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 Hourel, Elder

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Hourel, Elder – Hunter/Gatherer
Wavedancer Pod

Character Name: Hourel
Soul Name: n/a
Sex: Male
Race: Elf
Origin: Wavedancer
Age: 7,098
Recognized: Ashera, Trellin (dec.), random others

# # # #
Lifemate(s): Ashera, Trellin (dec.)
Lovemate(s): none
Children: several over the last 7,000 years. Some dead, some living.
Parents: Ujilra (father) and Querill (mother) – both deceased
Siblings: several, some dead and some living.

# # # #

Hair: Mahogany brown, straight with a slight wave, ankle-length.
Eyes: Deep blue
Skin tone: Pale, almost pearlescent
Height: 6’02
Build: Slim, lean, sleekly muscular from an active life – but like most pure-blood elves within the first two or three generations, his appearance has a deceptive delicacy and fragility.
Appearance: Hourel is tall and regal in appearance and demeanor. Like all sea elves, his fingers and toes are webbed, but he shows no other signs of the adaptive shapechanging most of his pod show. His hair is braided for a short length, around hip-level, but otherwise left loose. His skin is extremely pale, almost white, with a faint pearlescent sheen. His facial structure is sharp, planes and angles.

Clothes: Short-sleeved, capri-length body-suit in graduated shades of blue and grey, no shoes.
Jewelry: A circlet made of clear and various shades of blue seaglass, and matching armbands.

For the hunt: Harthingy spear

# # # #

Talent: Sending
Skills: Communication, plantlore

# # # #

Personality/History: Hourel has lived a long time and his age occasionally shows. Not in infirmity, but in occasional distraction. Normally an active, immediate member of the pod, it’s frequently easy to forget just how many turnings of the tides he has experienced. He knows the time will come when he will take his Last Swim, but he does not feel that time will be soon. He enjoys the pleasures and beauties of physical life too much still to trade flesh for spirit. However, he is sometimes caught up in nostalgia for all those he’s known and loved who have moved on.

Very calm and introspective, Hourel seldom speaks without first carefully considering what he will say. Not one to react or decide anything hastily, Hourel has been known to consider a problem for several full turnings of the season before making a decision on what action to take – and that action can be one that takes even more turnings to complete. It is not that Hourel is patient, but his perception of time and urgency is distinctly different than many – even among his own pod. There are very few, if any, wavedancers who have lived as long as he. While he is simply one elder among nine, in day to day life he’s generally the de-facto leader.

While he can be caught off guard, he cannot be rushed into a poorly-thought action or word. In fact, his general reaction at being surprised is amusement at himself.

6,298 - Ujilra and Querrill, among the original High Ones, Recognize. Both are caught by surprise.
7,300 - Hourel is born
8,103 - Hourel Recognizes Trellin, a mer-elf, for the first time. Having frequently been lovemates in the past, they choose to become lifemates. They have several children together, both in and out of Recognition.
8,836 - Daughter Ornah, by Trellin, born.
11,041 - Trellin is caught out in the Barriers during a sudden earth tremor. The rocks collapse on her; she dies before anyone can rescue her.
11,678 - Hourel Recognizes Ashera, a long time friend.
12,355 - Granddaughter Tylah born
12,489 - Hourel and Ashera acknowledge that they are lifemates.
13,398 - The Wolfriders arrive in Westering Bay
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Hourel, Elder
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