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 At the River

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PostSubject: At the River   At the River EmptyThu Jun 16, 2011 3:11 pm

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At the River
Post by Anna on Jun 7, 2009, 11:55pm

((OOC: this starts shortly after Windsoft leads her scouts away, so there's about 8 hours before the Wolfriders would get there. So this is late afternoon, but with 3 or 4 hours to go before sunset. So, until the Wolfriders reach the rive in the main thread, only Nightsun, Ashglow, and Starpath will be posting here. Smile ))

Nightsun paused as she crested a slight hill, almost indiscernible in the vast expanse of the grasslands. She shifted her pack into a more comfortable position, barely noticing it's familiar weight or contours. She'd been wearing a similar pack since she'd taken her first steps. That pack held all of her goods and possessions, just as her brothers' packs held theirs.

She closed her eyes and listened to the whispers that drifted around her. They weren't always there, but for the last several days, three had been particularly persistent and stayed with her for almost the entire walk. She didn't understand most of what they said, but they promised a home that had no more wandering, a cool place to stay with others of their kind.

Nightsun was very tired of wandering. She yearned to stay in one place, to see the same things day after day. The whispers said that by coming this direction, finding this river, that she could have that.

She peeked a look at her brothers from beneath lowered lids. They could have that, too. They would be happier with others of their kind, and not just her.

"We will wait here," she said quietly, starting the shallow descent of the hill. "It will not be long. I will collect soaproot. They will want it."

Re: At the River
Post by peachbug on Jun 8, 2009, 2:01pm

Starpath shared an awkward glance with his brother. He enjoyed this change of direction, and his sister's new confidence in leading them wherever they might be heading, but all this talk of 'they' was making his head itch with questions. He scratched the top of his head, but that didn't really relieve the wondering.

**Ashglow?** He locksent, though their sister probably couldn't catch their words in her current state. **I'm fine with following Nightsun, but why do I have the feeling we're on the tail of something else entirely?**Re: At the River
Post by meimei on Jun 9, 2009, 9:17pm

Ashglow glanced at the river their sister had led them to, then glanced back at the grasslands they had already crossed. It was a welcome sight. But so far Nightsun hadn't led them wrong since she had unexpectedly decided to take over the course of their wanderings.

Where she was leading them too, and how she knew how to get there were just the beginning of the unanswered questions. He tried not to think too much on it. One way was good as they other. He was used to it. But he shared an awkward glance with Starpath at her statement. He didn't like this 'they' bit that had started up either. Who were 'they'? For that matter what were they?

**I feel it too, Starpath. I don't like it one bit, though. Let's just be cautious, alright? We don't know what's out here.**Re: At the River
Post by Anna on Jun 9, 2009, 9:54pm

Nightsun hummed softly as she led the the way down the shallow hill. The tall grass rustled as she passed, brushing her legs and waist with stiff, golden stalks. Everything smelled greener the closer she got to the river. She thought they might have been here before, but she couldn't remember. It seemed familiar - but one riverbank on the edge of a grassplain was much like another. She couldn't count how many times they had walked the grass plains, wandered through forests, even skirted the burning waste. They'd never crossed that, however. It was too desolate, too unknown. She would miss the times they'd walked along the sandy shores and looked over the endless waters, but she was willing to make that sacrifice.

A glance at the sky assured her that rain was unlikely, so Nightsun didn't bother breaking out the tent. Sleeping under the stars would be pleasant, and Starpath always enjoyed gazing at them. They would need a fire, though - later. When it cooled off. She set her pack down and pulled out the bone knife one of her brothers had made for her and started cutting a wide circle in the turf. She set the sections of turf aside, to replace later when they left this camp. She always preferred to start the camp with the fire-circle.

"Will you hunt?" she asked her brothers, glancing up from her task. "We will need a lot. I'll fish, after I finish the fire circle."

Re: At the River
Post by meimei on Jun 9, 2009, 10:55pm

Ashglow glanced over at Starpath again. He'd stopped to take a sip of the water, grateful for the chance to moisten his parched throat with water that hadn't been his waterskin under the hot sun. Nightsun's words bothered him more than he cared to admit.

"We'll hunt." He knew Starpath wouldn't mind him volunteering them both. He wanted to ask more, but hesitated. Why more than usual? Bringing down more than they could eat or dry to take with them was impractical. The obvious answer was she planned to feed more than just them. But why? Who was she expecting?Re: At the River
Post by peachbug on Jun 10, 2009, 12:15am

Starpath nodded, of course they would hunt for their sister, but for her...'they'? He would ask his sister, but upsetting her was the worst thing he could imagine, and what harm did it really do in letting her lead for a while? She'd followed them every which way, across endless hills and flat earth. Hopefully Nightsun wasn't keeping anything from them, but Starpath seriously doubted it. Something about this spot had struck her fancy, and who was he to complain? He shrugged at his brother's look. Ashglow was apparently more concerned than he.

She was Nightsun, who knew what flew round between her ears?Re: At the River
Post by meimei on Jun 11, 2009, 1:48pm

At Starpath's shrug, Ashglow relaxed a little. Maybe he was just letting the heat make him jumpy. This wasn't a brand new path, afterall. They'd travelled all their lives, up and down the forest and the grassplains. Even though it was just the three of them now, little had changed. They'd never stayed anywhere long. He'd wondered a few times if they should. Just pick a spot with water and good hunting and stay there. But he'd never voiced the idea to his siblings.

"We'll try to stay within sending range. We won't be long."

Though a part of him knew Nightsun could take care of herself, he still felt the need to protect her. The times when her head seemed full of clouds worried him. What happened if danger came along at the wrong moment?Re: At the River
Post by Anna on Jun 11, 2009, 11:19pm

Nightsun watched her brothers go off to hunt. There were fresh hoof marks on the river's edge so she didn't think they'd be gone long. Large game was close by.

Singing now, she absently continued to cut squares of sod and set them aside. When she finished that, she listened to the whispers of the three who had guided her across the grass plains as she gathered grasses and twisted them into blocky bundles that she could use instead of wood for a fire. She wouldn't start that until she was ready to cook; grass burned much more quickly than wood did.

Her three friends grew more excited as time passed and Nightsun had to smile as their eagerness sent them flying off and back again. "No, I won't," she said firmly, returning to the river and getting a long, rolled string of gut from her pack. "Not yet, anyway," she qualified.

The sun had set by the time she had started fishing, but she didn't worry. The others wouldn't be there until the night was half gone.

Re: At the River
Post by Anna on Jun 13, 2009, 3:01pm

Her brothers had returned as the moons neared the highest point of their nightly path, pulling a rope and leather travois behind them. They'd clearly found one of the herds of bison that traveled through the grasslands. They had just as clearly been successful in their hunt, bring down one of the huge beasts and butchering it on the spot for easier transport back to the river.

Nightsun set aside her fish as her brothers arrived, and greeted each with an embrace and a brush of her lips against their cheeks. "This will be plenty," she said happily as she looked at the grass-wrapped bundles on the stretched hide.

She stiffened abruptly, however, when the three whisperers around her grew excited, then abruptly vanished. They hadn't left her for days, not since they'd urged her on this path, and the sudden sense of aloneness that followed their departure saddened her.

