue, "touching" it through the Song. It rang loudly with age, and perhaps there was the faintest trace of some kind of memory, something he could barely "hear".

Who could have made it? Why had it been forgotten? Where had it belonged? He asked, but at the same time, he knew his mind could not trace the Song far enough for the answers. Silent shook himself and dragged his thoughts away from trying. *You won't keep it, will you?* he sent anxiously.

Shellslip looked at him as if he had asked what color the sky was. "Of course not! It's not something we can use," she replied sharply, and Silent shrank back.Re: Making camp, again.
Post by peachbug on Feb 24, 2009, 8:25pm

"It's all right, Silent," Evenstar gave a playful reproaching glance at the older Shellslip. She knew how easily intimidated the elf could get by the usual Wolfrider roughness and with all the odd behavior from the tribe, it put them all on edge. Her thoughts drifted back to Stormfire's decision, but she snapped back.

"I think...once Stormfire and the rest of the tribe has seen it, we should bury it. I don't know about humans in this area, but I wouldn't want to give them any bad ideas." She nibbled her lip and glanced at the rusted thing.

Redthorn was taken aback at the cubs' discovery, their chatter lost to her as she studied the statue. Her first slow thought was that it looked gaunt, it's arms and legs too skinny for an elf. As the huntress stepped closer, she recognized that the figure was just very tall and was definitely elven in form, delicate features visible where the rust and earth had been scraped away.

"Timmorn's blood!" Redthorn uttered the oath with a short breath. What possessed this place they had come to, to find so much strangeness so close to where Stormfire had insisted upon exploring? She trembled within herself at the possibilities that flooded her thoughts, but she refused to be overwhelmed by worry again. Her weakness at the tumbled mountain had been purely triggered by stress and worry, she had determined to herself, and she would be stronger for these cubs here.

"How did you find this?" She began slowly to Evenstar and Shellslip, eager to know that they were put in no danger. As she asked, she sent to the lagging healer and fellow elders an image of what the cubs had brought.Re: Making camp, again.
Post by multifacets on Feb 24, 2009, 11:00pm

"Oh, it's surprisingly simple. We were trying to hunt," Shellslip explained, "and we did manage to get some squirrels, mostly by luck." She hefted the statue a bit. "I got one with a dart, and it fell, with the dart striking this." The redheaded maiden let Evenstar take the statue as she pulled out one of her darts as an example. "Since this is stone, it made a very queer noise."

*It really should be buried [forgotten/forsaken/left alone],* Silent added, mostly to Evenstar, but his thoughts were still open. Re: Making camp, again.
Post by peachbug on Feb 25, 2009, 12:26am

Evenstar nodded to Silent and Redthorn. "Yes, it was the strangest thing! I don't really know what else to say." She almost lost balance with the statue as she tried to turn it around to look at it. "It's very tall, like no Wolfrider I've seen. I was the tallest at the old holt and I would stand like a half-grown cubling to an elf this size!" She paused, unsure if she should evoke the title of the revered High Ones and risk sounding like a dreamberry addled cub. She shared in Silent's discomfort with holding onto this piece, and sent back so, but restrained her deep curiousity.

Redthorn shook her head of red braids, arms folded. "You found it with no harm done to yourself or another, at least we have that. When Lightgaze, Wingfoot, and Mist arrive, we will take a closer look. For now, let's set it down, we can all take a better look."

Evenstar cleared a patch of dry earth with her small foot, and rested the statue onto the ground.Re: Making camp, again.
Post by multifacets on Mar 10, 2009, 2:40am

Shellslip dusted off her hands. "Maybe a troll made it," she mused.

Silent just shrugged, turning away. He wasn't going to be near that statue if he could help it; it had its own kind of dissonance. *I'm going back.*Re: Making camp, again.
Post by peachbug on Mar 12, 2009, 2:57pm

Redthorn wrinkled her nose at the thought of the stinking, hulking creatures creating something so delicately featured. "We'll see, cub, this doesn't stink or look of their work. They wouldn't bother with the image of our kind, they find us as disgusting as we find them! Then again, strange enough has happened."

*Don't leave! The elders haven't even gathered.* Evenstar sent back to Silent without thinking to speak out loud. *You are gifted to such things, we may need you yet.* The tanner was more comfortable knowing Silent, along with her other tribemates, might share in the strange discovery. Surely he would know that sort of curiousity, to wonder about the out of place? "You see what we can't." She offered.Re: Making camp, again.
Post by multifacets on Mar 12, 2009, 10:08pm

Silent stopped dead, looking over his shoulder in surprise. How could Evenstar have known? He supposed his reaction to the pile of rubble had something to do with it.

Shellslip frowned and asked "What could Silent possibly tell us?"

The words were like a slap, but he was used to the feeling by now. *What could you?* Silent inquired, and Shellslip frowned.

"It's old," she ventured, "and Redthorn's right that it probably wasn't made by a troll."

Silent just nodded and left it at that, though Shellslip's frown deepened. What does he know? she wondered.Re: Making camp, again.
Post by peachbug on Mar 13, 2009, 12:27am

"I've seen a rockshaper work fine rock, sometimes hard metals, but not like this. I can't say either way." Redthorn admitted, shrugging and eyeing the flicker of sending between Silent and Evenstar. The verbal tussle between Shellslip and Silent amused her despite the circumstances.

"As for Silent..." She gave them both a pausing glance. "And yourself, Shellslip, no thoughts are useless to this new...thing. I value your thoughts as much as any tribemates, as you should each others. Our experiences give us value, however many or long."

Evenstar flushed at Silent's startled expression. "You never look at small things the way we do...like the wolves do. Surely there's a good purpose? In mind, you are there when we are not and not when we are there..." She silenced herself as embarassed words started to tumble off her tongue and turned her words to the others.

"What point is there to making a figure of an elf?"Re: Making camp, again.
Post by multifacets on Mar 13, 2009, 2:39am

Gratified by Redthorn's and Evenstar's words, Silent thought about them carefully, and measured them against what he had barely sensed from the statue itself. *Memory,* he sent at last. *Something had to be remembered with that statue. Something important.*

He looked at the figure again. *That seems to be a male, so it was made for or made to remember a male. But it's a sad memory.* He stopped, realizing he had said so much so clearly without tangling his emotions in his impressions, and blushed. Was that a good thing?
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Making Camp, Again
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