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 Evenstar, Tanner

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PostSubject: Evenstar, Tanner   Evenstar, Tanner EmptyWed Jun 22, 2011 11:17 pm

Evenstar, Tanner
Created by: Phoebe/Peachbug, 09/27/2008

Character Name/Cub Name: Evenstar/Thicket
Soul Name: Tiel
Sex: Female
Race: Elf
Origin: Wolfrider
Age: 67
Soulsiblings/Recognized: None

# # # #
Lifemate(s): None
Lovemate(s): tbd
Children: None yet
Parents: father: Woodsong (?), mother: Moonglow (deceased)
Siblings: sister: Firecat, others
Bondbeast: Farpace, female wolf

# # # #

Hair: Long wavy light brown hair with subtle gold streaks, tied into two pieces with leather at her neck and tied together above her waist, ends at her hips
Eyes: Crystal blue
Skin tone: Pale
Height: 4’ 4’’
Build: Very tall and sleek for a Wolfrider, almost Aroree like, but with noticeable curves.
Appearance: Slender face, high rounded cheekbones soften it, straight narrow nose, medium full lips with slightly shorter upper lip; average level eyes.

Summer: Cranberry leather chest wrap with a dark fur tuft out of the bottom, dark brown long leather fringed pants for hunts, and beaded moccasins.
Winter: Dark brown fur cloak, sleeveless inverted dark fur vest (fur on the inside), the dark brown long leather fringed pants, moccasins
Jewelry: Two thin silver rings around her right upper arm and one around her left wrist, dark leather thong with flattened silver ring as a necklace.

For the hunt: A dagger or a bow
For war: Dagger, quarterstaff, or crossbow

# # # #

Talent: Animal bonding, wolf bonding, sending
Skills: Tanning, swimming.

# # # #

Likes: Laughing, stargazing, uninhibited dancing, generally observing her tribemates, cubs of any kind, new skins to experiment with, wondering
Dislikes: Cruelty, even teasing, being left out of a secret, bossiness, arrogance

# # # #

Personality/History: The youngest of her ancient parent’s cubs, Evenstar noticed the unmoving night star before any cubs before her had, and so was called Thicket, named so for her early unruly locks, for only a short while. She was quickly enamored of the tanning art, being a patient, yet enthusiastic child, and took quickly to its secrets. She has taken a few lovemates in her short years, but has yet to find anyone who appreciates her long thoughts and quiet nights the way she does.

Evenstar’s life has been fairly tragic, but she does not consider it a hard one; her huntress mother was killed by a longtooth cat her first hunt after birthing Evenstar, and her plantshaper father wandered off with his wolf not long after, some say to die of age or heartbreak. She is a good friend to all in the tribe who will accept her friendship, and looks after them with the same concern and love she was shown as a cub. She is very close to her sister Firecat, who cared for her after their parents death. Evenstar's height is often attributed to her parent’s age, and thus their close bloodline to the pure(er) elves.

Evenstar's animal-bonding was discovered early, but never reached a full potential; she did not enjoy taking advantage of her magic to hunt with greater precision. Her current abilities allow her to see what a creature sees, and feel what they feel, if she chooses, but this ability has never been extraordinarily useful. Past using it to locate prey or predict their path, Evenstar disregards it as a trifling ability, and one she is not entirely herself in using.

Evenstar desires to join Stormfire’s tribe because she wishes to see what new skins and adventures await in a wider world. Though she is privately unsure and worried of the young elf’s readiness for the title of chieftess, she tends toward the positive and wishes only good things for her future and those of the new tribe. She is very secure in her trust of the blood of chiefs, and the Way. When she strays from it, she finds fault in herself, not the Wolfrider's methods. Perhaps the stars change wherever you go or perhaps we all see the same sky? This is what Evenstar truly wants to know.

Outlook on Life: Eat, drink, and be happy for all you have; shall you never tire of it!
Thing to Remember: Evenstar is not as foolish as the Wolfriders may think she seems at times.
Sees Self As: Going forward to new and better things.

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Evenstar, Tanner
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