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 Inga, Weaver/Elder

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Originally created by Phoebe/Peachbug

Inga, Weaver/Elder
Elf Tribe Character Sheet

Character Name: Inga
Sex: Female
Race: Elf
Origin: Wavedancer
Age: 6,015
Soulsiblings/Recognized: Jahtil, among others

# # # #
Lifemate(s): Jahtil (male)
Lovemate(s): Many
Children: Many, also Sefre (male, deceased)
Parents: TBD
Siblings: TBD

# # # #

Hair: Thick black hair divided into many, many thin braids. The hair is down her back when braided.
Eyes: Golden brown, slanted
Skin tone: Light chocolate
Height: 5'9''
Build: Slender with Aroree type curves, with lean muscle
Appearance: Slightly turned up nose on a slender face, high cheekbones, thin eyebrows, small mouth, webbed fingers, she always has a smile playing at her lips

Clothes: A loose dress made of a light, shimmery pale cloth, the front worn to her knees and the back past her feet, sleeveless but for a bit of cloth across the right of her back, around the left of her neck to the front, tucked under a sash of the same material. She will carry the train of her dress over her arm when on land.
Jewelry: Hanging round tiger's eye earrings, a whitish glass circlet for her neck randomly embedded with small, smooth tiger's eye stones

For the hunt: Net and spear
For war: Spear

# # # #

Talent: Sending (very strong)
Skills: Weaving, manipulation, midwiving, healing lore, plant lore

# # # #

Personality/History: Before the healer Tylah was born to Ornah, Inga had been a midwife and non-magical healer to the pod, but she has had few chances or needs to exercise her skills since then. She is not bitter; if anything, Inga is proud to teach such a talented young elf what she can of the healing craft, and hopes the healer's gifts will eventually be passed on. Like the Firstborn of the High Ones, Inga is a very, very powerful sender and feels the starsong loud and clear. Nonetheless, she is quite young at heart, frolicking amongst the newest generations as easily as a few thousand years ago.

Inga is a dancer and weaver of her pod, gentle and guiding as a mother dolphin to her young, and appreciates the blessing of passing as readily as new life. She is a teacher and advisor as best she can be, though she finds herself soft for the whining of the young pips. It takes a great deal to get this elf riled up or angry, but when she is, they know it. She does not like to argue. She is a clear headed thinker, even in troubled times and moments, and the pod can rely on her for a level viewpoint.

Inga has been lifemated to the elder Jahtil since he left piphood, though not all her offspring have been sired by him. She holds him closest and most trusted among the pod. When their son Sefre wandered on to land and to his untimely death, leaving a mate and daughter, Inga cared for her granddaughter Tylah as her own child beside Ornah. The two are extraordinarily close, but their relationship sometimes draws jealousy from Tylah's now estranged mother.
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Inga, Weaver/Elder
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