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 Raley, Fisher/Builder

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Originally created by Rayne

Raley, Fisher/Builder
Elf Tribe Character Sheet

Character Name: Raley
Sex: Male
Race: Elf
Origin: Wavedancer
Age: 198

# # # #
Siblings: Ralhiten (Brother, alive)
Other Relatives: Strell (Cousin, alive)

# # # #

Hair: Golden Blonde
Eyes: Deep Green
Skin tone: Medium
Height: 5 feet 3 inches
Build: Slim hips and muscular legs, square shoulders and powerful chest and arms. He spends equal time on land and in the water so has a bit more bulky muscle.
Appearance: Raley's blonde hair is kept short (above the shoulder) simply out of laziness, but he has the same squre face and strong chin that his brother does. His eyes usually twinkle with mischief, and it's rare that he's not smiling. Despite the bulkier muscle from his time on land and carting around the wood to build with, Raley moves gracefully thanks to his time in the water. (Think muscular surfer dude)

Clothes: For the most part, as little as he can get away with. Basically a breech-clout in dark blue with white designs on it that he painted himself. Raley will put on a matching vest when he has to.
Jewelry: An anklet made of small multi-colored shells on his left ankle, and a short necklace made of braided leather with shells worked in.

For the hunt: Serrated knife, short spear for thrusting
For war: Serrated knife, longer spear for throwing

# # # #

Talent: Building anything out of wood and making it decorative
Skills: Building and repairing wooden items such as boats, tools, buildings-diving, underwater explorations, fishing in the deep water and underwater caves

# # # #

Personality/History: Raley is an extremely laid back elf. Not much bothers him, even when the elders scoff at his buildings....until they need to put something in them, or their wooden objects break. Then it's time to seek out Raley, if they can find him swimming among the underwater caverns or out cutting wood for his buildings.

He began building simple things when he was very young, and simply began making needed repairs to the storage huts since ther was noone else to do it. Raley learned to build boats through trial and error with repairing the broken down vessels some of the Wavedancers were using. As his skill grew, he made a little hut for himself nestled in trees right off the beach, and can now build or repair just about anything.

Raley is also very creative, and began carving a small trident symbol on things he builds just for the fun of it in addition to carving decorative symbols on items at the owner's request....and sometimes even if they don't ask him to.

Unlike his older brother, Raley didn't stay a child for long. Even though he is just under 200, he spent so much time working with wood as a child that the responsibility for keeping things in good repair grew on him quickly. He is quick to laugh and have a good time, but if something wooden needs attention, few things short of war or danger to the pod can break his concentration.

When Raley isn't in his hut, he is usually deep underwater exploring some new part of an underwater cave. He has ventured out of the bay a few times, and would like to explore even more despite the dangers.
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Raley, Fisher/Builder
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