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 Sylfis, Tracker/Scout (Tavol's Band)

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Sylfis, Tracker/Scout  (Tavol's Band) Empty
PostSubject: Sylfis, Tracker/Scout (Tavol's Band)   Sylfis, Tracker/Scout  (Tavol's Band) EmptyThu Jun 23, 2011 11:12 pm

Originally created by: Phoebe/Peachbug

Sylfis, Tracker/Scout
Tavol Band

Character Name: Sylfis
Sex: Male
Race: Elf
Origin: Kahlen Band, Plainsrunner
Age: 348
Soulsiblings/Recognized: Open to players

# # # #
Lifemate(s): None
Lovemate(s): Sometimes Ki-Nava, Chetta, open to players
Children: None
Parents: TBD
Siblings: N/A
Bond: Yarrow, a sweet, wheat colored mare with brown tail and mane, white spots along the rump

# # # #

Hair: Layered golden blonde around his ears, one longer bit of hair tied in front of his right ear.
Eyes: Hazel green, slightly narrowed and slanted
Skin tone: Light caramel
Height: 5’11’’
Build: Lean muscle tone, but delicate from afar
Appearance: High cheekbones, thin eyebrows, an average straight nose, and a pale, shimmery scar on his left arm that runs from beneath the bicep on the inside to above the elbow on the outside of the arm. He has strangely relaxed expression most of the time.

Clothes: A long, loose, yellow tunic to mid thigh, tied around the waist with a green sash, the end of the v-neck at the sash. The remainder of the tunic is split down the sides and acts as a kind of loincloth over light brown linen pants also to his knees. The tunic is sleeveless with the edges rimmed in brown, with green linen around his wrists. He wears sandals.
Jewelry: A necklace of squared wooden beads with pebbles of onyx hammered into them midway down his chest.

For the hunt: Throwing knife, bolos
For war: Light sword, bow

# # # #

Talent: Sending
Skills: Plant lore, manipulation, communication, tracking, stargazing, woodcarving

# # # #

Personality/History: Sylfis is generally easygoing and friendly, the Pike of the Plainsrunners, and he appreciates warm nights, dancing, and of course, good food. This is an elf of mild humors and quick moods on the most part, but like nearly any elf, he will stand fiercely when needed. He is unlikely to show his real anger; he becomes embarrassed when flustered or upset and will just go off to work it out alone.

One would think Sylfis would have long ago accepted the healing abilities of Sohnji, but the scar he carries is really a harmless reminder. Just after Sylfis was brand new to Tavol, he helped protect some younglings from a stray tuft cat by wielding a dropped spear until other bandmates could rescue them. The wound wasn’t overly deep and his mother insisted upon a healing; he only barely managed to beg the healer to leave a small bit of bravery etched in his skin, enough to keep him prideful and his mother satisfied. He keeps it now because it is a part of him and his love of the Tavol band, which he has no intentions of leaving.

Now less so impressed with his own self, Sylfis keeps a strange, almost amusing pride in his limits and how he stretches them every Mustering. He can be a bit of a show off when given an easy opportunity; but otherwise, he leaves it to Taraan or another band member. He enjoys new things. Sylfis resists the call of the rims of distant woodland and sea, with his interests confined to where he can keep an eye on the band members and precious elders.

Sylfis is also a good listener, but he is reluctant to give advice. He mostly feels his fellow elves need to just work it out themselves; maybe he just doesn’t trust his own advice. When Sylfis does talk, it’s mostly to flirt or tease. He is generally friendly about any sort of relationship and he is curious about Recognition, but does not actively seek or question it.
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Sylfis, Tracker/Scout (Tavol's Band)
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