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 Making Friends (Sun/Fire/Shell/Tall/Ash/Star)

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Making Friends (Sun/Fire/Shell/Tall/Ash/Star) Empty
PostSubject: Making Friends (Sun/Fire/Shell/Tall/Ash/Star)   Making Friends (Sun/Fire/Shell/Tall/Ash/Star) EmptyThu Jun 16, 2011 3:25 pm

Role Play Forums » 13,398 Season of Hot Sun: Grass, Grass, Everywhere, and Not a Tree in Sight » Making Friends (Sun/Fire/Shell/Tall/Ash/Star)
Making Friends (Sun/Fire/Shell/Tall/Ash/Star)
Post by Anna on Jun 22, 2009, 1:30am

While her friends ate, Sunsong took the time to fashion the grass-dens for sleeping, as she had every night on these plains. It took longer than she had planned, both because the arduous journey had sapped some of her strength, and because she did an extra den, in case Ashglow and Starpath proved uninterested in being friendly. There was no need for them and their sister to sleep in the open.

When she opened her eyes from weaving the last hut, she was deleted to see Tallspear squatting in front of her with a portion of the hunt and a fresh waterskin in his hands. She swayed slightly, then reached for the food and drink.

She finished it quickly and could feel her energy being restored by the food. Rinsing her hands from the waterskin, she stood up and held a hand out to Tallspear. "Shall we go be friendly?" she asked. A glance at the maiden's fire assured her that the brothers had gone off, and were therefore available. "Firecat! Shellslip! Did you see which way they went?"

Re: Making Friends (Sun/Fire/Shell/Tall/Ash/Star)
Post by kris on Jun 22, 2009, 1:52am

"Let's go be friendly," Tallspear agreed, taking Sunsong's hand. "I asked Whirlwind if she wanted to come, but . . ." He looked behind him at the den Whirlwind had promptly taken over. "I think she and Oakstaff decided to be friendly on their own."Re: Making Friends (Sun/Fire/Shell/Tall/Ash/Star)
Post by Anna on Jun 22, 2009, 11:14pm

Sunsong wrinkled her nose and laughed. "I'm sure she'll get around to our new friends soon enough," she noted. Lifting her face to the moons, she sighed deeply. *Firecat! Shellslip! The dens are done. Tallspear and I are going to find Nightsun's brothers now. Are you ready?*

She leaned against Tallspear, taking advantage of his strength and support until the befuddlement and weakness that followed her plantshaping faded. She was getting stronger; she had no doubts of that! The constant use of her gift was teaching her far more than her mother ever had, and she was being to think that the older and more experienced plantshaper had misjudged Sunsong's potential. By the time they'd gone a dozen steps, her weakness had vanished and her mind was clear and alert again. She trilled softly, mimicking the song of a nightbird who's liquid cascade of notes always sweetened a night.

Re: Making Friends (Sun/Fire/Shell/Tall/Ash/Star)
Post by multifacets on Jun 22, 2009, 11:26pm

*Ready!* Shellslip's thoughts responded, bright with expectation and cheer. She followed her send into sight a beat after that, angling towards Sunsong and Tallspear. "How do I look?" she asked, patting her hair. She had braided its length around her head, securing it at her neck with a discrete twist of leather. It wasn't a style she often used, preferring to leave her hair loose to flutter in the wind or float through the water unless she was working, but tonight she thought it would make for a good effect. Re: Making Friends (Sun/Fire/Shell/Tall/Ash/Star)
Post by kris on Jun 22, 2009, 11:35pm

Tallspear grinned in appreciation. "Nice," he purred, reaching a hand out to Shellslip. "I'm tempted to persuade you both to come with me and let the strangers find their own company."Re: Making Friends (Sun/Fire/Shell/Tall/Ash/Star)
Post by Anna on Jun 22, 2009, 11:45pm

Sunsong elbowed Tallspear sharply, then snuggled against his side comfortably. "Don't be greedy," she chided. "Besides, you're the one that usually dens with Stormfire and Whirlwind." She rolled her eyes at him, and smiled merrily at him. "There can be other nights, Tallspear - but tonight I want to meet the dark-skinned ones!"