But then it occurred to her what reason they may have had to leave, and she suddenly laughed with delight. "Your return is timely," she said merrily to Ashglow and Starpath. "I believe our friends have arrived!"

She turned around, scanning the horizon until she spotted the ones she'd been preparing for. "Welcome," she called stepping forward and away from her brothers. She smiled and spread her hands, showing she had no weapons on her. "You have had a long ride. We have food, and there is water. Will you join us? We've been waiting for you."

Re: At the River
Post by Anna on Jun 13, 2009, 3:08pm

Beside Stormfire, Sunsong gasped as the stranger elf by the river called out to them and urged them to join her and the other two. She glanced at Stormfire, not sure what her friend would decide. They'd never met other elves before! She wanted to race down to the river and ask them questions - who are they? Where did they come from? Are there more of them? But she waited for Stormfire's word.

Mist stepped up beside his chieftess and pondered the unexpected trio on the river's edge. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Elves, sun, grass, sharp copper scent of blood from fresh kills, water. The unique, body-scents of the three below, though he'd have to get closer to know which scent belonged to which.

They had been expected. How? They weren't from the holt, and Mist doubted that Sureshot would have told strangers of his daughter and the group that followed her. But they were elves, so how strange could they be? 'Not our tribe,' the thought whispered to him, but Mist shoved it away. That was a wolf's territorial tendencies speaking, and in this the elfin blood spoke more strongly. Elves were elves, and they were all one.

And the three below were greatly outnumbered. "There's no harm in going to the river, Stormfire," he murmurred quietly. "They are only three, they are elves, and they seem friendly."

Re: At the River
Post by multifacets on Jun 13, 2009, 6:39pm

"We've been waiting for you"? How had they have possibly known of Stormfire's tribe?

Was one of them somehow like him? Able to "hear" things from afar?

Silent wanted to send and ask. He wanted to see what the Song could "tell" him about those three elves.

He held back anyway. Stormfire hadn't said it was okay to move yet.

Still, he burned with curiosity.

Shellslip was confused. Very confused. How had the strange three known they were coming? Surely they hadn't been that noisy! Maybe the trio had been hiding when the scouts arrived, and then waited for them to come back? That made sense, but in that case, why didn't the scouts have a chance found them?

So confusing! She didn't like that.

**What now?** the gatherer lock-sent to Stormfire.Re: At the River
Post by kris on Jun 13, 2009, 7:33pm

"Welcome," she called stepping forward and away from her brothers. She smiled and spread her hands, showing she had no weapons on her. "You have had a long ride. We have food, and there is water. Will you join us? We've been waiting for you."

Stormfire froze in the act of reaching for a javelin. The maiden who approached them was an elf--but so dark! Long black hair, smooth and gleaming as a crow's wing, hung to her hips; eyes like new amber met her own. And she was smiling in welcome, unarmed . . . and smelled of fish and fire.

The latter scent made the Wolfrider chieftess wrinkle her nose. Fire was for humans.

Sunsong gasped in surprise, and Mist came up to join them. "There's no harm in going to the river, Stormfire," he murmured. "They are only three, they are elves, and they seem friendly."

And Shellslip locksent: **What now?**

Stormfire took the measure of the two males and the campsite, and locksent back to the tribe. **Keep an eye out for trouble.** She took her hand off her javelin and advanced to the maiden. Her scent revealed no fear, no anxiety, and Stormfire took another step closer.

"Why have you been waiting for us? And how did you know we were coming?"
Re: At the River
Post by peachbug on Jun 13, 2009, 10:58pm

Starpath could only grit his teeth and stare at the newcomers, spear raised defensively, but not aggressively. Their skins paler than yellowed grass, and riding great beasts of prey...but elves. Certainly elves. But what sort?

He edged forward, hoping to have a word with Nightsun before she sped into the arms of these strangers. Re: At the River
Post by kris on Jun 14, 2009, 12:05am

Tallspear saw the stranger move towards the dark maiden, and brought his own spear up to his shoulder. "I'd stay put if I were you," he warned.

**Down, cub,** Wingfoot ordered.

Grimacing, Tallspear lowered his spear. "He comes near Stormfire, and I'll pin him to the ground," he muttered.

"Aren't you the protective one," Whirlwind scoffed, coming up behind him. "Let him make a move first, mighty spear-thrower."

Blushing, Tallspear gritted his teeth and said nothing, but resolved to let both Whirlwind and Wingfoot have it if anything happened. **And you've got your hands free, I'm sure, Wingfoot,** he sent at last, when Wingfoot didn't move. Something about the elder's silence made him look over his shoulder. "Hey," he hissed. Wingfoot looked past him. "Elder! Are you deaf?"

Wingfoot threw him an annoyed glare and pushed past him. Tallspear swore under his breath as Wingfoot positioned himself close to Mist, blocking the young hunter's view of the strange maiden. *If those other two make a move,* he sent to Whirlwind, *Wingfoot better listen when I tell him to duck.*Re: At the River
Post by Anna on Jun 14, 2009, 7:32am

"They told me," Nightsun answered Stormfire. "They said you were crossing the prairie, hungry and thirsty, and seeking a new home. They said that you would come here, and if we wished, we could join you. We are wanderers, and many turns of the season ago lost our family. I tire of wandering and wish a home with others of my kind. My brothers need others of our kind, as well."

Nightsun looked over her left shoulder at Starpath, only then noticing the spear he held, ready to use. She reached out one hand and pushed the spear away. *No, brother. There's no danger,* she sent to him, not even bothering to locksend. *They will not hurt us, if we offer them no harm. Please?*

Starpath reluctantly, and very slowly, lowered his spear, replacing the physical threat with a scowl as he looked over the dusty, dirty, sweaty newcomers.

Satisfied that he'd given as much ground as he could, Nightsun looked at Ashglow, and sighed to see his arrowwhip in hand. She sighed. *Ashglow? Please?*

Sunsong stifled a giggle and leaned towards Stormfire. "I don't think she told her brothers anymore about us, than we know of them!" she whispered merrily.

"I wonder who 'they' are that told her about us," Mist murmurred.

Icemark stepped back from the front row of elves, carrying Silvercub with him. Redthorne stayed, as was appropriate for one who was hunter and elder. He sent her a wordless reassurance that she didn't need to worry for him or their cub; her attention could safely be focused forward, on the unknown.

