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 Tiran, Hunter/Firestarter (Tavol's Band)

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Tiran, Hunter/Firestarter (Tavol's Band) Empty
PostSubject: Tiran, Hunter/Firestarter (Tavol's Band)   Tiran, Hunter/Firestarter (Tavol's Band) EmptyThu Jun 23, 2011 11:09 pm

Created by Rayne

Character Name: Tiran
Sex: Male
Race: Elf
Origin: Plainsrunner
Age: 285

# # # #
Lovemate(s): Ki-Nave (occasional furmate)
Children: Chetta, Ti-len

# # # #

Hair: Black and straight as a good arrowshaft, he wears is loose unless hunting or fighting. Then, it's pulled back with a leather thong.
Eyes: Dark brown, and sparkling
Skin tone: Medium tan
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Build: Lean and sinew, with strong legs, chest and shoulders. His waist is narrow, and his legs are long. Slightly delicate bone structure with high cheekbones. (Strongbow type)
Appearance: He appears to be either deep in thought, or laughing at a private joke most of the time. Tiran's eyes are very expressive, as is his face. When it's down, his hair frames his face except for a few loose strands that tend to fall over his eyes.

Clothes: Close-fitting leggings in a ruddy brown color, with light brown boots. His shirt is worn open at the neck when he wears it, but is more often seen wearing a leather vest with bold green designs on it. A simple braided leather thong belt with a leather flap sewn on the front that has a painted design on it, matching the vest.
Jewelry: Leather arm bands on his biceps, and a leather arm guard on the inside of his left arm. They all have delicate beadwork sewn in done in a variety of colors. A turquise and onyx pendant hangs from a leather thong around his neck.

For the hunt: Bow, knife
For war: Bow, throwing knives

# # # #

Talent: Sending, firestarting

Skills: Keen eyesight, throwing knives, painting (on clothing), tracking, horse-back riding, stealth, beadwork
# # # #

Personality/History: Tiran is social elf, making friends easily and making enimies rarely. He uses his firestarting ability with care, but also to heat shards of metal to burn designs onto leather or wood for decoration. he is quick to laugh and an optimist, preferring to find something worth smiling about in the elves harsh life than to grumble about.

His firrestarting ablility came about by accident. As a youngster, he was gathering food and carelessly stumbled on loose rocks. As Tiran landed in a set of bushes, spilling all the gathered food, he threw and handful of it against the rocks that caused him to stumble, and wa shocked to see it smolder. Through careful practice, he developed control over his ability. Although he is slow to anger, Tiran has been known to accidentally ignite something in his hands while angry. For this reason, he tends to sulk away from other on the rare occasions when he is upset.

Tiran loves the hunt, whether alone or with others, and is a good marksman with both his bow and throwing knives. He is also a good listener, and will offer advice only when asked.
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Tiran, Hunter/Firestarter (Tavol's Band)
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