She danced on ahead, briefly catching Shellslip's hands and pulling her in and fast spin before releasing her and piroutteing ahead, her eyes searching for Firecat, Ashglow, and Starpath.

Re: Making Friends (Sun/Fire/Shell/Tall/Ash/Star)
Post by peachbug on Jun 23, 2009, 12:28am

Starpath paced slowly with arms crossed behind the fire, out of the light's glow, but unknowingly still visible to Wolfrider eyes. His brother was so hard set on shielding their sister from the strangeness of this new tribe, but Starpath fought his own urgings. Nightsun was correct that the plains had been lonely, but to plunge so headlong back into tribe life after their loss? The stargazer sighed to himself, involved in his own thoughts. Re: Making Friends (Sun/Fire/Shell/Tall/Ash/Star)
Post by multifacets on Jun 23, 2009, 12:40am

"Awww, shame." Shellslip grinned at Tallspear as she was twirled away and released. "Some other time, then." She left Sunsong pass her by as she released her, and went to the male Wolfrider's side to take his hand as he had offered a moment ago. "It will be nice have you here now, you know."Re: Making Friends (Sun/Fire/Shell/Tall/Ash/Star)
Post by meimei on Jun 23, 2009, 5:04am

Ashglow had found a spot as far from anyone else as he could without wandering foolishly far out. There were nocturnal predators on the plains, and he did not intend to meet them alone. But he wanted space. He wanted to think. To suddenly be near so many others was strange. Though they chieftess had agreed to Nightsun's hospitality, neither she nor any of the other strangers had ventured over to speak with them. Except the one - and, truly, he'd only come to speak to Nightsun.

He supposed he could have been more hospitable to him. Starpath seemed to have taken his approach as interfering with Nightsun's choices. And perhaps his as well? Nightsun wanted to join the tribe - that much was obvious. And despite his protests of not chosing, Starpath had sent that they'd have time to learn of them - indicating that he expected them to travel with the strange elves as well. He'd always felt responsible for his siblings, and he just wanted to know that this was the best path before they leaped head first into things. He muttered a curse under his breath.Re: Making Friends (Sun/Fire/Shell/Tall/Ash/Star)
Post by viola on Jun 23, 2009, 11:50am

Firecat snorted, tying up her hair. "Do you need to ask?" she replied to Sunsong's original question. "Of course I know where they went!" When her hair was tied up to her satisfaction, she pointed in two directions. "That way went the dark haired, that way," she shifted to the second direction, "the second. We either split up, or visit them as a group?" Pulling her clothes straight, she plucked away an invisible hair. "Pity they didn't stay together," she chuckled.

Then, she placed her hands in her sides and tilted her head, watching Shellslip, Sunsong and Tallspear cosily connected. "or maybe you'll look for a den, and I'm gonna introduce myself?" she winked.Re: Making Friends (Sun/Fire/Shell/Tall/Ash/Star)
Post by Anna on Jun 23, 2009, 12:44pm

Sunsong stuck her tongue out at Firecat, then laughed and danced over to her friend, slipping an arm around her waist. "No, no splitting up," she decided for them all. "I want to meet them both." She pursed her lips thoughtfully, then grinned. "It's obvious. We'll just go tell them that their grass-den is ready! We'll have to tell them both, of course, since they'll be sharing it."

The plant shaper looked thoughtfully towards Nightsun as the female started trickling dirt over her fire, slowly suffocating it. "We can leave Wingfoot to take care of her," she giggled. "Let's go get growly-bear first!"

With her arm still around Firecat, Sunsong led the way to where Ashglow had decided to haunt the outer edges of the camp. The last grass-den she'd shaped was nearby, which she took as a sign the High Ones approved of their descendents becoming friends. She had certainly paid no attention to where people were while she was doing the shaping!

"Bright moons, Ashglow!" Sunsong sang out as soon as they were close enough to clearly see him. "We've come to see if you and your brother would like to den with us tonight. The grass doesn't make much of a shelter, but it keeps the weather off while you're sleeping!"

