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 Oakstaff, Hunter

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Oakstaff, Hunter
Wolfrider Character Sheet

Character Name/Cub Name: Oakstaff / Capnut
Soul Name: Sehl
Sex: Male
Race: Elf
Age: 122
Soulsiblings/Recognized: tbd

# # # #
Lifemate(s): n/a
Lovemate(s): tbd
Children: n/a
Parents: tbd
Siblings: tbd
Bondbeast: Fastclaw

# # # #

Hair: Black, straight, medium short, braided
Eyes: Brown, average-slanted
Skin tone: Wolfrider pale
Height: 4’0”
Build: Cutter type: Compact, muscular, lean.
Appearance: Squarish face with a short, upturned nose, and a strong, muscular build. Oakstaff has thin lips, and is quick to smile or frown, laugh or scowl. His hair is an intense black, with bluish highlights. His eyes are deep, reddish brown.

Summer: Long, black and green tunic and ankle boots
Winter: Black breeches, black tucked shirt, and green short tunic, knee boots
Jewelry: faceted shiny green crystals strung on thin leather cord twined through is braid, matching choker-type necklace (three loops) and matching three-loop bracelet. Gift from mother when he was given his name Oakstaff.

For the hunt: Spear, quarterstaff
For war: Pike, quarterstaff

# # # #

Talent: Wolf bonding, sending
Skills: Tracking, stalking/stealth, hunting, scouting

# # # #

Likes: Dreamberries, joining, exploring, and hunting
Dislikes: Philosophizing and losing his prey

# # # #

Personality/History: Called Capnut as a child for his mother’s preference for them, growing up he demonstrated a noticeable preference and skill with the quarterstaff. It is his preferred weapon and will often use it first and foremost. He was given the name Oakstaff after using the quarter staff to protect an injured tribemate from a charging bristleboar.

Oakstaff has always been quite content with his place in the tribe, and aspires to be nothing more than he is: a hunter, a scout, a Wolfrider. He’s always interested in a new adventure, but also content to let the long seasons pass and enjoy life as it comes to him.

He has not ever yet Recognized, and does wistfully yearn for it since it guarantees a child. However, in the mean time, he relishes creating joy with pleasure with his lovemate – none of whom chose to join Stormfire’s new tribe. While Oakstaff is enjoying the search for a new holt, he’s eager to find it and being staking their territory.

Outlook on Life: The tribe is fed, the Howl is rich, and there are joining to be done. Life is good!
Thing to Remember: Oakstaff is no magic user, but one of the bedrock members of the tribe.
Sees Self As: A Wolfrider, hunter/gatherer, and a child of Timmain. It’s enough for him!

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Oakstaff, Hunter
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