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 Nazari, High One

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Please get permission from the Holt Mistresses before using this character. This character is a holt-managed NPC.

Nazari, High One(Plainsrunner)
NPC Plainsrunner Character Sheet

Character Name: Nazari
Sex: Female
Race: Elf
Origin: From wherever the Firstcomers came.
Age: 13,398+ (High One)
Soulsiblings/Recognized: n/a

# # # #

Lifemates: Kiravol, deceased
Lovemates: Um . . .
Children: Several; she has great-grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and more.
Parents: N/A
Siblings: None

# # # #

Hair: Rose-brown, knee-length and straight, pulled back from the temples.
Eyes: Rose-brown, average (slanted)
Skin tone: Light gold from the sun
Height: 6’2
Build: Tall, slender, but distinctly feminine.
Appearance: Nazari has an oval face with a narrow jaw and chin, thin narrow nose, full lips, and arched brows; her lashes and brows are the same shade as her hair. She has a warm presence, not quite maternal, but not entirely regal. She’s approachable in her age and wisdom! Her tribemates regard her with a great deal of affection.

Clothes: In summer, trousers, a long-side-split robe, and knee-high boots. In winter, the same kind of garments, only fur-lined, with a fur cloak and hood. Her favorite color is blue.

Jewelry: None.

For the hunt: Sling.
For war: None. The High One will not kill for killing’s own sake, nor for any sake save to protect her children.

# # # #

Talent: All magical abilities, with limitations. She cannot do the impossible, but anything within the World of Two Moons’ natural scope is within her grasp. Nazari is a very strong sender, and is able to go out, deep-sense and magic-sense much better than her descendents, but those of her descendents who specialize in one magic skill are stronger than she in that particular skill.
Skills: Nazari can hunt, mend, forage, and knows herbal lore. She is, however, very good with animals!

# # # #


The Firstcomers who landed on the World of Two Moons stuck together for survival. Nazari was a young Firstcomer, and was in awe of her leaders. To this day she has tremendous respect for Timmain and the choice she made. But she and others saw the wisdom in splitting off from the Wolfriders, seeing that the new mortal tribe would grow quickly, and need territory not only for themselves, but for their wolves.

Nazari set out with her mate Kiroval and their children with others to the warm southern lands. She was an excellent scout, and an even better herbalist. Her life has followed the cycles of the tribe—good times, bad times, lean years, sickness, death, joy, and birth. Her mate did not die until just a thousand years ago, when he was caught in a wildfire on the plains. Their children have had children, and their line well-spread throughout the bands. Nazari herself has taken on a new duty: that of traveling between the bands during Musterings, the better to share news and sit in on councils.

While Nazari has never been as dynamic as Timmain or even Winnowill, she is someone who is trusted, loved, and seen as fair in all her decisions. Favoritism doesn’t sway her—everyone in the bands is related to her in some way! She is quiet but good-humored, with an ability to tease, put others at ease, and soothe with a word. While she longs for the Palace, and even more for her dead friends and mate, she has made a place for herself in the here and now, keeping her sorrows to herself.

It is still possible for the High One to Recognize, and to take a mate. Whether that happens any time soon is something for the other elf to worry about. Nazari as a mate is a vital, lively elf, with all her latent mischief at the fore. There are some elders who remember Nazari as much more “girlish” than she is now, more playful, and who hope she will find someone to bring back that youthful spark to her eyes and personality.
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Nazari, High One
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