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 Westering Bay Climate and Weather

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Westering Bay Climate and Weather Empty
PostSubject: Westering Bay Climate and Weather   Westering Bay Climate and Weather EmptyWed Jun 15, 2011 10:40 pm

Westering Bay has a very moderate climate. It's going to be a drastic change for the Wolfriders, who are accustomed to cool summers and long, cold, winters.

Westering Bay has cool, dry summers and cool, wet winters - but no snow! They don't have the elevation for it. But they get a LOT of rain for five months during the winter season!

Temperatures are in Fahrenheit, with Celsius in parenthesis. Precipitation is given in inches. We'll provide more detailed weather information at the beginning of each RP segment for Westering Bay, from now on.

Season of New Green
March – April – May
Average High Temperature: Beginning 56 (13) | End 60 (16)
Average Low Temperature: Beginning 42 (6) | End 48 (9)
Average Precipitation: Beginning 5.55” | Middle 2.91” | End 1.62”

Season of Hot Sun
June – July – August
Average High Temperature: Beginning 62 (17) | End 64 (18)
Average Low Temperature: Beginning 51 (11) | End 53 (12)
Average Precipitation: Beginning 0.65” | Middle 0.16” | End 0.38”

Season of Falling Leaves
September – October – November
Average High Temperature: Beginning 64 (18) | End 58 (14)
Average Low Temperature: Beginning 51 (11) | End 44 (7)
Average Precipitation: Beginning 0.86” | Middle 2.36” | End 5.78”

Season of Whitecold
December – January – February
Average High Temperature: Beginning 55 (13) | End 56 (13)
Average Low Temperature: Beginning 41 (5) | End 42 (6)
Average Precipitation: Beginning 6.35” | Middle 5.97” | End 5.51”

For reference, the climate is based primarily on the climate of Eureka, California USA. The town is approximately in the same position on our world as Westering Bay is on Abode, with many of the same geographical features. So until a real climatologist comes along and works up a real climate for us, we'll just steal Eureka's.

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Westering Bay Climate and Weather
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