Re: Making Friends (Sun/Fire/Shell/Tall/Ash/Star)
Post by meimei on Jun 24, 2009, 12:51am

Ashglow glanced back at the words. Pausing at the group that were approaching him. Both food and water had apparently refreshed the strangers. They seemed in better spirits than when they'd first met. Not that he supposed he'd made any better of an impression. The greeting was unfamiliar to him, but the meaning was obvious. He studied the bright elf that had spoken for a moment. Her hair was far lighter than either he or his siblings. Or any of his tribe that he remembered, truly. And her expression was welcoming and bright.

"Grass dens?" He asked, unfamiliar with what it meant. Some sort of structure to sleep in, apparently, from her comment about shelter. He'd seen them carrying nothing to make a shelter, though. Strange. "The weather is fine enough, and we have our tent if it takes a turn."Re: Making Friends (Sun/Fire/Shell/Tall/Ash/Star)
Post by Anna on Jun 24, 2009, 1:10am

Sunsong pouted, then slipped a hand around his arm to turn him around. "Grass dens," she reiterated, pointing to the rounded domes of grass that her magic and grown and woven together. "I shaped an extra one. After you and your brother did the hunting, and your sister the fishing, at lease you could let us provide the shelter."

She smiled then and looked up to meet his eyes. "Wingfoot was being too dramatic for you to meet the rest of us. I'm Sunsong. That's Shellslip, Firecat, and Tallspear." She let her smile fade and her blue-green eyes go sad. "You're not going to say no, are you?" she asked, just a hint of a quiver in her voice. "We were so hoping you would den with us." She looked at the other two females. "Weren't we, Shellslip? Firecat?"

Re: Making Friends (Sun/Fire/Shell/Tall/Ash/Star)
Post by viola on Jun 24, 2009, 10:51am

Firecat let Sunsong drag her along willingly, and laughed just before they met Ashglow. The darkskinned elf seemed so gloomy, he could definitely use some cheering up. "The grass dens are actually pretty comfy," Firecat purred, when it was obvious when he didn't know what it was. "Sunsong's had lots of experience these last couple of days. Especially when you share them with others," she confirmed the plant shapers words. "Hoping, definitely."Re: Making Friends (Sun/Fire/Shell/Tall/Ash/Star)
Post by multifacets on Jun 24, 2009, 1:30pm

"Oh yes," Shellslip chipped in, clasping her hands under her chin and turning her most charming smile on Ashglow. "We're very good company. We could tell stories of our people, compare our journeys, and whatever else we can think up." Her tone became a little sly on the last part, and she half-lowered her eyelids as her smile grew half sultry, half welcoming. "Surely it's too nice a night to be alone, isn't it?" Re: Making Friends (Sun/Fire/Shell/Tall/Ash/Star)
Post by meimei on Jun 25, 2009, 9:49am

Ashglow paused, taking in the three as they spoke. This was certainly not how he'd have expected the days journey to end. Even after they'd met the other elves. A part of him still felt wary of the strangers, but the longing to experience joining again was stronger. He briefly thought of Redwing, who's bright smile and laugh was forever part of his memories of her and their joinings. If the passed elves did watch over them, then he knew which choice she'd encourage him to take.

Lowering his head for a moment, he found himself chuckling in amusement. "Certainly not how I expected this day to end." He murmurred, before raising his gaze to the group. Their was a hint of both amusement and something more in his eyes. "My parent's parent spoke of plantshapers, but our tribe could not boast one. I would be interested in seeing these "grass dens of yours." He glanced at Sunsong, then up at Tallspear. "But I don't believe I caught all of your names yet."Re: Making Friends (Sun/Fire/Shell/Tall/Ash/Star)
Post by Anna on Jun 25, 2009, 10:14am

Sunsong gave a bright laugh, then twined her arms around one of his. She had given him their names, but no matter - it was certainly simple enough to do it again! "I'm Sunsong," she said, leaning against him a little as she turned and smiled at her friends. "That's Shellslip who's offering to tell stories. Firecat is the one living up to her name, and I still don't know how she manages to purr so! Tallspear is the silent one, but he won't stay that way for long - one way or another!"

