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 Jahtil, Hunter/Elder

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PostSubject: Jahtil, Hunter/Elder   Jahtil, Hunter/Elder EmptyFri Jun 24, 2011 12:06 am

Originally created by Phoebe/Peachbug

Jahtil, Hunter/Elder
Elf Tribe Character Sheet

Character Name: Jahtil
Sex: Male
Race: Elf
Origin: Wavedancer
Age: 5,898
Soulsiblings/Recognized: Inga, among others

# # # #
Lifemate(s): Inga (female)
Lovemate(s): Many
Children: Many, including Sefre (male, deceased)
Parents: Deceased, Firstborn of the High Ones
Siblings: TBD

# # # #

Hair: Straight black to cut straight across at his hips in the very back and the hair in front of his ears cut to his shoulders. The back piece of hair is tied with a cord that is level at the base of his neck, while the hair in front of his ears is tied once at the middle of his ear and at the bottom with white glass beads.
Eyes: Silver, slanted average
Skin tone: Pale
Height: 6'1''
Build: Very High One like, slender in all proportions with a faintly heavier muscle tone
Appearance: Slender, Rayek like face, defined cheekbones, slightly turned up nose and high eyebrows

Clothes: No shirt, a pair of dark blue breeches to his knees, gauntlets of dark blue cloth.
Jewelry: White glass earrings and blue stone earrings, one per each in each ear.

For the hunt: Spear, knife, net (weapon flexible)
For war: Spear, sword, bow

# # # #

Talent: Sending, astral projection ("going out")
Skills: Communication, elf lore

# # # #

Personality/History: Ever a teacher and lover to the pod, Jahtil is enthusiastic for the joys of life and senses, never fully understanding the desire of his forebears to release themselves from physical form and all it's experiences. This is possibly because his ability to go 'out' gave him both opportunities. In the same sense, as a young elf, he could never quite connect himself to one thing or being; everything seemed so small in comparison to the greater world, this feeling or that.

Inga was young among the generations of First and Secondborns, ever longing for the stars, but willing to ground herself for her love of life and the ever growing pod. He was quickly endeared to her in his youth, and she to him, and they were only briefly lovemates before lifemates.

The death of Sefre struck Jahtil very hard, but he has kept a positive outlook and friendliness. Sefre, among all his offspring, had remained closest to his parents, especially his father. Inga saw them as kindred spirits, father and son. He is also very close to Sefre's daughter, Tylah, and often instructs her, but cannot match the bond between his lifemate and her.

7,500 – Jahtil is born.
8,260 – Inga and Jahtil become lifemates.
8,931 – Inga gives birth to Sefre.
12,353 – Ornah Recognizes Sefre, son of Inga and Jahtil.
12,355 – Tylah is born of the Recognition.
12,764 – Ornah's Recognized dies mysteriously, 'taken' while deep inland.
13,398 – The Wolfriders settling in Westering Bay
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Jahtil, Hunter/Elder
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