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 Oreg, High One

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PostSubject: Oreg, High One   Oreg, High One EmptyThu Jun 23, 2011 9:40 pm

Please get permission from the Holt Mistresses before using this character. This character is a holt-managed NPC.

Oreg, High One(Plainsrunner)
NPC Plainsrunner Character Sheet

Character Name: Oreg
Sex: Male
Race: Elf
Origin: Beyond the world of two moons
Age: 13,398+ (High One)
Recognized: Several others, most long dead.

# # # #

Lifemates: None
Lovemates: None
Children: Oreg has no remaining children, but most of the Plainsrunners have at least a drop of his blood running through them. He sees them all as his.
Parents: N/A
Siblings: None

# # # #

Hair: Blue-black, ankle length or longer, usually worn loose unless someone else does something with it, very thick and not-quite-curly.
Eyes: Blue-purple, average-slanted
Skin tone: An even, delicate gold
Height: 6’5
Build: Tall, slender, but clearly masculine with sleek, long muscles.
Appearance: Oreg has a sharp-featured face, all planes an angles. High, defined cheekbones; sharp, straight blade of a nose; squared jaw and chin; thin, mobile mouth. If compared with an animal, he’s definitely reminiscent of a bird of prey – a lethal, graceful hawk rather than the power of an eagle.

Clothes: In summer, he prefers wearing long breech clout – cloth panels decorated in subtle, vague designs that are alternately soothing and unsettling to anyone who sees them, calling forth almost-memories they can’t quite place. In summer, he prefers to be barefoot. In the winter, he adds breeches, shirts, and a fur-lined cloak. He also wears boots; even he feels the cold.

Jewelry: A long, lariat style necklace that’s looped many times around his neck. Attached to the leather thong are various bits of worked stone, gems, feathers, bone, and other little bits that have ‘spoken’ to him. He also had an almost instinctive-level tendency to play with his melanin so that it looks like he has faint tattoos all over his body. These ‘tattoos’ (which aren’t tattoos) change often, reflecting memories and moods.

For the hunt: He does not hunt.
For war: None. He will not fight for anything but direct self-defense, and generally not even then. He’ll shield himself from harm, instead.

# # # #

Talent: All magical abilities, with limitations. As a High One, he has abilities his descendents can’t conceive of, but he’s far from all powerful. While he can do everything, a descendent with a unique gift – healing, plant shaping – will be stronger than he in that gift. The exceptions for him, as with all High Ones, is in sending, magic sensing, and astral projection. He also has a affinity for shielding.
Skills: Oreg is a gatherer, and a weather-watcher. He can predict the weather with startling accuracy, and it’s not due to any magic sense.

# # # #

Oreg was in the shell of the homeworld when the decision to seek out more of their kind was made. He was there when the World of Two Moons was first sensed, and he was there when the betrayal crashed them out of time and place, stranding them for all these uncounted years on this dampening world. Oreg has no parents, being born of the merging of thought between two beings, and then taking form, shape, and thought of his own.

He remembers the stars, and the starsong. He remembers being on other worlds, having other shapes, learning new knowledge. He remembers the timelessness of eternity, and being different than he is now. He remembers being pure spirit, unhindered and all-sensing.

Half of his time, Oreg seems lost in memories and starsong, yearning for that which he can no longer have. The other half of the time Oreg is firmly grounded in the present, although still an enigma to the Plainsrunners. Only Nazari can truly communicate with him, in the way he is most comfortable with. He dislikes verbal language, but the Plainsrunners find his sendings difficult to comprehend. He dislikes causing them confusion and pain, and so only sends to them rarely.

Some of the younger generation call him crazy behind his back. But the older generations understand that he’s not crazy; he is as he is: a starborn High One trapped on a world, and who sees no meaning in the concept of ‘time.’ As the younger generation ages, they come to understand this two, as their own years stretch long behind them.

Oreg is not particularly approachable, but it’s not by design. He is too different, his outlook and concepts too often out of step with current day happenings to make a solid connection. Children, however, and older elves, find him comforting since he places no expectations on the young, accepts them as they are and let’s them be who they are, at their own pace, and he offers the old the comfort of understanding and reassurance – and knowledge that life continues once flesh passes.

Oreg himself hasn’t sought an end to his physical life because he enjoys physical sensations too much to give them up yet. He revels in the feel of wind and rain against skin, the sound of the grass blades brushing against each other, the taste of food and the smell of horses warmed by the sun. He seeks no lovemates, and has never had a lifemate. He has long maintained that the a physical joining is a poor shadow of a true joining, and only the inescapable call of Recognition has formed his experience with joining at all – and those joining seldom were comfortable for him or his partner, since the mindjoining that is natural to him was too intense and overwhelming for them.

Oreg tends to pay little attention to his outward appearance. He cares only that he is clean and that his hair is untangled. He has had so many forms and shapes, his own matters little to him. His hair is long simply because he doesn’t think to cut it. The children who seek him out often enjoy playing with it, so it can often look either neat, wild, or truly…odd. He cares about the outer world and the inner world. The surface – or the barrier between the two – means little to him.

He travels from one band to the other, with Nazari. He doesn’t pledge allegiance to any one, seeing them all as his.
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Oreg, High One
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