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 Out of Tune

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PostSubject: Out of Tune   Out of Tune EmptyThu Jun 16, 2011 1:53 pm

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Out of tune
Post by multifacets on Jan 26, 2009, 5:05am


Silent threw down his spear with a nearly inaudible bark of frustration, and dropped to the ground in a cross-legged sit with his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands.

He just. Couldn't. Concentrate! It seemed too much to ask of his addled brain to try doing two things at once. Even with his focus on practice, "listening" for any hint of his tribemates' return from that pile of rocks distracted him badly. It was because of the Song, ever shifting, ever entrancing, nibbling at his consciousness and stealing his attention.

Silent smacked his fists against his temples, then dug his fingers into his hair. Why? he thought unhappily. Why can't I push it aside and do what everyone else can do?

He was an adult, healthy and capable of caring for himself if he could focus. The frustration seemed to make a lie of that. He had been frustrated many times as a cub and adolescent, but such emotion was often swiftly forgotten, eaten by the Song and all its complexities. Now it felt stronger.

Damn. Curse it. High Ones take it all. If I can't do both, which one should I do?
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Out of Tune
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