Oakstaff edged forward and eyed the three strangers curiously. "Pretty," he said, noting the lush curves just hinted at beneath the female's shapeless poncho. "Foul tempered," he added with a chuckle, moving his regard to the two males. Re: At the River
Post by peachbug on Jun 14, 2009, 11:12am

Redthorn nodded slowly, but shakily. She trusted Icemark absolutely, but not these strangers, however gentle the female's intentions seemed. It was merely a mother's inuition to beware these scowling, armed strangers. They were elves though, therefore children of the High Ones. She sent ahead. **Wingfoot...what do you make of this?** She sent also to Lightgaze, asking the same.Re: At the River
Post by viola on Jun 14, 2009, 5:18pm

OOC: Okay, short, because I'm a bit at a loss -- everything's altered a lot these last few days Smile

Firecat's hand laid on her weapon, but she was more curious than something else. Now, what? Elves! And gorgeous, handsome elves. She wouldn't mind them in their group, though only the female seemed content. The males seemed just as uneasy as a lot of the wolfriders. Raising an eyebrow to Evenstar, she sent: **Darkskinned and pretty. Though I think the female suffers from slight moon madness.**


After the initial shock, Longdusk had started to frown and hadn't stopped doing so anymore. His instincts told him to protect the tribe, but half the cubs were merry and joyful and all that blah, while they should be cautious. One of them even raised his weapon, that should've told them enough. Suppressing a growl, he observed the threesome ahead. This was their river, their territory, because they were here first.


Lightgaze had slumped to the back, and decided that this was as good a spot as anything else. She caught a glimpse of one of them, however, and swallowed. The wolfriders had tanned over their journey, but nothing like the darkskinned elves they had encountered. And what's more, when their scents drifted towards them, they smelled vaguely familiar.Re: At the River
Post by kris on Jun 14, 2009, 10:41pm

Jun 14, 2009, 7:32am, Anna wrote:
"They told me," Nightsun answered Stormfire. "They said you were crossing the prairie, hungry and thirsty, and seeking a new home. They said that you would come here, and if we wished, we could join you. We are wanderers, and many turns of the season ago lost our family. I tire of wandering and wish a home with others of my kind. My brothers need others of our kind, as well."

"And who are 'they'?" Stormfire asked, only to see the maiden look over her left shoulder at one of the males. She glanced sidelong and saw Tallspear attempting to get him in sight. **Hold it there,** she ordered. **They're kin, not trolls.**

Sunsong stifled a giggle and leaned towards Stormfire. "I don't think she told her brothers anymore about us, than we know of them!" she whispered merrily.

"I wonder who 'they' are that told her about us," Mist murmurred.

"That's what I'd like to find out," Stormfire whispered, waiting until the maiden turned back to her. "I don't know what 'they' told you of us," she said firmly. "I don't even know who 'they' are. But we are Wolfriders, journeying from far woodlands. I am Stormfire, chieftess of our tribe. Who are you, maiden?"Re: At the River
Post by Anna on Jun 14, 2009, 11:01pm

Knowing now that neither of her brothers was in a particularly welcoming frame of mind, Nightsun kept half her attention on them, and half on the newcomers. "They gave me their names," she answered the leader. "They...were not familiar with you. But they names they gave they said you and yours would know. I am Nightsun, and these are my brothers, Starpath and Ashglow." She took another step forward, but stopped when she heard both of her brothers draw in sharp breaths, she smiled at them reassuringly, but didn't move further from them.

"The ones who led me here had two names, as do we. The hidden name, which they would not tell me, and the name which was theirs by right and by gift. They were Skylight, and Tracker, and Pinecone. Skylight said to me her mate was coming. Pinecone and Foxpace said that their children would be here. Are these names not known to you?"

Suddenly Nightsun's tone, until now sure and calm, turned uncertain. Almost timid. The whispers she'd heard were a new thing for her. She had, at first, be startled and wary of them. But they had seemed so individual, so knowledgeable of things she couldn't know! Surely they had been there? Surely they still were! She could all but hear them circling around those they had loved! She knew she'd be able to pinpoint precisely those that Skylight, Foxpace, and Pinecone had been connected to in life!

"Please," she said more softly, her arms folding around her torso as doubt assailed her. "Please. Do you know these names? Are they not kin to some of you?"

Re: At the River
Post by kris on Jun 14, 2009, 11:08pm

Wingfoot stared in shock. The names . . . he could hear as well as feel his tribemates' shock. Stormfire looked as though someone . . . well, as though Nightsun had found the bones of Timmorn Yellow-Eyes and held them up to her.

He stepped forward, ignoring the looks he got from all sides as he approached Nightsun. "I knew Pinecone," he told her, and then locksent. **I knew his soulname. If you know it, tell me.**

Stormfire's lock-send was as sharp as a blade. **Wingfoot, what are you doing?**

**Making sure we're not being led into a trap, Chieftess,** Wingfoot responded, not taking his eyes from Nightsun's own.Re: At the River
Post by Anna on Jun 14, 2009, 11:17pm

Nightsun's eyes widened as one male stepped out from the rest. Her gazed locked on his, gold to liquid darkness. Narrow were those eyes, sharp and keen. Skin as pale as the silvery moons and hair nearly as dark as her own. She held that gaze, as fascinated as a viper's prey, hypnotized by some sense she couldn't name. Her body swayed slightly as he came closer, and she gasped for air as the world began to swim. She'd forgotten to breathe!

Just as she was about to repeat what she'd said before, that the others had not given her their hidden names, a whisper brushed her mind. She reached out without thinking and laid her hand against this one's cheek, feeling the soft silk of his skin, and the short prickle of the hair that traced his jaw. **Orm,** she answered him softly. **Pinecone's secret name is Orm, and he bids his son greeting.**

Re: At the River
Post by kris on Jun 14, 2009, 11:23pm

Orm. Pinecone's soulname, the last thing his sire had shared with him before dying from a bear's vicious attack, swept over Wingfoot with a flood of memories. Some were so old that he'd forgotten them; others felt new, although his sire had been dead for nearly half his life.

It was as if Pinecone stood once more before him, and as Wingfoot stared down at Nightsun's round, lovely face, he felt as giddy as a cub. She had no idea what a gift she'd given him. In spite of all his years and his status as an elder, losing his parents had been the most painful thing he'd ever suffered.

He smiled at her, nodding . . . and knew nothing more as the grass came up to meet him with a thud.

Stormfire saw Wingfoot smile, and gave a small sigh of relief--and gasped as the elder suddenly crashed to the ground like a stricken tree. "Wingfoot!" she exclaimed, and Mist hurried to him. "What happened?"Re: At the River
Post by meimei on Jun 15, 2009, 1:27am

Ashglow had only been able to stare in shock at the sight of the strangers. Elves?? Could they really be elves? A part of him could not believe it to be true. He pretty much missed his sister's initial greeting in his confusion. He gritted his jaw when they approached - not liking the intrusion one bit. He saw Starpath raise his spear in warning, and one of the strange elves seemed to reply in kind.

He pulled out his arrow-whip - eyes narrowing. If they dared to harm his siblings...

He heard Nightsun's plea, but he only shook his head with a scowl. How did they know they could trust them? From the wild beasts they rode to the weapons they carried, it was obvious they were hunters and fighters. But he paused when he spotted one elf turn and walk away, carrying a youth in his arms. A child? Slowly he lowered his arrowwhip - though he did not put it away. Surely if they meant harm, they wouldn't have brought their children with them?

He listened to Nightsun's words, but still could make little sense of them. The names were certainly not familiar to him at all. Who were these strangers? He scowled as one approached his sister, and sending passed between them. When the elf passed out, he stepped protectively to his Nightsun's side. He didn't know what had happened, but he knew he'd have blamed if Nightsun had been the one to collapse.Re: At the River
Post by multifacets on Jun 15, 2009, 4:21am

Silent yipped in surprise when Wingfoot simply folded to the ground. What in the world had this Nightsun told him? It must have been truly staggering. What was going on here?