She looked up at Ashglow and her smile turned sympathetic. "It sounds like our arrival surprised you as much as your presence surprised us. Let's find your brother, Ashglow, and we can take you to the dens. It's a little early yet, but maybe if we spend some time getting to know each other, we'll find that there's no need for so much caution."

Re: Making Friends (Sun/Fire/Shell/Tall/Ash/Star)
Post by kris on Jun 25, 2009, 11:01pm

Tallspear looked away and hid a grin. Trust Sunsong to put the stranger at ease. She had what his sire called "winning ways," with her sweet face, bright smile, and irresistible smile.

Not that he felt much up to flashing smiles at the strangers; the maiden was certainly a few eggs short of a full nest, no matter how many times she made Wingfoot faint, and Tallspear wasn't sure her brothers were going to be that friendly either. But there was Shellslip, Firecat, and Sunsong; as long as the stranger didn't threaten them, Tallspear supposed he could return the favor. And if matters got a little friendlier, well, it would at least be an interesting way to get to know each other . . .Re: Making Friends (Sun/Fire/Shell/Tall/Ash/Star)
Post by viola on Jun 26, 2009, 2:05am

"Expectations can always turn out for the better," Firecat winked at Ashglow. She was pretty comfortable with Sunsong taking the lead. Knowing that her seducing skills would probably have worked on their own, as well, she liked playing this game via Sunsong, too. She grinned when Sunsong confessed that she didn't know where the purring came from, and declared: "It's living up to my namesake."

Still having her arm firmly wrapped around Sunsong's waist, she stretched out a hand for Ashglow to take. "I'm sure you'll find the grass dens very.. interesting. Sunsong makes them quite comfy!"Re: Making Friends (Sun/Fire/Shell/Tall/Ash/Star)
Post by meimei on Jun 26, 2009, 10:47am

(OOC: Somehow I'd missed that Sunsong had introduced herself and Tallspear. Silly me! Oh, well, that's okay.)

Ashglow really hadn't been paying attention the first time the maiden had introduced them, but this time he listened - taking in the group. Whether the night ended in talk or something more, at least they would learn more about the strangers. He didn't think it would make him any less cautious, and he hesitated when Firecat offered her hand. Sunsong had ahold of one of his arms, and if he gave the other hand to her, it would mean he couldn't reach for his weapon if the meeting turned out to not be as friendly as it appeared. Cursing himself for being unable to decide whether to trust the strangers or not, he glanced towards the fire - noting that it was long cold now. Nightsun was nowhere to be seen, and he fought the urge to send to her and make sure she was alright. He would warn his siblings to be cautious, but he would never interfere with their decisions once made. He thought he could make out Starpath's form - a darker shadow pacing in the darkness.

"I will call my brother." He stated, slowly taking Firecat's offered hand.

**Starpath, one of the wolfriders has shaping magic and has made tents from the grass. They've offered to share them with us.** Amusement and caution were mixed in the sending. **Would you join us?**Re: Making Friends (Sun/Fire/Shell/Tall/Ash/Star)
Post by Anna on Jun 26, 2009, 12:42pm

((OOC: He's had a very overwhelming day, so it's understandable. Heck, sometimes when I first meet a group of people, I don't remember their names any longer than it takes for them to say 'em! Very Happy ))

"Oh, good!" Sunsong said with a bright smile. "And I shall fetch him!" She released Ashglow's arm and darted off, directly for the night-shrouded from of Ashglow's brother, laughing as she ran.

This had been easier than she thought it would be! They had looked so grim and wary when the Wolfriders had arrived at the river. Sunsong had been sure it would take much longer to persuade the males to join them. She didn't worry about Nightsun, however. Their sister had seemed quite trusting and welcoming - and Wingfoot had certainly seemed to assign himself the pleasure of getting to know her.

New elves! What fascinating tales and stories they must have!

