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 Making a Choice

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Making a Choice
Post by viola on Oct 17, 2008, 5:09pm

Firecat stayed where she was for a moment, sighing deeply as Evenstar went to join her new chieftess. The right reasons.. what were the right reasons anyway? Her sister? Her longing to see more from the world?

She had to be honest with herself. Her sister was a huge part of her doubting, but seeing more from the world was definitely not. Had Evenstar decided not to go, Firecat would've waved the departing group goodbye and move on with her life. With Hazel, perhaps, extending the uncomfortable relationship.

She slowly got up, and with a raised chin, she slowly made her way back to Hazel, who watched her return a bit cautiously. "Evenstar is going away," Firecat said quietly, and he wrapped her arms around her in comfort. She gladly took the offer, reacting emotionally, but wanted to pull back soon. As Hazel didn't seem to want to let her go and kept his arms around her, she placed her hands on his chest and pulled him away. "I want to talk to you... but not here. It's far too busy here."

OOC: More later, bedtime for me Smile
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Making a Choice
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