He looked at Nightsun and leaned on Wanderlust, daring to open his mind and "listen". The Song weaving about and through her was odd, but not bad. It was simply very strange, something he had never experienced before. The silver-eyed elf withdrew, closing his mind again, and wondered.


The entire situation was so strange, Shellslip actually started giggling. In the face of such absurdity, how could she not? It seemed the only way to keep a level head at the moment. The sight of poor Wingfoot crumbling made her laugh a little harder, however. Things like that were always funny when they happened to someone else.

What other surprises could they expect?Re: At the River
Post by viola on Jun 15, 2009, 5:15am

Longdusk felt his skin crawl as the darkskinned female told him that his deceased lifemate had told her. He growled deeply, hearing his father's and lifemate's name from that... elf! Was she an elf? What strange tricks were laid out here?! When Wingfoot collapsed, and Stormfire and Mist hurried over to him, he jumped in front of them with a snarl, ready to protect them if these elves tried anything. He didn't know what had happened between the female and the elder, but it had passed him out completely!

He felt the urge to jump over and force her to tell where she'd gotten these names, but for now, three against one seemed a little too much even for him to take. Skylight's death had been a severe blow, and now someone he didn't know spoke of her, it made him feel as if he was being toyed with. A snarl excaped his throat.


"Oh," Lightgaze breathed, and her eyes widened as she heard the name of her father and lifemate, right before Wingfoot collapsed. She stared, wide-eyed, to the dark female and her gaze shot to the two males on her side. She took a step back, and unconciously tried to lock-send to her mate. The send connected to nobody's mind, and Lightgaze only realized that she had sent, when se felt no connection. It was the same feeling she'd had right after Tracker's death. Now, this female brought it all back up.

When Longdusk jumped in front of Wingfoot and the healer, she took another step back, but was half lost in memories, some of which she thought were long forgotten. "How..?" she breathed, but she couldn't make one coherent sentence.


With Wingfoot's collapse, Firecat tightened the grip around her weapon, and added to the send she had shared with her sister before: **A very weird form of Moon madness.** What was her deal? Talking with ghosts? She suppressed a snort.Re: At the River
Post by Anna on Jun 15, 2009, 6:50pm

“Oh!” Nightsun flinched back as the male before her abruptly collapsed and his companions rushed towards them. She stepped back, seeking the safety and shelter of her brothers. She watched wide-eyed and frightened as a silver-haired male spread his hands over the fallen one. “Is…is he unwell?” she asked faintly, pressing back against Ashglow’s chest, unheeding of the fact that she was preventing him from raising his arrow-whip again. “Please? He is not hurt, is he? I-I didn’t do anything!” Nightsun twisted her fingers around each other, biting her lip as her gaze stayed fastened on the dark-eyed male who’d asked her for the name.

She gasped as another male leaped in front of the fallen one, his stance protective and threatening. Instinctively she took a step back from him, forcing Ashglow to move, too. Faced with the threat inherent in the other’s position, she wilted, huddling against her brother, her wide gaze flickering between him and the one who’d first approached. When he snarled, she paled and swallowed hard. “I-I didn’t do anything…” she whispered, blinking quickly. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

Mist lifted his hands and shook his head. “He’s fine,” he announced to them all. “Just a bit more of a shock than he was prepared for. Wake up now, Wingfoot,” the healer added, touching the elder between his eyebrows with one fingertip, and using a bare hint of healing energy to rouse him. “Wake up, stand up, and stop scaring your tribemates, you treewee.”

Sunsong looked at Shellslip and bit her lip, trying to not join the other in her giggle. She slipped back, leaving the handling of the situation to Stormfire, Mist, and the other elders, and took a place beside Shellslip. “It’s not funny,” she whispered, a sparkle of unreleased laughter edging her tone, “but it’s funny! Did you see him just go down like that?”

Re: At the River
Post by multifacets on Jun 15, 2009, 9:10pm

"Yes!" Shellslip squeaked, and covered her mouth to muffle a louder laugh. **He's normally so sure of himself, and down he goes, whoomph!** she lock-sent to Sunsong, thoughts bright with humor. **This will be something worth teasing him about, but only for a little while. We don't want to hurt his feelings too much, do we?**Re: At the River
Post by Anna on Jun 15, 2009, 9:24pm

Sunsong widened her eyes innocently. **How could two young cubs such as we,** she replied merrily, **hurt the feelings of so dignified an elder?** She grinned, slipping her arm around Shellslip's waist and leaned against the gatherer. She giggled, looking towards the still prone Wingfoot. **Oh, no, my friend! We shall tease him for quite some time!**

Re: At the River
Post by kris on Jun 15, 2009, 11:40pm

Stormfire was unable to keep back a snicker when Wingfoot opened his eyes. The elder's eyes crossed, rolled, and finally narrowed in a scowl when he saw Mist in front of him. "You can move away now, Healer," he growled, sitting upright. He threw Stormfire an irritated glower, but sent, **She's telling the truth. She knew Pinecone's soulname.**

The chieftess turned back to Nightsun and fought the chill that went through her. It was said that the Father Tree at home cradled the spirits of dead Wolfriders, but Stormfire had never known an elf who could actually talk to them. She wasn't sure she'd have wanted to. If you could see the dead, the elders claimed, you were too close to them to begin with.

Her heart sank a little. She was beginning to like Nightsun; she hated to think the dark maiden was fated for an early death. But Stormfire squared her shoulders back and gave Nightsun a reassuring smile. No matter what, she had told Stormfire the truth, and the chieftess was prepared to do her duty to tribe and host.

"We're grateful to you for your hospitality, Nightsun," she said. She looked at the males standing behind her. "We mean you no harm. We're only travelers at this moment, searching for a new holt in new lands." She held out her hand. "We'd be honored to share meat and water with you."Re: At the River
Post by Anna on Jun 16, 2009, 11:39pm

"Especially since it's their meat and water," Oakstaff commented drily. "Don't know much sharing we'll be doing."

Re: At the River
Post by kris on Jun 17, 2009, 12:16am

Stormfire lost the battle to keep her composure with Oakstaff's send. **No one's going to want day-old scraps of ground-squirrel, Oakstaff,** she returned, chuckling. **And let's hope they aren't going to burn all that meat!**Re: At the River
Post by Anna on Jun 17, 2009, 7:06am

Nightsun was relieved that the female seemed amused and friendly, and that others of her group weren't hostile. However, the first male was still on the ground, and the growling male still stood in front him, offering threat to herself and her brothers. She wasn't sure what to do and nothing would let her ignore the one closest to her, the one with a weapon and a clear willingness to use it.

She didn't move or speak, keeping her eyes fastened on Longdusk now that she knew Wingfoot - wasn't that was the silver-haired male had called him? - was not harmed.

