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 Ksiva (Minshah's Band)

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PostSubject: Ksiva (Minshah's Band)   Ksiva (Minshah's Band) EmptyThu Jun 23, 2011 10:15 pm

Ksiva (Minshah's Band)
Plainsrunner Character Sheet

Character Name: Ksiva
Sex: Female
Race: Elf
Origin: Tavol’s Band, Plainsrunner
Age: 9
Recognized: n/a

# # # #
Lifemate(s): None yet
Lovemate(s): Definitely not
Children: None
Parents: Tevac, Astierri & Sohnji, Tavol's Band; foster parents in Minshah's Band
Siblings: Nalreen, 19

# # # #

Hair: Wheat-golden, hanging in unruly waves to below her shoulders; wears it loose with beaded thongs occasionally tied into it.
Eyes: Hazel
Skin tone: Almost the same shade as her hair.
Height: 4'7
Build: Slim and long-limbed.
Appearance: Like her sister, Ksiva is a blend of both parents, from her changeable eyes to her precise features. She has a heart-shaped face, a fine nose, thin but well-shaped lips, and a stubborn chin.

Clothes: In summer: A single-sleeved tunic, knee-length trousers, and ankle-boots. In winter: a long fur-lined tunic over trousers and knee boots.
Jewelry: None.

For the hunt: Ksiva is learning how to use a sling.
For war: None. She's too young!

# # # #

Talent: Sending
Skills: Stealth, sneaking off at night, and arguing for whatever she wants.

# # # #

Personality/History: Ah, Ksiva. When she grows up, her parents note warily, any band she joins will have a fight on its hands. Born of two reckless spirits, and one a healer, Ksiva consumes life and nearly anything and anyone in her path. She's a lightning bolt on legs; she loves to play, loves to fight, loves to argue, and loves to go at top speed until she finally collapses to sleep--something Sohnji, at times, has helped along with a loving mother's (healing) touch!

It's hard to keep Ksiva still. She's insatiably curious about everything ("What?" was her first word, not "Babah" or "Mama," like her sister). She'll get into anything just to see what it is, what makes it tick, and how much fun she can have with it. While Ksiva knows there are certain creatures not to bother, and certain situations to avoid, she also knows that she can just skirt the rules and (barely) get away with it. She doesn't bother with charm, although she possesses it, and she scorns lying. Ksiva will tell the truth about anything, and do it defiantly. The child has no trouble confessing her misdeeds; it's teaching her not to be proud of them that's the chore!

Ksiva wants to be a hunter like Astierri, and loves to race. (She's nearly given her foster-mother fits over her antics.) She loves horses and all wild animals, and will go into ecstasies over ground-rats, quails, and stripe-tails. She'd love to travel the whole world; the one way to keep her still is to tell her stories--she'll wriggle, but she'll stay put and listen.

While Ksiva has a knack for getting into trouble, she has one virtue: she tries to leave her friends out of it. She also does her fair share of chores in the band, seeing it as the price she has to pay for the time to roam, explore, and raise a little dust.
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Ksiva (Minshah's Band)
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