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 Ashera, Glass-Singer

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PostSubject: Ashera, Glass-Singer   Ashera, Glass-Singer EmptyThu Jun 23, 2011 11:57 pm

Ashera, Glass-Singer
Wavedancer Character Sheet

Character Name: Ashera
Sex: Female
Race: Elf
Origin: Wavedancer
Age: 3,965

# # # #
Lifemate(s): Hourel
Lovemate(s): tba
Children: Several
Parents: Deceased
Siblings: Several, living and deceased

# # # #

Hair: Dappled White
Eyes: Grass-green
Skin tone: Dark – golden caramel, kinda shimmery
Height: 5’10
Build: Strong, athletic. Wide hips; full bosom; slim, muscular legs and arms.
Appearance: Ashera has little of the delicacy of build common among elves, but she descends from a High One who preferred obvious strength over graceful delicacy. She spends much time on the surface in the sun, so her naturally dark complexion darkens even more during the spring through autumn months. Her hair she keeps long – about knee-length - and loose; it’s mostly straight but has a very strong, pronounced wave to it. Her eyes are angular, with a definite upward slant. Her nose is straight, neither large nor small, and her lips are full. Her face has a definite squarish cast to it, with a defined jawline.

Clothes: Ashera’s preferred clothing (of the moment) is a wide breastband and a short, sarong skirt in deep green.
Jewelry: A cordbelt with dark green and white sea-glass spotted around it, looped three times in varying lengths around her waist, a matching necklace, and a gold circlet with a large chunk of green seaglass bracketed by white chunks.

For the hunt: Spear
For war: Spear

# # # #

Talent: Sending, Fire-magic (uses it mostly for glass making/shaping)
Skills: Metal lore, jewelry making, singing, weather prediction

# # # #

Personality/History: Ashera has a very dominant personality, almost aggressive in her approach. She’s confident, bond, assured, and capable. She doesn’t say, “I think…” When she has an opinion, she states it as fact. This often puts others off, preventing them from disagreeing with her and blinding them to her open-mindedness. For all her assurance, she accepts that she can be wrong, and if presented with an alternate viewpoint that makes as much, or more, sense than her own opinions, she’ll consider them and even, it has been known, change her own stance in response. It’s seldom that anyone presents that differing viewpoint in her hearing, however, as they’re too intimidated to do so.

Ashera is a very earthy Wavedancer, paying little heed to the starsong forever forbidden her and her pod. Why waste life yearning for what can’t be had, when there is so much around them to be enjoyed, treasured, and protected? Ashera revels in sensations, physical and emotional, and is quite uninhibited in seeking it out. She’s been known to take unwise risks in this pursuit, but appears to fear the consequences of those risks not at all. She also has a distinctly odd sense of humor and no one can guess just what will amuse her – or for how long that amusement will last.

She discovered her ‘fire magic’ early in her life and has spent these countless tides refining it. While fire has little use in the water, Ashera discovered how that magic could be used to make glass. Glass is endlessly useful. She’s called a glass-singer because she sings as she works glass, and the notes of her song appear to affect the shape and color of the glass. Whether this is true or not she very mysteriously will not answer.

9,433 – Born to fifth generation Wavedancers
11,678 – Ashera Recognizes Hourel, and off and on lovemate and long-time friend.
12,489 – Ashera finally admits that she and Hourel are lifemates. She’d refused to acknowledge it since their first Recognition simply for her own contrary enjoyment of leaving the pod guessing their exact relationship.
13,398 – The Wolfriders settling in Westering Bay
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Ashera, Glass-Singer
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