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Re: At the River
Post by meimei on Jun 17, 2009, 10:11am

When one of the strangers lept in front of the fallen elf and let out a snarl, Ashglow's eyes narrowed, but before he could raise his arrowwhip again, Nightsun was pressing back into him - apparently just as startled by this turn of events as the elf's tribe. Despite the fact that she prevented him from raising his weapon, he couldn't find it in him to push her away, and moved with her as she pushed back to step away - watching the other elves warily.

Apparently the other elf was fine, which was good - though the one had yet to change his protective stance. Not that he would have if the situation had been reversed. The leader accepted Nightsun's earlier offer of food and water. Though he heard one of her tribemate's remark on it dryly. He gave the elf still guarding his fallen tribemate a grudging nod of respect, nudging Nightsun over a bit to return his arrowwhip to it's holder.

"We lay no claim to the river or any land. We are wanderers, and stay wherever our path takes us." He spared a glance back at Starpath to see if he had lowered his weapon yet, before turning his gaze back to Nightsun. She had started all this, though he hated to think of it that way. Still, under the circumstances, she should be the one to reply to the leader.Re: At the River
Post by viola on Jun 17, 2009, 12:20pm

With a last soft growl, Longdusk got up his feet again, eyeing the strangers warily. Apparently, within a blink of an eye, Stormfire had decided that they were good and friendly, but he didn't trust them at all. It bothered him that everyone except him, apparently, instantly lost their caution when they told them they didn't mean no harm.
He eyed them suspiciously. **So... that's it? They're throwing around some of our ancestors names -- My lifemate's name and my father's name, by the High Ones! -- and suddenly, we're friendly?** He sent to Stormfire bluntly, with a feeling of wariness and discontent, oblivious to the soulname sent to Wingfoot.


Lightgaze remained in the back, unsure what to think of it all but enjoying the safety of the rear. She wanted to ask about Tracker, but she hesitated, even though apparently, they seemed friendly.


OOC: Holding off with Firecat, giving Peachy a chance to reply with Evenstar :)Re: At the River
Post by kris on Jun 17, 2009, 1:15pm

Jun 17, 2009, 12:20pm, viola wrote:
He eyed them suspiciously. **So... that's it? They're throwing around some of our ancestors names -- My lifemate's name and my father's name, by the High Ones! -- and suddenly, we're friendly?** He sent to Stormfire bluntly, with a feeling of wariness and discontent, oblivious to the soulname sent to Wingfoot.

**She knows Pinecone's soulname, Longdusk,** Stormfire sent back. **I don't know how she got it--or why Pinecone gave it to her--but there's only one way she could have found it, and that's for Pinecone to tell her.** She turned to her tribemates. **Lower your weapons. For now, I'm convinced they mean us no harm.**Re: At the River
Post by Anna on Jun 17, 2009, 7:19pm

Nightsun almost wilted in relief when the growly one backed off. He still seemed suspicious, with his eyes narrowed and hard as he watched them, but at least he wasn't growling anymore!

She moved as Ashglow directed her, only then realizing that if he'd needed his weapons, she'd been preventing him from using them. She glanced up at him, her eye's offering her apologies even as she touched his face gently for a brief moment.

"We have fresh meat; my brothers have just returned from their hunt. There is fish, as well. I have but to build the fire and the cooking can begin," she said softly, gesturing towards the large circle of bare, brown earth and the much smaller circle of stones within it. "Perhaps...you would like to bathe and rest while the meal is prepared? I gathered soaproot while my brothers were away."

Her gaze flickered to the male who had questioned her, the one who had fallen. She stepped away from Ashglow and edged towards her fire circle. She didn't know what else to say, and it would take some time to cook the meat Starpath and Ashglow had brought.

**My dear ones,** she sent to her brothers, **I think all will be well now. We can stay with them, have a home, have a family again. Will that not be nice? Perhaps you will even find lovemates and have children!**

Re: At the River
Post by kris on Jun 17, 2009, 7:29pm

"We have fresh meat; my brothers have just returned from their hunt. There is fish, as well. I have but to build the fire and the cooking can begin," she said softly, gesturing towards the large circle of bare, brown earth and the much smaller circle of stones within it. "Perhaps...you would like to bathe and rest while the meal is prepared? I gathered soaproot while my brothers were away."

"The what?" Stormfire blurted.

"Cooking?!" Whirlwind burst out. "You mean you're going to burn it like humans do?!"

Not all the tribe reacted as noisily as Whirlwind, but it was apparent to Stormfire that there was no bottling up the Wolfriders' disappointment. Even Silvercub dramatically rolled her eyes and groaned aloud.

"Well, so much for food," Tallspear muttered, and Stormfire threw him a look that made him flinch.

But it was Wingfoot who spoke up and said, "Excuse us, Nightsun . . .? But 'cooking' . . . that's not our way."

Not our Way indeed, Stormfire thought, highly amused that Wingfoot of all the elders would make this point to Nightsun.

Nightsun's amber eyes widened in confusion. "Oh," she breathed, and blinked. "I see." She blinked again, then gestured towards the travois and its grass-wrapped bundles of meat. "The fruit of my brothers' hunt is there. Please, enjoy it as you wish."

Sighing in relief, the Wolfriders nodded simultaneously, and Wingfoot gave Nightsun a beaming smile. "I think that would suit us all very well," he announced, ignoring the looks thrown him by Longdusk, Mist, and Tallspear.

"Thank you, Nightsun," Stormfire managed to get out. "You've been very kind to us so far!" She didn't dare look back at Wingfoot. One more glance at the elder's face, and she'd have to ask him if he'd Recognized Nightsun.Re: At the River
Post by multifacets on Jun 17, 2009, 7:31pm

Silent's feet moved without his direction, and Wanderlust followed to slip around the tribe, coming to the front beside Stormfire and the elders. The elders were tense, but Stormfire seemed relaxed and ready to give the three strange elves a chance.

He looked to Nightsun, who seemed so hopeful, so eager to please, so exotic. He wanted to ask about the strange notes eddying around her, and inquire where she and her companions had come from, but perhaps it was too soon for that.

Still, he wanted to say something.

Silent took two tentative steps forward, facing Nightsun. *[greeting]/Th-Thank you,* he sent quietly to the tanned maiden.Re: At the River
Post by Anna on Jun 17, 2009, 7:42pm

Nightsun's answering smile lit her face like the sun breaking out from behind stormclouds. "You are most welcome, friend. Please, find comfort here. This river is safe, and provides for all needs."

Re: At the River
Post by peachbug on Jun 17, 2009, 10:07pm

Softling was still reeling as Stormfire finally welcomed the strangers. Everything on her stood wrong at the mere sight of these dark skinned ones. At least everything wolfish in her was on edge. Something else, a stronger part than she'd ever felt before, expressed some pull, twisting against her natural urge to snarl and run. Or fight. No, no, no...this didn't feel right! The others had to feel similarly, Tallspear and Longdusk knew so too! This she-elf was seeing dead Wolfriders and Softling was supposed to assume she wasn't addled like a dropped pup?

The Wolfrider in her warred. The chieftess said not enemies, so they weren't. Longdusk and the others had doubts. Her instincts ran every bit the other way than Stormfire's words, at least she thought so. Then there was some silly bit of her twisted up inside that knew she was just being obstinate. How could this all have fallen on them, they were just looking for a river! The young tracker felt her nails dig into her palms, but she stayed quiet. She wasn't going to challenge Stormfire on this, not a bit in her disagreed with that. Softling was going to do something, but she didn't know what yet. Welcome them? Nip their heels?

