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 Tychis, High One

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PostSubject: Tychis, High One   Tychis, High One EmptyThu Jun 23, 2011 11:44 pm

Please get permission from the Holt Mistresses before using this character. This character is a holt-managed NPC.

Tychis, High One
NPC Wavedancer Character Sheet

Character Name: Tychis
Sex: Female
Race: Elf (shaped-changed mer-elf)
Origin: Beyond the world of two moons
Age: 13,398+
Recognized: Several

# # # #

Lifemate(s): Detooren (deceased)
Lovemate(s): Occasionally, but none now
Children: Many
Parents: None
Siblings: None

# # # #

Hair: Flame red, with locks of fiery gold. Medium length and straight.
Eyes: Amber-gold, round and thick-lashed.
Skin tone: Palest of pale golds
Height: 6’0
Build: Slim, almost delicate, with high, small breasts, tiny waist
Appearance: Tychis shapechanged herself into a mer-elf form, with a strong, graceful tale scaled in the same brilliant red and gold of her hair. Her tailfin is full, flowing, and lovely, as is the dorsal fin that runs from the base of her spine to flipper fins. She has that on-the-verge-of-breaking delicate build common to the High Ones. Her face is heartshaped, with high cheek bones; small, almost pointed chin; full lips; straight, short nose; and large, exotically slanted eyes.

Clothes: If you can call them clothes, she has a strapless bikini-top made of the classic seashells, attached to a band of woven red cloth, and fastened closed by being tied between her breasts. She doesn’t particularly care for clothes: the top is protection against sensitive parts of the anatomy.
Jewelry: Elaborate strings of pearls, abalone, and seaglass woven through her hair, dripping across her forehead, and another such strand warn as a loose girdle of sorts around her waist.

For the hunt: Harpoon
For war: None.

# # # #

Talent: All abilities, within limitations. She has no particular affinity for one talent, but has the standard High One level of skill with sending, magic sensing, and astral projection.
Skills: Swimming, agility, reading the ocean currents, singing

# # # #

Personality/History: As Timmain was considered a memory keeper among the High Ones when they flew among the stars, Tychis was known for her passion and enthusiasm. Always among the first to want to explore, to go, to do, to be a part of, this has not changed. While the starsong pulls at her and she mourns for that which is lost, she has found countless wonders on this world that could, if allowed, become a trap. She revels in each new thing, takes comfort in those things and actions that are known and familiar, and is always seeking the next wonder to behold – whether it be the streaking race of a falling star against the night sky, or the unfurling of an anemone. Everything holds wonder for her, and she always wants to share it with her descendents.

Upon fleeing the massacre at the palace and coming to the sea, Tychis was the first to shapechange to mer form. She knew other groups of elves had survived and scattered across the land. She could feel them, but not where they were. So, knowing that they had the land to explore, she chose to explore the sea. While she can, if she choose, shapechange back to two-leg form, she does so only rarely. Merform reminds her so much more strongly of the freedom held on the worldship as it danced between the stars.

Tychis learns quickly, and is fearless in trying new things. She didn’t need Recognition to tell her that to survive her kind must mate and produce young. Initially, when the only potential mates were other High Ones, her experiments were difficult due to the pervasive attitude regarding joining. Outside of Recognition, it just wasn’t done. But then, the first generations of the worldborn came and Tychis found that in order to take pleasure in joining she had to hold all but the surface of herself apart. There was great physical pleasure to be had, but she had to accept that it would be unlikely to find a mate with whom she could share all of herself.

And then she Recognized Detooren, who was willing to learn the pleasures of flesh and mind both joined outside the demands of instinct. Tychis was nearly delirious with joy. The years they spent together, lifemated and producing child after child, watching their small, lost band grow into a large, thriving colony, was idyllic to Tychis.

And draining to Detooren, who’s soul never left the stars. One day, he swam away and she felt the parting of his spirit from his body many days later. She was desolate with grief for hundreds of years, before her loneliness and hurt eased and she once more began to take joy in living.

Tychis merges past and present in her mind, remembers everything, and will refer to events from before their discovering of this sheltered bay as though they happened a mere day or two before. She knows that much more time has passed, but the passage of time has no relevance on the importance of an event.

She seldom sends to anyone other than Silsuril, knowing that her pod cannot easily handle the utter intimacy of her sendings unless she takes very great care. Just as she takes great care with her lovemates – touching their minds with the delicacy of a moth’s wing so that only pleasure is had from their joining and there is no fear of being overwhelmed and swallowed.
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Tychis, High One
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