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 Plainsrunner Terminology

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PostSubject: Plainsrunner Terminology   Plainsrunner Terminology EmptyThu Jun 23, 2011 9:06 pm

Below are some words and definitions particular to Plainsrunners:

Buckskin- Softened deerskin. To make it more flexible, Plains Indians rubbed it with a mixture of softened brains and liver.

Hide- A raw, untanned animal skin.

Loin Cloth- A strip of soft, tanned skin or cloth, which was worn by men between their legs; it was folded over a belt at the front and back. In battle it was considered brave to capture an enemy’s loin cloth.

Maize- Corn

Nomads- People who travel from place to place, usually following animals for food.

Parfleches- A tough bag or box made from rawhide with the hair removed. It was usually painted or decorated and the Plains Indians used it to carry food and a variety of items.

Preserve- To dry meat, fruit and vegetables. Plains Indians did this to stop the food from rotting so that it could be kept for a long time.

Quill work- An ancient sewing technique that uses dyed porcupine quills or occasionally bird quills for decoration.

Rawhide- Dehaired and cleaned hide. It is as flexible and workable as cloth when wet, but becomes hard and stiff when dry.

Teepee- A portable tent made of buffalo hide cover and wooden supporting poles.
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Plainsrunner Terminology
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