Fresh meat or no meat.Re: At the River
Post by peachbug on Jun 17, 2009, 10:21pm

Evenstar to Firecat

**Are we really supposed to believe this elf can see Wolfriders' spirits?** Evenstar's response was horrified at Nightsun's first declaration of such powers. **I can barely imagine a High One doing a thing like that, and she's no High One! Even if she seems kind enough...** The two males advancing at the dark skinned girl's sides unnerved her, especially the lighter haired one with a darker scowl than the black haired one. The tanner's nerves completely fled when Wingfoot collapsed. Her mentor for such a long time as a cub, if these strangers had hurt him...She felt her meat teeth on edge. She was not a fierce one, but these bewildering circumstances left her spinning.

When Wingfoot recovered and admitted the truth of the female elf's abilities, Evenstar could only gape. **Firecat, I would've plucked every one of Whitecrest's tail hairs before I thought I'd see a gift like that...and now we're eating with them!** As she finally turned to gather her sister's expression, she could only grin at the mischief playing there. **Now, you leave those poor elves alone! I'm sure they've had a weary enough day without a tumble with you...**Re: At the River
Post by Anna on Jun 18, 2009, 5:42pm

As the Wolfriders began dispersing - some to the meat, some to the river, some hanging back warily and watching the trio of darkskinned strangers - Windsoft silently came to Softling's side. Putting an arm around the cub's shoulders, she gave her a reassuring half-hug. "Instincts warring at you, cub?" she asked quietly. "The wolf wants to protect territory and pack, but the elf wants to reach out to like spirits."

Windsoft knew the conflict inside. She was experiencing it herself, and only conscious control kept her wolfish instincts at bay. The strangers made her edgy and uncomfortable on one hand, but she was also drawn to them. She, however, had had many seasons to find the balance in her blood. Softling hadn't yet, and the cub reminded Windsoft of herself in so many ways.

"So, shall we be wolf tonight, Softling, or shall we be elf? Chase the intruders off, or welcome them?" she asked, turning to smile at the youngling.

Mist stood back and watched as the trio slowly drifted apart and the Wolfriders spread out, as well. The maiden headed to her circle of bared dirt and Mist watched her go for a long moment, then turned his gaze to his own tribe. There were mixed reactions to their hosts, but overall a more positive response than might have happened. The maid knowing Wingfoot's sire's soulname had allayed many concerns, but Mist was still hesitant to open pack and heart to them. They really didn't know much about them.

Well, it was Stormfire's decision, and he couldn't say he'd have acted or decided any differently than she when faced unexpectedly with unknown elves. He headed to the river, more interested in getting clean and drinking cool water than in elbowing his way through the tribe to get food. When the others were sates, he was certain there'd be some left. The female had mentioned soaproot; he definitely remembered that!

Sunsong lingered by Shellslip, her merriment at Wingfoot's expense having passed into a general happiness at meeting new elves. She glanced around to see who she could drag with her to make them them feel comfortable. "Firecat, Shellslip, shouldn't we go make ourselves known to them? Are you curious about where they've been, and where they come from?" she asked cheerfully.

Re: At the River
Post by peachbug on Jun 18, 2009, 6:22pm

Softling gnawed her lip furiously, and looked at Windsoft with furrowed brows. **What rights do these new ones have to know the soul names of Wolfriders? We were supposed to be finding a holt, not half-maddened elves who don't smell right!** She looked urgently at Windsoft and pressed the strangeness of their scent compared to the other Wolfriders into the locksend. **It's not right! They're not whole. I don't like it.**

Softling glanced at Windsoft's smile, and sighed, calming slightly. **I'm not going to cause trouble, Windsoft. I want to wonder about them, but some things tell me not to, and others do. It's like fleas in my head!**Re: At the River
Post by peachbug on Jun 18, 2009, 6:30pm

Evenstar gigglingly snatched a fish off the store of meat they'd been offered, playfully elbowing her sister. Yes, the whole things was still rather odd, but there seemed nothing wrong with the meat, or the intentions of the strangers, now that Stormfire had opened the way to friendship between the two groups.

As she bit into the deliciously fresh meat, a pleasant change from the ground-squirrels, she watched Firecat, Shellslip, and Sunsong plot their way closer to the newcomers, especially the males. Evenstar had her own questions, to be sure, but she knew they all had enough to consider for now. Instead, she stood, devouring the last of the small catch, and briskly followed Mist, who seemed on a straight course for the river. Water was what they came for, wasn't it?Re: At the River
Post by kris on Jun 18, 2009, 10:37pm

Stormfire shook her head as her tribemates ate and drank. She wasn't hungry--she'd eaten her share of ground-squirrel--and not quite so thirsty as she had been. But as she watched Mist head towards the river, she felt a mischievous urge take hold of her.

Humming to herself, she headed to the river. A good wash would be nice. Her body felt caked with layers of sweat and dirt; Snowtreader would tell her, in the she-wolf's way, that that was merely layers of scent, but Stormfire preferred other smells to that of unwashed body. She was certain others had their own preferences too.

She stopped as she caught sight of someone crouched at the river's edge. Stormfire held still, watching Mist cup his hands, fill them with water, and drink. She studied the curve of his back, so broad at the shoulders, narrowing to the waist and hips . . . there was a time, she mused, when just thinking of him as someone other than her father's best friend made her blush from forehead to toes.

She'd had practice since then. She didn't know if she still blushed, but she was able to cherish the view for much longer.

Still . . . he had no idea she was behind him. Beyond, the water rolled past, sparkling in the light of stars and moons, cool, inviting . . . Stormfire bit her lip again, torn. Mist? Bath? Mist? Bath? Mist and a bath?

Decision made, she flung herself at him, propelling them both into the water.Re: At the River
Post by peachbug on Jun 18, 2009, 11:14pm

"Stormfire!" Evenstar gasped and laughed at the same time, standing some short ways away from the two as the chieftess rocketed into the healer, with a tremendous spray of the cool water. She wasn't yet fully undressed, and just giggled at the two, holding her top in front of her. Her clothes and skin felt completely painted in dust, and she still itched from the dry grasses and sweat, so Evenstar continued shaking and dusting off her clothing, regardless of the two.

With or without those two enjoying themselves, she would have a proper bath, she smiled to herself. Re: At the River
Post by multifacets on Jun 18, 2009, 11:47pm

Jun 18, 2009, 5:42pm, Anna wrote:
Sunsong lingered by Shellslip, her merriment at Wingfoot's expense having passed into a general happiness at meeting new elves. She glanced around to see who she could drag with her to make them them feel comfortable. "Firecat, Shellslip, shouldn't we go make ourselves known to them? Are you curious about where they've been, and where they come from?" she asked cheerfully.

