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 Ki-Nava, Huntress (Tavol's Band)

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Ki-Nava, Huntress (Tavol's Band) Empty
PostSubject: Ki-Nava, Huntress (Tavol's Band)   Ki-Nava, Huntress (Tavol's Band) EmptyThu Jun 23, 2011 11:14 pm

Originally created by Phoebe/Peachbug

Character Name: Ki-Nava
Sex: Female
Race: Elf
Origin: Plainsrunner
Age: 1,341
Soulsiblings/Recognized: TBD

# # # #
Lifemate(s): TBD
Lovemate(s): Many, including Tiran
Children: Ti-Len (son), Chetta (daughter), others alive and deceased
Parents: Jethrel (father, deceased), Ti-Lan (mother, deceased)
Siblings: Hanek (fostered brother, deceased), likely others
Horse: Hornhoof, female, light gray palomino

# # # #

Hair: Straight gray, soft looking and layered to her shoulders, loose bangs
Eyes: Narrow slanted green-gray
Skin tone: Dark tan
Height: 5'7''
Build: Very lean, but with some muscles and curves.
Appearance: Defined mix of a heartish, squarish jawline and cheekbones, thinner lips, slightly turned down nose (Skywise). She's pretty in a fierce, tomboyish way.

Clothes: Deerskin wrap across her chest embroidered with a small yellow and green sun at the top, darker deerskin pants ending past her knees, fringed with small puffs of gray fur.
Jewelry: Bone hoop earrings with carved bone anklets, three on each ankle, of varying thickness, decorated with various symbols. She has a discreet nose piercing, but gave the ring to her daughter Chetta.

For the hunt: A spear with a braid of black hair bound from the top to partway down with a leather thong.
For war: Spear, sword, or pretty much anything

# # # #

Talent: Sending
Skills: Stealth, keen ears, communication

# # # #

Personality/History: The mother of several elves, including Ti-Len and Chetta by the same mate, Ki-Nava surrendered both her children in order to maintain the order that has kept the bands together for so long; she is at peace with her decision as a Plainsrunner, but as a mother, struggles with her inability to connect as she once might have, especially with her daughter Chetta. She has found that this may not be due to the separation itself, but a gap she has allowed to grow.

A gatherer in her early years, she took on a fiercer outlook as experience caught on to her. She still enjoys a simple trip out to collect precious mushrooms or grasses for stews, but rarely finds the opportunity. This is one elf devoted to her responsibilities, even when she can't stand them. Her mother was a weaver and gatherer; her father fostered as a brother to their leader from another clan, a good warrior. She respects the fostering tradition and while she believes change is necessary, tradition doesn't have to be discarded without a cause. She often acts much older than she is.

A typical plainsrunner, she's as stubborn as a boulder at times, but nearly always bows to the wisdom of elders and bandleaders. She's an active listener and learner, and can be very quiet, even when arguing, despite a tremendous fierceness. Ki-Nava values her tribemates input, but stands firm, often frustrating young ones, and she enjoys respectfully debating elders and peers. Ki-Nava has a tremendously odd sense of humor, despite her sometimes hard outer exterior, a trait passed to her son Ti-Len. She values decisiveness and logic, but empathy as well, though even she isn't sure how the balance should lie.

She was close to her brother once, a warrior and defender of the band who died when she was 20, fending off a couple of stray hungry human men who came to steal their band's horses for meat as they slept. Ki-Nava despises humans, but leaves it as all the more reason to do everything in her power to avoid them, rather than confront them. The black braid on her spear is his, reminding her to always think of the tribe, and his sacrifice.

12,057: Ki-Nava is born to Jethrel and Ti-lan in the Tavol band
12,059: Jethrel and Ti-Lan foster Hanek from another tribe
12,077: Her fostered brother Hanek dies after defending the tribe from marauding humans; Ki-Nava is 20 at the time
13,341: Chetta is born to Ki-Nava
13,351: Ti-Len is born to Ki-Nava; Chetta is fostered by the Ouren band
13,360: Ti-Len is fostered by the Ouren band
13,398: Stormfire's Wolfriders arrive at Westering Bay
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Ki-Nava, Huntress (Tavol's Band)
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