"Starpath, please come!" she said, dancing to a halt beside him and reaching for his hand. "Has your brother sent to you? You're welcome to den with us!"

Re: Making Friends (Sun/Fire/Shell/Tall/Ash/Star)
Post by peachbug on Jun 27, 2009, 7:47pm

Starpath jumped slightly, startled by the gold haired maiden's emergence from the dark. As she extended her hand, he stared warily, pulling his hand away from hers. His eyes betrayed surprise more than any malice towards the gesture. Yes, his brother's sending had reached him not long before, but he hadn't expected any of the Wolfriders to come prancing over and insisting on it. Had his brother really been so easy to convince, after treating them with with the most suspicion? Was Ashglow so eager for joining and companionship?

Was Starpath? The stargazer considered his options slowly, still silent to the maiden's offer. Hadn't he just finished telling Nightsun that he was not ready to know another tribe so well, to love and live alongside new elves? How long would he wait, though? His sister had clearly chosen, and now his brother. What harm in letting the Wolfriders show him their ways? It did not mean he had to have any love or life among them until he chose. Besides, this Wolfrider stared up at him with luminous eyes the color of shallow pools of vastdeep waters, almost as though she had no thought but what she'd just asked.

"So," Starpath relentingly took her hand himself. "Which one of you is a shaper? There were none among our tribe..."Re: Making Friends (Sun/Fire/Shell/Tall/Ash/Star)
Post by Anna on Jun 27, 2009, 8:53pm

Sunsong laughed, happy his long silence had ended in agreement. She tugged him back toward her friends. "I am," she said cheerfully. "I'm Sunsong. The magic came not so long ago and I'm still learning. Mother taught me the basics before we left, but I think she misjudged what I can actually do." She flashed Starpath a joyous smile. "She said I'd only be able to strengthen plants, mend them a bit. I've been doing so much more than that, though! It's been wonderful!"

As they reached Ashglow and the others, Sunsong proceeded with introductions. "Shellslip is the redhead. She can do a bit of everything, but she has a gift for finding the best shellfish, and making ornaments from the shells. Firecat is the golden-haired one, and the tribe's fisher. Even the most wolf-blooded Wolfrider will admit that fish is a welcome change on occasion!" Sunsong winked at the fisher. "And lastly, our night-haired cubling, Tallspear. He's one of our best hunters."

Sunsong released Starpath's hand and danced to Tallspear's side, slipply smoothly between his arm and torso so that she was close to his side. Her open affection clearly showed that her 'cubling' comment was meant in jest, but it was, in essence, true. Sunsong was more than 50 years older than Tallspear. Firecat had another twenty years on Sunsong, while Shellslip had a full 200 turnings of the seasons to Tallspear's mere 35.

Age, however, meant litter and once an elf reached physical maturity, there really was no way to truly know how long he or she had lived, and how much longer yet they had to go.

"The dens are this way," Sunsong said, tilting her head towards a smooth, rounded shape that was visible a short distance away. "And it looks like everyone else has wandered off."

Re: Making Friends (Sun/Fire/Shell/Tall/Ash/Star)
Post by Anna on Jun 27, 2009, 9:15pm

CONTINUE POSTING HERERe: Making Friends (Sun/Fire/Shell/Tall/Ash/Star)
Post by kris on Jun 27, 2009, 11:16pm

Tallspear chuckled to himself, letting Sunsong lead him along. 'Cubling,' indeed--as if Sunsong had as many years on her as Windsoft, or Mist! He gave her waist a squeeze--this 'cubling' had gladly received a lot of instruction at her hands, and he wasn't about to put another night near her in jeopardy by arguing over age.

The stranger, Ashglow, definitely seemed more friendly now than he had before, but Tallspear wasn't too sure about Starpath, his brother. At least he wasn't pointing anything sharp their way. Tallspear was prepared to be friendly in turn; he'd hate it, he knew, if he had to blacken someone's eyes or rip out their innards. Or something. Much better to be friendly; it led to a better night's sleep, for one.
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Making Friends (Sun/Fire/Shell/Tall/Ash/Star)
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