"You know me; I'd be curious as to many things," Shellslip said confidently. "Especially him," she added, sending an image of Ashglow to the others in their little group. "Stars and shells! They grow them well wherever he came from, don't you think?" She grinned, unable to help it.Re: At the River
Post by viola on Jun 19, 2009, 3:06am

"As long as you share him with me," Firecat playfully replied Shellslip, winking at Sunsong. "Seems we're gonna need a big den tonight, plant shaper," she snickered, wrapping an arm around Sunsong's waist and tilting her head to see if Shellslip was coming. "What are we waiting for?"
Re: At the River
Post by Anna on Jun 19, 2009, 8:05pm

Sunsong leaned against Firecat and tapped her lips thoughtfully with one finger. "Well, there are three of them," she said. "But Wingfoot would probably growl at us if we tried to get close to the female. That leaves the other two." She blinked wide eyes at Shellslip. "Goldenhair is yummy in a grouchy kind of way, but we can't ignore Blackhair. He might get his feelings hurt. First, however," she added with a giggle, and a tug on Firecat's waist, "food and swim to get all this icky, sticky sweat and mess off of us!"

Sunsong led her friends to the water, away from where Mist and Stormfire where splashing about, and stripped quickly out of her clothes. A bath. A meal. And by then the strangers should be calmed down enough that they'd welcome the Wolfrider females!

Windsoft tightened her hold on Softling's shoulder, silently reassuring and comforting her. While the strangers did make her uncomfortable, it was not for any of the reason's softly had given. They were simply strangers and she, like the wolfpack, was territorial. "You're too young, cub, to judge so harshly. Different is not wrong, or unwhole." Windsoft paused, and wondered again why Softling had been sent on this quest. Everything they encountered was a challenge to her. Softling was unprepared, and at the age to be unwilling TO prepare, to face the fluidity and unknown of this search. Her heart went out to the young Wolfrider, but her greater concern was for the tribe as a whole. Who knew just when Softling would reach her breaking point, or who would suffer for it? The young were supposed to be flexible, more adaptable than elders entrenched in long familiar ways and habits.

"I know you're trying, Softling, but you must stop trying and actually do. They are here. They've offered no harm, and much hospitality. There are only three of them, and they are in far greater danger from us than we are from them. Would meeting them help? I will take you, if you like."

Re: At the River
Post by multifacets on Jun 19, 2009, 8:34pm

"What are we waiting for?"

"Nothing," Shellslip returned, and promptly dropped her things and darted for the water, away from where Stormfire and Mist were playing. She jumped in fully clad, then surfaced and hastily shed her clothing to lay them on the grasses to dry. "Come on, my friends! The water's fine!" she sang, grinning happily.

Snapper ran to the shore to have a drink.


Wanderlust too wanted the water, but she and Silent went farther down the stream, where it was a little quieter. The notes of action and fun rang sweetly against the silver-eyed elf's mind, making him smile to "hear" it.

Things would be all right now.

He shed his clothes and also dunked them, then set them aside so he could bathe while Wanderlust drank. Re: At the River
Post by viola on Jun 20, 2009, 11:40am

Firecat laughed out loud when Shellslip passed both her and Sunsong and jumped right into the water. "We can share both, so neither feels bad," she winked at Sunsong, while taking a somewhat slower pace to get out of her leathers. "And hey," she added, while kicking out her boots, "We just met them. Wingfoot can't claim her. That's not fair," she giggled, before diving into the water, and surfacing next to Shellslip.

"Oh, it's cold!" she squeaked, but at the same time it was wonderful to feel the water touch her skin again. It'd been way too long since they'd had a bath.


OOC: Sorry, Longdusk's sulking in a corner, I can't get him to talk.Re: At the River
Post by Anna on Jun 20, 2009, 11:56am

"That's true," Sunsong agreed cheerfully as she slipped out of her leathers and waded into the water. "Ahhhh! Nice!"

She sank down until until only her face was above water. She rose up slightly and looked towards the earthen circle where the dark-skinned maiden was kneeling by a small pile of ... something. She could make out what, but the bright flicker of sparks, that slowly rose to a tongue of fire made clear what they were for. A distance away, she saw Wingfoot with is gazed unerring and unfalteringly trained in one direction.

"Hm. Whether he can or not, Firecat, I think he has. I've never seen him that focused on anything before, and we might be wiser - and have more fun! - if we leave him and the female alone and concentrated all of our attention on her poor, lonely, and unattached brothers. What were their names again? Did you hear them?"

OOC: That's okay. Windsoft might seek him out later since she's not TOO keen on making nice with the strangers. Polite, yes. Friends? Okay, that might take a little longer. Smile

Re: At the River
Post by kris on Jun 21, 2009, 2:12am

Tallspear didn't realize he'd been holding his breath until Whirlwind hit him in the back. "Breathe, hunter," she ordered, and he choked. "Oh, you're such a treewee," Whirlwind scoffed, grabbing his arm. "Come on, let's get a bath!"

"Don't you want more food?"

"After you tell me what's going on. You've been looking around you like a nervous squirrel with a longtooth on one side and a snake on the other." Whirlwind winked, taking the sting out of her words. "It's the strangers, am I right?"

**In a way.** Tallspear stopped at the river's edge and began removing his clothing. Whirlwind did as well. **I wanted to make sure Stormfire didn't go off with Sunhair, Blackhair, or Moon-Mad.**

**No, instead she's off with Mist. Why, I can't imagine.** Whirlwind strode into the river, grinning at Sunsong and Shellslip. "This feels wonderful!" she exclaimed, sinking beneath the water, re-emerging with dripping black hair. "High Ones, I'm going to stay here until my skin wrinkles up and falls off!"

"That could be an improvement," Tallspear said calmly, and grinned as she splashed him. He made a show of bumping into Sunsong, and caught hold of her waist. "Hello, treeshaper." He smiled down at her. "So what are you, Firecat, and Shellslip up to, hmm? For maidens as lovely as you three, it has to involve the strangers."Re: At the River
Post by Anna on Jun 21, 2009, 2:32am

Sunsong giggled and leaned back against Tallspear's chest. "Pulp my root?" she asked, holding up one of the soaproots Nightsun had collected and left on the riverbank. "We three are going to get to know these strangers better. Would you two like to come with us?" Sunsong made the offer without a moment's hesitation, not evening pausing to think that the group was starting to get a bit large for a simple meet, greet, and playful tumble. It was approaching orgy, which could possibly be a little startling for the stranger elves.

"Wingfoot seems drawn to the maiden. We thought we'd do him a favor and distract the brothers," she added as she slid down in the water to thoroughly wet her hair. When she rose again, she glanced over her shoulder to see if Tallspear had her soap ready yet.

Re: At the River
Post by peachbug on Jun 21, 2009, 2:05pm

Part of Softling wanted to protest like a cubling, that she wasn't just trying to be stubborn or stupid, she just wanted to be useful, and her nose was the best tool she had! But that was silly. She wanted to be useful, indispensible like Mist and Windsoft, and Sunsong.

Softling didn't mean to blindly ostracize the strangers for being different, but there had to be a good reason for all the bad feelings still floating around in her head. It was like she didn't want them there just because they were, and that made no sense. To a wolf maybe...she considered that thought. Softling wasn't a wolf, not as hard as she could ever try would make that possible. And she wanted things to make sense. Maybe she was just wrong, and whatever scratched inside to drive these elves away wasn't what she should be listening too.

**Yes. They aren't hurting us. The chieftess wants us here, with them. I don't think I cared about the scent, or any of it...I'm sorry Windsoft. I just wanted them to go, for any reason. That was stupid.** Her shoulders slumped slightly, not in sadness, but in defeat to Windsoft's reasoning. **They are elves.** She conceded.

At Windsoft's offer, she started to say no, but Softling was tired of saying no. She'd said it since she was a cub, and she didn't want to be a cub. **I should meet them. If they are willing...** She even smiled slightly as Wingfoot and Nightsun talked between themselves. They were obviously distracted. And the brothers didn't look very interested, glaring into the darkness where the Wolfriders passed through.


Evenstar smiled as Firecat, Shellslip, and Sunsong jumped in as well. She could overhear their chatter from her short ways away, and smiled wider as Tallspear joined them. The new elves certainly would not be lonely! She had considered them herself, but the males nasty dispositions had put her off. Perhaps if her sister and the others got them cheerier, she might slip by and introduce herself. She had never found herself to be overly shy, just focused or distracted, so she was a little surprised at her own reluctance.

Maybe if the brothers would stop staring at poor Wingfoot like he was about to carry Nightsun off slung over Tip-Ears.

Evenstar dove under the waters lithely, running her fingers over the smooth silt below.Re: At the River
Post by kris on Jun 21, 2009, 10:59pm

"Wingfoot seems drawn to the maiden. We thought we'd do him a favor and distract the brothers," she added as she slid down in the water to thoroughly wet her hair. When she rose again, she glanced over her shoulder to see if Tallspear had her soap ready yet.

Tallspear crushed the root between his hands and mixed it with a little water to make it foam. When Sunsong rose from the water, he handed her most of it, and began soaping her back.

"Mind a little company?" He winked as she turned to look at him. "I might spend more time distracting you, but who knows. There's fun to be had for all--especially if those two behave themselves."
Re: At the River
Post by Anna on Jun 22, 2009, 12:03am

Sunsong took her soap and briskly went about the business of scrubbing off accumulated sweat and dirt. "Have I ever told you no?" she asked Tallspear cheerfully. "But I'm not alone, so what do you say, Firecat, Shellslip? Should we let Tallspear in on the fun?" She teasingly splashed Tallspear before diving beneath the surface to rinse the soap clean from her skin.

Windsoft considered the strangers, then looked at Softling. The strangers didn't look too open for new acquaintances just now, and Softly had been pushed as much as was needful for the moment. "Tomorrow will be soon enough, Softling. We'll go hunt ourselves, and make our own contribution. Let's meet them on equal terms, hmm?"

Re: At the River
Post by peachbug on Jun 22, 2009, 12:50am

Softling smiled a little bit, rubbing her arm anxiously. Did the strangers have to make it so much harder by looking so unwelcoming? The gold haired one looked like he would try to chew Wingfoot up and spit him out. Not that he could manage himself against a Wolfrider. "Yes, I would like that." She looked to Windsoft again, trying to reassure the huntress of her sincerity. Softling had no idea where to go for now. The others were at the river, others lagged with the wolves.Re: At the River
Post by multifacets on Jun 22, 2009, 1:56am

"Oh, why not?" Shellslip answered, giggling as she floated on her back. "The more the merrier, right?" She grinned in wolfish anticipation, and stood in order to work on her hair. Best not to have it all tangled when she decided to pounce. "So when shall we do it, hm?"


Silent had finished bathing, and now he was sitting with his knees against his chest on some grass he had flattened out, allowing stray breezes to cool his skin and dry it off. He rested his chin on his knees and closed his eyes, glad to have a chance to relax without worrying about thirst or his wolf-friend's health. That much allowed a pleasant "hum" to tinge his thoughts as he absently "listened" to the Song and his tribemates splashing and playing.

They were happy. That made him happy.

Wanderlust nosed his ear. **Not thirsty. I hunt,** she told him.

**[contentment]/Go on, sweet one,** Silent sent a bit dreamily, and Wanderlust huffed as his mind started sinking out of touch with reality again. Oh well. That was her elf-friend. She licked his cheek and trotted away, following the river. The she-wolf would return when her belly was somewhat fuller.Re: At the River
Post by Anna on Jun 22, 2009, 12:06pm

((OOC: A tangential thread has been started for the welcoming committee. Smile ))

Windsoft grinned at Softling, and subtly urged her in the direction of the waiting meal. "In that case, let's get something to eat, and maybe we'll track down Longdusk and have him keep us company. We scouts need to stick together, especially after the nasty surprise our new friends gave us tonight."

The scout leader paused and looked over her shoulder, frowning until her eyes alighted on her son. "Journey? Will you come with us?"

Re: At the River
Post by kris on Jun 22, 2009, 11:32pm

Journey looked up from picking burrs out of Bigears' feet. "Right behind you," he told Windsoft, grinning at Softling before turning back to his wolf-friend. "That's the last one," he murmured, scratching the big wolf's ears. "Once we get out of this flat grassland, you won't have to worry about those huge burrs."

He followed Windsoft and Softling to the food, idly wondering where Whirlwind and Tallspear had gotten to. A glance at the river told him all he needed to know about Tallspear; his friend was frolicking with Sunsong, Shellslip, and Firecat. He didn't see Whirlwind, but when Journey sent to her, her answering send--full of laughter and tinged with an awareness of Oakstaff--told him all he needed to know of what she was doing.

As for Stormfire . . . Journey had a feeling she was tormenting Mist. He wished her all the luck in pulling the elder's tail; nothing could get him to do the same.

As Windsoft and Softling ate, Journey considered what to do next. What he really wanted to do was explore the river. It was cool and inviting, and the thought of getting in and floating along its current was a soothing one. Too, what harm was there in just scouting things out a little?

He made up his mind as he ate, taking his time so that he'd have an easy time of digesting his meal before he got into the water.Re: At the River
Post by peachbug on Jun 23, 2009, 12:21am

Softling gnawed at the raw meat, more energized than anxious now, having put her feelings out and aside with Windsoft's help. She could hear the others playing, flirting, and the wolves doing nearly the same amongst themselves. She was full and considered Windsoft and Journey beside her.

Oh, how she admired Windsoft. But Journey? Windsoft was a good mother, no question, and as much as Softling might want to protest Journey's strange willfulness as being separate of the huntress, it was very much the source. The resemblance was not only obvious in face, but in selves.

If she respected Windsoft, she supposed she'd have to respect the cub too somehow, Softling considered, crunching a bone.

Speaking of which...Softling felt a surprising pang of guilt at being so cold to Journey over the long ways of the trip. Something else she would have to make amends to, she supposed. She sighed to herself. The tracker had dug herself quite a ditch to fall in whenever she wanted to speak with her tribemates. Always biting and barking at the wrong times. Nothing to be done about it, of course. No way to plan it. Just do it.

She sighed again. 'I will act as the chances come. No more being a fool in front of Windsoft, and Whirlwind, and Tallspear...'
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At the River
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